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Razer's colleague, Ajax, had informed him that he must keep his anger in check in order to try and balance his emotions without causing damage. Begrudgingly at first, Razer agreed to the terms in hopes he can fulfill his usage with pyrokinesis, but with the two lackeys causing mischief, it seems Razer's emotions will be put to the test when he's forced to deal with the two who are doing nothing more than pushing the wrong buttons. And he'll definitely need more than just help in managing his anger before things go horribly wrong!


(Locked to VGN34D and Ryu; others may join but must ask Ryu for permission and provide a reason)


Part 1

Station Square - 1:40 PM

"Ugh, this is such a boring Monday! And Eggman is all relaxed in his big flying ship sipping his drink! Why can't we have nice things for a change?!" Cubot groaned out from the sheer boredom. Orbot merely face-palmed at his words.

"We could seek out odd jobs and make a small fortune... even if Eggman has all the money to provide better technology."

Cubot looked to Orbot in a confused manner, "Are you suggesting we're outdated?!"

"No... we're not, at least. Even E-123 Omega was still being remodeled. Perhaps if we were to venture outside the city, maybe we'll find smaller towns with better opportunities there." Orbot suggested.

Cubot shrugged and simply followed his companion out of the city.

* * * * *

Classified Area

Inside the base, Razer was called to a private meeting with Ajax, concerning his emotions mixed with his pyrokinesis. They took a seat and looked at each other eye-to-eye. Ajax was the first to talk.

"Razer. Our boss has been concerned about your unstable emotions, which I feel that your power's doing more harm to you than good, especially since you're having difficulty controlling it. What you should do is try and hold your anger and prevent from making any unnecessary outbursts, even if it means having to face off against enemies. Your best bet would be trying to control yourself and just hang on for at least a whole day or two. Think you can handle that?"

Razer narrowed his eyes, as if wondering if his friend was questioning about his ability or not, but gave a slow nod. "I'll see what I can do... dunno why our boss was being nosy with me and it's none of his business. But if that's what he wants, then fine. Of course, it'd be crazy enough for me to go supernova if that were to happen."

His friend merely shook his head, seemingly disregarding his safety, "Regardless, you'll need to try and hold off for a whole day if you want to have your daily results checked in. Now, just go on your way."

Razer got up from the chair and left the room, with a rather unimpressed look on his face. While he'd been fully aware of a series of mishaps that were near-fatal, in his mind, he's simply a Mobian; not a deity that can make miracles. He arrived at the platform and input a code, soon ascending himself back up to the surface for him to go on his daily basis, albeit in a limited fashion.

* * * * *

After hailing a bus, he was taken to the outskirts of Station Square, going on with his business. It wasn't long until he was greeted by the two lackeys who were still searching each and every commerce but were frequently turned away by workers. Razer narrowed his eyes with an unamused expression and muttering to himself, "Oh great. it's these knuckleheads again..."

Cubot raised his fist at a worker, as he was held back by Orbot, "Yeah, well, your boss must be a lazy cracker-head!"

"Take it easy, Cubot! We don't want to cause any trouble here! Maybe we could mow some neighbor's lawn, that'll work things out, right?" Orbot suggested while trying to keep him at bay from making confrontations.

Cubot then set his sights on Razer, breaking free from Orbot and took a direct approach to him. His expression was unchanged for now, but cocked an eyebrow at him, "May I help you?"

"Yeah! Why don't you go tell that guy over there that he should be hiring robots for a change?!"

Razer didn't seemed amused or interested at this, "...and this is supposed to be my problem, why?"

Orbot tried to calm his companion down, but it seems Cubot would up shoving Razer instead, "Because you're no help!"

This kind of push, however, resulted his expression to shift, in a negative fashion. He clenched his hands tightly, with flames beginning to emit.

"Cubot! What were you thinking?! You can't just confront a Mobian and expect him to do you favors!" Orbot warned, trying his best to calm Cubot down.

Razer was intent on attacking them, but it seems he's released his hands as flames had suddenly vanished. He was still slightly angry, however, as he took an approach to the duo.

