The Alphamegas believe that Argos is the ruler of the Twilight Cage and do anything to help him including worship. If people argue with their rligion, the Alphamegas get extremely angry and tend to kill the arguing suspect as a blood sacrifice to Argos.

Base of Operations

The group's bas of operations is the Twilight Cage located somewhere around the Alpha section in which is very close to where King Mooncloud and his Alpha soldiers rule. The Alphmegas have made peace with the Alpha Soldiers on asteroid Alpha by via performing a dangerous ritual for the sector. Alphamegas watch over Earth and Mobius ever since the days the 2 planets lived in caves. If anybody attacks their base of operations a.k.a their main homeland then the Alphamegas use the Zoah and Kron warriors for back-up in helping destroy the enemies.


The Alphamega's live on Alphamegonto which is where they also continue their base of operations. The homeland/habitat of their own is part of the most common Twilight Cage inhabitants and it was ripped from its homeland the same as all other colonies were ripped which was Argos.


The Alphamega's are like the Zoah, looking blue which very rusty rock covering in a techno like uniform. The Alphamega's are normal inhabitants of the Twilight Cage thus they can where whatever they please.


The Alphamega's worked as hard people years ago on Mobius no better than how the other colony's had worked. Until one day, their homeland was ripped from its roots and thrown into space by what appeared to be purple vortex's and a billiuon tentacles of blue. The colony had been tossed into the Twilight Cage with the other 5 colony's to spend the rest of its days in. Alphamega's had known where they were and after 20yrs ahead of time, they had worked as a hard race in battling for the ruler of all colonies. Soon after they attacked Nocortune but failed like all other colonies that had tried. The colony slowly died with the rest and lasted for 5yrs before the end of itself had come. A monster named Nightrush was created by Zoah inhabitants of the Alphamega colony and because of it, the Alpha's all died out and their colony floated into the shield of Nocrtune causing it to burn up and fall into an abyss of darkness. All colonies even including Nocrtune had seen the colony fall and all worked together (for the first and last time with IX involved) in finding out how the colony fell. Soon, Nightrush had weakened Argos and attacked the Kron, Nrrgal, Voxai, and Zoah colony before setting it's sights on Nocortune where it had failed and fell back to Mobius. The death of the Alphamega's was tragic and caused all other colony's to think twice about Nocortune and it's shield making IX vow to destroy each colony the same way the Alpha's were. The total amount of years the Alphamega's lived as for a maximum of 2,000yrs.

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