Snow the Arctic Wolf (leader) (Power Type)

Lea the Arctic Fox (de facto leader) (Fly Type)

Angus the Ermine (landscape and area mapper) (Speed Type)

Ava the Harper Seal (peace-keeper between Clans and messenger) (Speed Type)

Harriet the Snow Hare (hacker and spy) (Power Type)

Priscilla the Snowy Owl (The Alpine Freedom Fighters' head technician) (Fly Type)


The Tundra Rogues

The Alpine Dark Egg Legion

Team Chaos


The Alpine Freedom Fighters' policy is to serve and protect those of Holoska who need to be shielded from the tyrannic rule of the Eggman Empire and those who dare to harm the residents of Holoska, evil such as Team Chaos, Dark Gai, the Alpine Dark Egg Legion, Dark Arms, and super beings like Nazo.

They will do anything in their power to protect those who can't stand up for themselves and face any foe that dares to strike out.

Base of Operations

Alpine Freedom Fighter HQ: Location, Ice Floe Falls.

Other base (in case something happened to HQ): Place: Planet Disco. Location: Snowy Valley Underpass.

Weapons, Weapon Users & Used Tech


Weapons consist of duel laser beam swords, laser shields, metal bow staff, ice manipulation gloves, twin hunting knifes, and metal, sensory boomerangs.

Weapon Users

Snow: one hunting knife (last-minute defensive means only)

Lea: ice manipulation gloves and laser shield (blue)

Angus: duel laser beam sword (yellow)

Ava: (none)

Harriet: metal bow staff, laser beam sword, and laser shield

Priscilla: twin hunting knifes and boomerangs

Other Tech

Other known tech created by Priscilla consists of Holoska designed Extreme Gears for aerial attacks, air freeze bombs, and assistant lab and medic droids.


The Alpine Region of Holoska. Snowy Valley, Dogwood Forest, the White Sea, the Barren Wastelands, Ice Floe Falls, and the land beyond the Snow Cap Mountains are some of the other places where they live, or reside over.


The Alpine Freedom Fighters were organized by Snow the Arctic Wolf to allow a chance for justice and hope to reign in the cold and isolated continent of Holoska. At first with only four members; Snow, Lea, Angus, and Ava, more soon joined the fight for freedom, and a few of the more peaceful Clans started to help support them in their efforts to fight against evil.

Status: Active

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