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Allure the Merhog is a merhog from the Aquamarine family and a hydromancer.


Allure has light blue skin, long, purple hair, and dark blue eyes. Her quills are short and point straight down but are usually not visible because they are covered by her hair. Unlike most Merhogs, Allure and the other Merhogs of the Diamond Merhog Reef have legs instead of a mermaid tail. Under her clothes, she wears a dark blue bikini so that she can go swimming whenever she wants to. Allure typically wears a low-cut blue top, a blue jean skirt, and brown sandals whenever she is on land. When in her torrential form, Allure looks like she is entirely made out of water and gains a mermaid tail.


Allure is a huge prep and a bit of a ditz as well. Being a young teenager, she is also crazy about boys and is concerned with finding a date. While Allure may seem attractive to many at first, her quriky personality and boy-craziness can quickly drive many away once they see her true colors. Allure also has a tendency to say "like" a lot. Because of this, many people who spend a lot of time around her also find her to be annoying. Allure did not like the strict environment that she was raised in and is very curious about the outside world. Because of this, she was not afraid to take the opportunity to explore the outside world.


Allure the Merhog was born in the Diamond Merhog Reef which is a society of Merhogs who have evolved to have feet instead of the typical mermaid tail. She was born to the Aquamarine family which is one of the noble families of the reef. Because of this, she was raised in a rather strict environment and was taught to be a proper lady from a young age. Allure was given a silver trident at a young age and taught to fight with it. She did not enjoy this. Allure also learned hydromancy which she enjoyed more than learning to fight with her trident.

Early on in her childhood, Allure befriended a member of the Topaz family named Blondie the Merhog. They always did silly things together and got in trouble. As she got to her pre-teens, she started to take interest in boys. Once she turned fourteen, Allure's family arranged a marraige betweeen her and Teal the Merhog of the Turquoise family. She was excited about this because she thought he was cute. However, after going on a few dates together, Teal decided to break off their engagement. He found Allure to be overbearing and slightly obsessive which he just could not take.

Allure was devastated after Teal broke off their engagement. Blondie tried to comfort her and find her new dates but nothing seemed to work out. Allure just found that she was not fitting in as well and was getting yelled at by her parents and teachers more often. Her grades were also slipping. Allure found that she was fantasizing about the outside world and wondered if she would fit in better out there. Eventually, her parents gave her an opportunity. She would be allowed to leave for the outside world in order to gather information about it for her people. Such a job would normally only be given to one of the lower class, but Allure was not fitting in well for a child of a noble and was ready to accept an opportunity to escape her strict life.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Merhog, Allure has the ability to breathe both underwater and on land. Even though she normally does not have a mermaid tail, she is still a master swimmer and can swim very fast. Allure also has a silver trident and can fight with it but mostly uses it to channel her hydromancy. She is adept at hydromancy and can either manipulate a body of water or conjure some water vapor out of the air. Allure uses her trident to channel her hydromancy but can also use a combination of encantations and hang gestures. Lastly, she has a torrential form which is a water-elemental super form.

Torrential Allure

Allure can transform into Torrential Allure after gathering and absorbing a large amount of water. This is a water based super form and she is completely made of water when she is in this form. Her legs turn into a meraid tail but a water spout keeps her floating a few feat above the ground. Her hydromancy is more powerful in this form but she is also more weak to lightning than she normally is.


Allure is not used to walking on land and cannot run very fast as a result. Since she is of an aquatic race, she must keep her skin moist or it will begin to harm her. Allure also cannot handle hot places such as deserts very well. Lastly, her greatest vulnerability is lightning. While Allure may seem unstoppable when she's inside of a body of water, she is also at her most vulernable. If lightning strikes anywhere near her, is will hit her and greatly damage her. She is also more weak to lightning when in her torrential form.



  • Lord Aquamarine (father)
  • Lady Aquamarine (mother)


  • Blondie the Merhog
  • Teal the Merhog (ex-fiancee, still on somewhat good terms)
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