"I'll let you off as a warning, but I sure don't want to see you two ever do that again. In fact, you two should be with Eggman instead of being outside, telling others off for no apparent reason, other than to cause problems." Razer spoke and simply moves through them as to go on his way.

Cubot, however, turned back to see him, even though they were initially surprised when his pyrokinesis were shown, "Yeah well, Eggman's on vacation so if he was here, you'd be sorry!"

Orbot slapped Cubot around, "Cubot, no!"

This, however, stopped Razer, which resulted in him to lose his temper. Surprisingly, however, Razer didn't say a word and proceeded. It was evident that he was trying to hold his anger, though it seems that holding his anger was putting himself in danger.

"What was that for, Orbot?! Can't you see I'm in a bad mood?!"

"You should know better than to confront Mobians who don't take kindly to your attitude! What if you ended up getting on Eggman's bad side? He'd deactivate and scrap us both!" Orbot warned Cubot again.

Cubot groaned, "Eggman's busy in his giant aircraft, sipping his drink! If he wanted us, we'd be inside that Egg Carrier in no time!"

"Let's... just go before we cause any more of a disturbance..." Orbot was uneasy and took Cubot somewhere else before he caused any more trouble.

* * * * *

Back inside the base, Ajax had tried getting word with his boss about the risks his friend was being put through, but was quickly dismissed by the unnamed boss. He sighed out in frustration, soon exiting the base as well and returning back to the surface. He already showed concern with Razer; he didn't want to tell him this and he knew him better, though his boss refused to believe it.

"I can't believe I just told him that. I know it was for his own good, but it seems I've underestimated him a little..."

He went to seek out Razer, though he didn't seem to have much luck as he had already left, destination unknown.

* * * * *

Fortunata, meanwhile, was out wandering the streets, window-shopping, if you will, her hands behind her back as she hummed and looked at all the sights. While overall content, truthfully she was a bit bored, and wished there was something for her to do; such a nice day couldn't afford to be wasted, right?


Along the way, Cubot bumped into Fortunata and entered one of the shops inside, leading Orbot to become irate from his antics. "Cubot, the least you can do is say excuse me!"

Orbot inadvertently bumped into Fortunata as well, trying to get his friend under control. Cubot was then greeted by annoyed customers, who ejected him from the shop, causing him to land onto Orbot.

"Ack! Seriously, Cubot!" Orbot shoved him off, "If you continue like this, Eggman will not only be displeased, but he'll reprogram both of us and make us become mindless slaves!"

Fortunata had grunted when Cubot rudely bumped into her, and she stepped back from the two robots, hands on her hips.

"Hey, square, watch where you're going!" she huffed at Cubot, glaring as he was then tossed out of the shop he tried to go inside of.

The duo seemed oblivious to Fortunata's presence, and the two had a brief scuffle and butted heads with each other, Orbot's expression more annoyed than ever, "Cubot, control yourself! You're gonna put us both in danger if you don't calm your servos!"

"I'll calm my servos whenever I want to, chrome-dome!" Cubot reiterated, resulting the two to bicker at each other, still oblivious at Fortunata's presence. The wolf growled a bit, looking quite irritated.

"Hey! Hey, I'm talking to you knuckleheads here!" she barked.

The two then glanced at Fortunata after their attention was caught, but soon jumps back in surprise.

"Wha?! O-Oh uh... m-many pardons, ma'am..." Orbot was obviously nervous, same with Cubot.

Cubot had tried to greet Fortunata, in an obviously failed manner, "Greetings, erm..." He was a bit lost at his words, knowing that any word he says might set her off further.

She crossed her arms, glaring sternly down at the two robots, particularly at Cubot.

"You could at least have the manners to say you're sorry for bumping into me," she scolded.

Orbot nudged Cubot's shoulder. Cubot groaned before telling her, "Fiiiine. Sorry for bumping into you."

"Thank you," she said, nodding curtly. "Now th-...hey, wait, don't you two work for that Dr. Eggman fella?"

"Uhh.. kind of! Eggman's on vacation and we're just on our own until Cubot here was bored and decided to cause mischief!" Orbot said, rather angrily at him.

