Cquote1 Nothing is ever made well unless you put the blood, sweat, and tears into it and shape it with your own hand. Remember this. Cquote2
Alonzo (to Reens as a child)


Stern but loving, Alonzo would do anything he could to make the people in his world happy and protected, especially his family. Reens looks up to her father to this day for his wisdom and trust in her and her brother.


Alonzo usually wore a long-sleeved brown shirt under a sleeveless brown jacket, blue pants, brown work shoes witha black stripe, and brown gloves with a small window cut out. He also wore a toolbelt.


Alonzo was a strict but just parental figure, giving his children advice to live by. He would often spend time working on little projects with his children, in which he would act more laid back and friendly. When it came to customers, he would try his best to fulfill their demands.

Away from his family and customers, Alonzo was very closeted, keeping his darkest emotions to himself. His family would pick up on this, however, and do whatever they could to make him laugh and smile again.


Birth and Early Childhood

Alonzo was initially born to a poor family in Soumerca, but was eventually given up and placed into the foster care system. For this reason, Reens and her brother have never been introduced to their paternal grandparents; Alonzo never mentioned finding his biological family. Alonzo stayed in the foster care system for most of his life, being bounced around from family to family until he was deemed too old to be fostered. Having little education from being moved around so much, Alonzo was hired by a mechanic shop and taught the trade at the age of sixteen.

Meeting Carmen

One slow day at the mechanic shop, a customer brought in her Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme to be fixed. Alonzo was about to fix the car when he noticed the beautiful hedgehog girl exiting the vehicle. It was love at first sight for him.

The girl's name was Carmen, and she also took a liking to Alonzo. She began visiting him often at the mechanic shop, even when her vehicle had nothing wrong with it. Alonzo would often make her little gifts when he wasn't fixing his projects.

The attraction led to hanging out at work, which led to dates outside of work, which led to going steady as boyfriend and girlfriend, and before they knew it, marriage became an option. Alonzo waited a few months before popping the question, to which Carmen immediately accepted his proposal.

Starting a Family

Alonzo's family began to grow when Carmen gave birth to their son, Carlos, named after a close friend of Alonzo's in the foster system. Two years later, they gained another child, their daughter Rain (known affectionately as Reens). Carmen named her after her grandmother (essentially Carlos and Reens' great-grandmother). Although Carlos was healthy and happy as he should have been, Reens was afflicted with a very weak heart, and as their family was just beginning, money was tight for a heart transplant.

A mysterious magician happened to be in the area, known for curing incurable ailments. Alonzo and Carmen visited the magician, who crystallized Reens' heart and gave them strict warnings never to remove the crystal. He also gave them a golden heart pendant as a focus for Reens' eventual powers. The crystal changed Reens' fur and hair to blue, which the magician could not revert despite the request of her parents.

Besides having an interesting dynamic, life was normal from that part on in the little family.

Alonzo's Death

No one knows the circumstances surrounding his death, but the rumors stipulated that a competitor damaged a crucial piece of equipment, causing it to malfunction and kill Alonzo in the process.


As a result of Alonzo's death, Carlos left the house, only taking the necessities. He acted rather rashly, never considering all of their options. Reens and Carmen were left to fend for themselves, and the stress led Carmen to a mental breakdown, causing her to kick Reens out of the house.

Carmen still lives in the house by herself, regretting her actions and mourning Alonzo constantly. Sometimes she hallucinates him still being with her and comforting her.

Powers and Abilities

Alonzo has no powers, but the gene for Reens' hydrokinetic abilities lies in his bloodline. Essentially, she inherited her powers from his family, but they skipped a generation.

Normal Abilities


Alonzo was not a very fast runner, only reaching speeds from 85 to 90 mph depending on the terrain. Circumstances such as wet or icy ground, uneven places or sandy spots would affect his speed.

Strength and Agility

What Alonzo lacked in speed, he made up for a little with his strength. He was able to lift boxes of parts which would weigh about 50 lbs without much effort. He could also use a jack to lift heavy cars enough to work under them. he was also agile enough to do slight gymnastics in his youth.



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