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Aloe the Fox

Aloe the fox.jpg

Biographical Information
Age 19
Relatives Chin: She's living in the orphange with him
Alias Hyper Fox of Fun
Romantic Interests Chin
Physical Description
Species Fox
Gender Female
Description A
Attire A yellow hoodie and red pants or a teal blue kimono outfit she got from Chin
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Good
Weaponry Claws
Abilities Full fox transformation and growth powers
Super Forms none
Other Information
American V.A. none
Japanese V.A. none
Theme Song(s) none


Original Creator Eaj


Name: Aloe

Species: Fox

Gender: Female

Age: 19


She has some random powers that came from a weird pool near her home she used to have

Growth of herself and others

Sword and gun generation (she fazes them from her mind into reality)

Her fully transformed body is a fox the size of 5 buses on top of each other that she will never use unless in extreme circumstances.

Her claws can also become her fully transformed fox claws if she wants them to


Aloe was a part of a fox pack that each had different powers except their full transformation was all the same but most had only a size of 4 buses tall she somehow got the 5 buses thing, and most humans on Forkestion her home world didnt like it so they were hunted and she eventualy had to flee it to survive thus landing in Mobius.


Niecto the Fox: Father and desceased from hunts

Mientik the Fox: Mother and desceased from hunts

Nedisk the Wolf: Best freind and desceased from travel with deep wounds and from hunts

Meirk the Fox: Lost sister who has yet to be found dead or alive.

Kenshine the Wolf: her mothers sister but unkown because of the split up just like how Kenshines was forced to seperate her kids Darkness, Jyscal, and Elizabeth.

Darkness the Dragon Hybrid: a lost cousin she doesnt even know about because of the family being so split apart

Jyscal the Angel: Again a cousin while not knowing it.

Elizabeth the Human hybrid: a long lost cousin because she didnt know Kenshine had kids or even knew Kenshine


Chin: She met him one day and for her it was love at first sight so when she found out he lived in an orphanage she asked to stay with him because she had no home, and as time went on she grew from a simple crush to she wants to love him entirely, and now she has gotten married to Chin and has had 4 kids with him.

Twister the Fox: She first met him by a simple walk during a city and she spent time with the boy and she downright loves the boy, not as much as she loves Chin but its almost like she has a motherly love for Twister because she always wants to do his fun stuff and she makes sure to take care of him with the few occasional joking moments to show her soft side.

Marucho the Foxster: Her oldest son and love for him has no bounds as well as her love for Chin or his siblings.

Lizanne the Foxster: Her oldest daughter but younger to Marucho.

Barkloe the Rooster: Her only full rooster son but that would never divert her love for him and the second son and 3rd oldest in the family.

Colita the Fox: her youngest daughter but she will never show any sign of less love to her younger ones just because she is a very sensative woman and cares for her family


This is what she usualy looks like

Aloe the fox.jpg

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