"Hey, it wasn't my fault!" Cubot reiterated at Orbot.

"Is too your fault, Cubot!" Cubot fired back.



Fortunata just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"I'm not in the mood for this kind of crap," she grumbled, and started to walk away from the two squabbling robots, arms crossed.

The two continued to bicker on, until Orbot realizes that Fortunata had already left.

"Uhh... where did she go?" Orbot asked, looking confused.

Cubot looked confused as well, "Huh... I dunno. Hey, let's go bother that flaming fox again; that guy owes me a dollar!"

Orbot simply groaned and had soon followed Cubot again.

Part 2

Ajax continued his search for Razer, most likely to owe him an apology, but also try and warn to not bottle up his anger like that. He had a concerned look on his face too, "Razer, if you're here, I shouldn't have said this to you..."

Not too far away, in the park, Calvin and Micah were playing with a Frisbee, throwing it back and forth. Everything was fine until Calvin threw it too hard, and it sailed over Micah's head, heading into the bushes.


Ajax heard the sounds of rustling bushes, taking an approach to the source. He enters the park and encounters the two, familiar brothers before turning towards the bush. He reaches his hand down to retrieve the Frisbee and easily pulls it free from the bushes.

"Here you go; it was in the bushes, but luckily I was able to spot it." Ajax hands the Frisbee to Micah. Micah had been about to go to the bushes himself to grab it when Ajax showed up and grabbed it for him.

"Golly, thanks, mister!" he chirped, smiling as he was handed the Frisbee. Calvin jogged over to the two now.

"Anytime!" He simply patted his hand onto Micah's head before looking over the two.

"Now, if I may ask; have you seen a fox who's yay high, wears a jacket, a bit short-tempered at times but also caring, even has a distinctive voice to go for?"

The two brothers looked at each other, before looking back at Ajax and shaking their heads.

"No, we haven't," said Calvin. "Why?"

"I told him to keep his anger in check and prevent him from making any outbursts and apparently, I'm starting to get a feeling it's not working out well. Don't ask; I had to tell him under my boss' orders. Gotta find him before things get out of hand..." Ajax responded, with obvious concerned look on his face.

"Can we help ya find him?" asked Calvin, looking up at Ajax with a hopeful expression. "It'd be more fun than throwin' a Frisbee around!"

Ajax nodded to Calvin, "Sure. When we do find him, just stay behind me and I'll try and defuse the situation. No pun intended."

The older brother huffed a bit, not liking the implication that he and his brother would just be in the way, but nodded anyways.

"Aww, alright, fine," he said. "Well, let's go already!"

Ajax nodded and motions the two bothers to follow him, "Right. Let's go!"

Calvin and Micah happily went to follow Ajax.

* * * * *

Not too far off, Razer headed off from the small town and into a large, grassy area, as he had just relieved his temper by sitting himself down and try and think it over. He lets out a relieved sigh and got up to his feet.

"If I ever see those two again, it won't end well for them..." Razer spoke to himself, before proceeding on through. He restrained himself from going back into town, knowing that he's likely to find more trouble than already worth.

Unbeknown to him, however, it seems the two lackeys had returned and confront Razer again.

"Hey, buddy! Ya owe me a dollar for making my day miserable, so cough it up!" Cubot yelled out at him, Orbot trying to hold him back.

Razer quickly turned around to see the two, his temper having suddenly reignited as he took a dangerous approach to the two, "What did you just say?"

Cubot's emotion shifted into a more afraid one, upon seeing Razer approach them.

"Uhh... g-go away?"

Razer's fiery fist raises a little, which comes dangerously close to them, "Say that again. I dare you to."

Orbot shielded himself as to defend his companion, "Don't hurt him! Just... just move on and we won't bother you!"

Razer only narrowed his eyes, knowing that he was obviously lying, but under Ajax's orders, all he could do was turn around and walk away, though leaving scorch marks with each step from the grassy terrain. He was still fuming.

"Umm.. should we follow him?" Cubot asked, sounding uneasy.

Orbot reluctantly nodded, even though he and Cubot would seal their fates eventually, "If you want to... might as well proceed with utmost caution..."

