Leader(s): Eggman (head-boss of all the Egg Legions) Nathan P. Bear (Egg Boss of the Alpine Dark Egg Legion)

Soldiers: legions of cyberized Mobians and E-series robots

Head Archeologist and Gai Manuscript Translator: Nuk-ka the Wolverine


Like the other Eggman Legions, the Alpine Dark Egg Legion isn't any different. Their policies are to keep the Alpine Region under control and in their power under any and all circumstances. They enforce these policies under force, duress, and all powers they can muster.



The Alpine Tundra Freedom Fighters always have gotten in their way and their annoyance and meddling with the Legion's plans have always angered the region's Egg Boss, and more so Eggman.

The Mobian Clans of Holoska have also always gotten in the Legion's way, the only cooperating clans being the Polar Bear and the Wolverine Clans.


Since the land of Holoska is often separated in certain areas or Zones, it is often hard to traverse and even more difficult for most of the Legion to travel afoot. Aside from this, the Alpine Freedom Fighters know every area the Legion tries to take over so well that it makes it impossible to get through one area without meeting certain traffic. The animals and flora also tend to get in their way, not to mention the human clans.

Base of Operations

The border line of the White Sea. The base and factory are located at the side of the huge ice wall that is known as the border between the Alpine and the Arctic Regions. A strong wind always blows around the base, and the base itself is rather hard to breach, and is well guarded.


The polar continent of Holoska, in the Alpine Region.


The Polar Bear Clan

The Wolverine Clan

The Arctic Dark Egg Legion

The Eggman Empire

Uniform & Weaponry

The Alpine Dark Egg Legions sport a blue snow jacket and pants, mechanized boots and the usual Eggman Legion attire and symbol.

Many of the weapons they carry are laser guns, cannons, and Cyberizers (like Roboticizers, but gives the user cybernetics instead). They also carry freeze guns which can freeze every muscle and nerve in a Mobian's body, rendering them helpless.

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