This is an article about Alphaeus the Wolf, a character created by DarthBob14 on 01/6/2014.

Alphaeus is an eighteen-year-old Great Plains Wolf with telekinetic abilities.


Alphaeus is dark grey with faint midnight blue highlights running down his spine. His black eyes peer out of an only slightly lighter face. His left hand is missing, as are the final four inches of his tail. 


Alphaeus is slow to trust, but a valuable friend to those who can put up with him long enough to get to that point. He is fond of pranks, but not of drawing attention to himself; his power comes in handy in this instance. When first meeting someone, he will often be gruff, cold, and hard, but once he's comfortable around them he'll open up and be something near sociable. 


When he was twelve, Alphaeus' village was attacked by wandering bandits. He and his brother Ahimalek escaped, albeit badly injured - Alphaeus lost a hand and a piece of his tail, and only a few days later Ahimalek lost his life to the gash in his chest. Alphaeus swore vengeance on the bandits, but had no means of doing so.

Eventually, he made his way to Station Square, where he wandered aimlessly for a few days. Before he could quite cement himself with the homeless, he was discovered by a human telekinetic. Justin (for that was his name) recognized the same power that he held in Alphaeus, and offered to teach him how to use it. Alphaeus immediately accepted. Over the next six years, he honed his newfound power until he was as able a telekinetic as Justin. Though he had ample opportunity (and even was directly asked if he wished) to have his hand replaced with cybernetics during this period, he refused. It was his focus point for his abilities, and he felt it gave him motivation, and reminded him of why he was training.

Though he knew in his mind that the bandits had probably been scattered, defeated, out destroyed long ago, he still felt that he had to go look. Justin gave him his blessing but warned him not to go alone. Further, he cautioned, allies are hard to come by, especially when you just ask them to come risk their lives to serve your vendetta. Better to help them first, so that they'll trust you enough to come.

Taking those words to heart, Alphaeus set out to find out where he could help... and expect help in return.


Telekinesis. Alphaeus is an accomplished telekinetic, specializing in wielding weapons sans hands; thus, he can hold his own with a swordsman blade-on-blade while standing safely out of range. He is also, of course, familiar with more standard uses of his power.

Items Currently in Possession

Barnic Sabers: Twin blades that enhance his power. He is particularly practiced in using them, and is more comfortable fighting with them telekinetically then with other weapons.

Colt .45 1911: Kept in a forward-facing holster on his belt. The strap that holds it in at the odd angle makes it harder to draw, but the forward-facing barrel and open-bottomed holster allows him to fire the weapon without even reaching for it.

Multitool: He has learned to keep one on him, as the moment he decides not to bring it he invariably needs it immediately.


Alphaeus, as previously mentioned, is slow to trust. This makes him very hard to get to know, and it is easy to mistake his shell for hostility. He is terrified of fire, as it gives him flashbacks of when his village was destroyed. If possible, he will always try to put out any fire that is not absolutely necessary.

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