The duo followed Razer with caution, though he already knew their presence very well and it only agitates him further. His visor goggles displayed an advisory in front of him.


"Hey uh... still owe me that dollar?" Cubot asked blatantly again, which further infuriates Razer, his heat starting to emerge from his body. He tries to keep himself under control by ignoring them, but with these two constantly invading his personal space, it seems he's gradually getting worse and worse by the second...

Part 3 (FINAL!)

As Ajax continue to search for his friend, he inadvertently bumps into Fortunata, who already had a recent encounter with the two robots earlier today, "Ack! Sorry ma'am, didn't mean to bump into you. We were busy looking for our friend, who might be putting himself in danger."

He did made it sound urgent, even though him bumping into her was purely unintentional, unlike the two lackeys.

Fortunata thankfully wasn't angry, since Ajax did apologize to her.

"It's alright. Where was the last place you saw him, though?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

Ajax merely shrugged, "I dunno. After I told him to hold his anger, he wandered off. Now I'm getting a feeling that him bottling up doesn't do well to his pyrokinesis..."

Fortunata frowned.

"Ohh, he's a pyrokinetic? That's just a recipe for disaster, asking him to bottle up his emotions..."

"Yeah... and we're desperately trying to look for Razer before things get out of hand. I didn't wanted to tell him that because of boss' orders, now I'm just worried about his safety..." Ajax voiced his concern. At this, the wolf's ears perked up.

"Razer...? Did you say his name is Razer?"

Ajax gave her a confirmed nodded. "Yeah... or the other name, if you're familiar with him."

"Johnny," Fortunata said, a hand to her chin now, as if deep in thought. "Ka, it's been years..."

Ajax slowly nodded again. "Yeah... if you know where he is, now would be a good time, since you share the same power as he does."

She frowned and shook her head.

"I haven't seen him, no...but, I should be able to sense his energy signatures, since it matches mine, what with him also being able to wield the Fire Element."

"Just try and see." Ajax responded, though he is unaware that Razer (Johnny by some of his old friends), was already reaching a critical mass from outside of the town. If she were to sense it, his pyrokinetic energy would've already started to spiral out of control as a result of being repeatedly pestered by Eggman's lackeys.

With a light touch to her temples, Fortunata closed her eyes, and then re-opened them; the scleras were now a hazy yellow, with the irises and pupils glowing. She turned around and gasped.

"Holy shit! It's like he's about to explode!"

Now visibly seeing his energy signature up ahead, it was like a towering pillar of hazy fire to her; this wasn't good at all.

Ajax was soon alarmed by this, turning himself around to the two brothers as to inform them, "Listen, I need the two of you to find somewhere to hide; we found our friend but... you wouldn't like the current state of my friend's going through. For your safety, just find shelter while we try and defuse the situation ourselves."

He turns his attention to Fortunata, placing his hands onto her shoulder, looking obviously worried, "Lead me to him, quickly!"

"What was th'point in us even following ya if you're just gonna tell us t'hide??" Calvin grumped, crossing his arms. Micah frowned a bit and stepped back.

"W-We should just do what he says, Cal..."

Fortunata, however, was already leading Ajax towards where she was seeing the 'pillar of fire'.

"This way, hurry!"

Huffing, Calvin followed the other two anyways, with Micah grabbing his arm.

"C-Cal, wait!"

Ajax had followed Fortunata, unaware that the two brothers were already following them, disregarding his warning.

"He shouldn't be too much further ahead," said Fortunata to Ajax.

* * * * *


"Cubot, please cease and desist at once!" Orbot warned, though Cubot had continued to make silly, childish sounds to Razer, which only aggravates him even further.

This led him to stop trying to walk away from them and began to clutch his head with his hands, the flames growing more intense around him. Cubot stopped after a series of childish insults to him, now cowering in fear behind Orbot.

"Uhh dude? You shouldn't be taking everything I said seriously... right?"

Orbot turned his head to Cubot, "Cubot?"


"LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" Orbot yelled out.

