Alpha the Blaziken

Biographical Information
Level 100
Physical Description
Species Blaziken
Gender Male
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Pokemon Rogues

Blaziken is the leader of the Pokemon Rogues, a band of wild pokemon known for stealing from travelers (though what isn't known is that what is stolen is used to feed young one). Blaziken is insanely powerful, having an almost legendary status among pokemon trainers. Blaziken will only battle personally if he feels it is necessary, and while it is a rare occurrence, it is something that is almost celebrated by the other pokemon.


Blaziken is known to have grown up a stray ever since he was a Torchic, but was taken in by the Pokemon Rogues. He grew up stealing his share of food from travelers, though he would share with the young, old, and sick. He grew stronger over the years, and eventually defeated the leader of the Rogues, becoming leader himself. Ever since then, he has protected the Rogues from danger, earning his legendary status for his insane power, which only seemed to grow.

Physical Description

Blaziken is a shiny pokemon, being a darker shade of red, and his feathers being snow white. He has a scar over his right eye from a past battle. He wears a blue-green scarf around his neck, which reaches almost to the ground.


Blaziken has been said to be insanely powerful, with good reason. The legends say that he is "stronger than Groudon, faster then Garchomp, as serene as a Gardevoir, and as ferocious as a Gyarados". While the validity of these legends are unknown, it is known that even the most skilled trainers have been defeated by him.


Blaziken is shown to be a strong and wise leader. Blaziken always puts the young, old, and sick members of the Pokemon Rogues first, making sure that they are taken care of first. Blaziken always thinks carefully first before taking action that could affect the Rogues in any way, always wanting to do what is best for them. Blaziken can be extremely calm under any circumstances, thinking calmly and clearly, preventing his emotions from getting the better of him. If the Rogues are ever put in danger, Blaziken will fight back ruthlessly, not afraid to go to battle if necessary. However, despite all his wisdom and leadership abilities, Blaziken is still a warrior, and relishes a good battle, though he rarely finds anyone who can match his power. Despite this, Blaziken can at times be a bit hard-headed and prideful, making it difficult to get through to and compromise with him.

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