Allison the Cheshire Cat is a strange, magical cat. Her chronological age is unknown, but she looks and acts like a teenager. She is usually very happy, even at weird times.


Allison is a strange young cat. Nobody knows where she comes from, nor how long she's been around. She loves using her fading power to pull pranks on others.


Allison is a strange character; she is shrouded in mystery, and has a strangely insightful mindset. She loves showing up at weird moments; it's her signature prank.


Allison has yellow fur with dark blue highlights. Her dress is blue and white, with a belt. Her shoes are white Mary Janes with black socks. She has pink eyes and is almost always smiling. Her tail splits at the end.


Allison is voiced by Emiri Katō in Japanese and Tabitha St. Germain in English. Here are some things she'd say.:

"Aren't we all a little crazy? At least every now and then?"

"Be careful; you'll never know when I'll be behind you!"

"Hello, Erica!...Bet you didn't see me coming."


  • Allison's name is a play on the name "Alice", specifically the Alice of Alice in Wonderland. This is because the Cheshire Cat originated from Alice in Wonderland.
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