Allison the Badger is one of the royals of the former kingdom of Heidadal that has joined one of the many fiefdoms that has grown to take it's place. While not regarded as a fighter, Allison is notable for her ability as a seer; the key reason why she remains in her homeland.


Somewhat short and chubby in a manner similar to many badgers; Allison fits the mold many imagine for a badger. Her face and head is mostly covered in black fur with grey markings, her exposed muzzle more of a pale peach tone in turn. From there, the majority of her body is grey, with black patches on her arms and legs. Her eyes are deep purple; though on occasion there seems to be violet highlights in the irises, a hint towards an oncoming vision.


Normally; Allison dresses in very simple way - flowing green skirt, pale blue shirt and blue-grey coat; all doing their best to downplay her more royal heritage within the Fiefdoms she lives in. However, for more formal occasions as a former royal and seer; Allison has a wide wardrobe of robes and dresses that provide her some degree of respectable appearance.



Allison's most notable trait is one many in her family are known for - she has the capability for advanced precognition. These temporal visions can show her moments of the future that could be anywhere from days to months early, though she lacks the full control over this power to maximize knowledge of the future. These visions are fairly unpredictable, with Allison having only a mild control to actively trigger a vision at will through meditation. Due to this; many of the fiefdoms seek out Allison and her siblings for wisdom, with many of these smaller citystates actively fighting for the presence of one of the former royals.

All of the young royals had lived sheltered lives; so since the kingdom fractured into the fiefdoms it has been a major learning experience for Allison in figuring out how to defend herself. She has kept the services of a pair of retainers that serve as her assistants and protectors, but they have more recently begun teaching her some self defense. Allison has proven surprisingly good at throwing things, which some speculate to be an attribute of her future visions. She has also shown the very basics of both Poison and Nature manipulation, namely the ability to manifest and launch barbs and production of stamina-draining seeds. Aside for these, most of Allison's fighting strength comes from posturing and pretending she's tough in order to give her two guards a chance to get into position, though her sharp digging claws have proven effective at getting through basic armor.

Allison is not particularly powerful as a fighter, and is often regarded as a hinderance on the battlefield rather than a boon due to the unpredictable nature of her visions and her rather lacking combat training.








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