"Not... gonna... yell..." Razer strained as the raging fire had soon surrounded him in a ball of uncontrolled blaze, which slowly levitates him up mid-air. The visor goggles read as:


The duo looked on, with Razer slowly turning himself around as to face the two, his eyes clenched shut, his hands grasped tightly; it seems Cubot's antics had resulted his rage to rise at an alarmingly dangerous rate!

" it too late to call Eggman for help?" Cubot asked, holding onto Orbot.

"It seems so, my friend. Even if we call Eggman for help, we'll only end up ruining his vacation!" Orbot replied, doing the same with Cubot.

* * * * *


Ajax had continued to follow Fortunata, seeing that they were close by. To his surprise, he doesn't realize that the two brothers were following them throughout. She eventually found the source of the fire, smack-dab in the middle of a once-pleasant green field; the grass around Razer had been scorched, rendered black and smoking, and a great shimmering haze of heat was visible around his fiery form.

"There he is...!!"

"No.. it can't be...!" Ajax stood and watched in shock; his friend having reached a breaking point, with the grassy environment scorched, and try as he might, but it seems Razer has lost control of himself!

The robotic duo rush towards them, pleading for help, even though they were obviously the main culprit for having pushed Razer over the edge.

"Oh thank goodness, you gotta help us!" Orbot pleaded.

"That fox turned himself into that... giant fireball thing, and all because he owed me a dollar!" Cubot also pleaded, but is smacked behind the head by Orbot. "Ow!"

"You dolt! You're not supposed to tell them that!"

"Oh great, so it was you two idiots that did this!" Fortunata growled, glaring down at the two robots. "Thanks to you, there's a very good chance that he'll end up destroying this entire field; even worse, there's an equally good chance he'll hurt himself severely in the process..."

She narrowed her eyes, before turning to Ajax, her expression returning to one of worry.

"We have to get him to release his anger...! Preferably on these two idiots!"

Ajax agreed to her, "Can't agree with you more!"

He turned his attention to the two, "It's time to owe up to the mistakes you made, and you're not going to run away from this! You started this, it's time to pay the consequences!"

And with Ajax's wind ability, he batted his wings at the two, resulting the robotic duo to be propelled forward and back towards Razer's line of sights. With no way to fight back, the two lackeys were easily thrown back and facing Razer again.

The two got up, groaned and dazed as they looked up at him, the intense heat still radiating away. All the duo could do is accept the inevitable; if they try and run, they'll be met with Fortunata and Ajax as well.

As for Ajax, he looked to his distressed friend and starts to speak to him, "Razer, listen to me! Don't bottle up your anger, it just adds fuel to the fire in you and not in a good way! I tried telling our boss, but he didn't listen! You got to let out your anger at these two robots that caused you trouble!"

Razer let out a strained voice, still holding in his anger, which was already reaching at critical mass, "But if I yell... I won't be able to work with you again...!"

"Forget about that! You'll end up hurting yourself if you continue to hold on like this! I also have someone who you're familiar with... if it makes you happy, that is."

Ajax nodded to Fortunata, as for her to speak to him.

"Razer!" she called out, starting to step towards him. "It's not healthy to hold in your emotions like this! Look at what it's doing to you! If you don't let it out...who knows what could happen?! You have to let it out, get it off your chest! Before it's too late...!"

Calvin and Micah had arrived now, and the two promptly hid behind a bush, eyes wide with terror at the sight of Razer.

As the duo held onto each other in fear, Razer could hear the sounds of a much familiar voice. His eyes shot open, his sights set on the two lackeys and soon unleashed his fury at them, with a stream of raging fire hurled at the lackeys, as they scream in mercy!


Razer's tirade had soon resulted in an explosion-like flash, but the flash had faded away shortly. Ajax was tossed back, but was unharmed as he groaned and sat himself up, resting his hand onto his head. The explosion did, however, leave a sizable crater, with Orbot and Cubot in it, miraculously unharmed but left completely stunned and frozen.

And it seems a portion of the field was scorched as well, while Razer collapsed onto the ground, face down and seemingly unconscious from all the energy released from the rage he's been trying to hold onto despite obvious risks involved.

The explosion nearly toppled over Fortunata, but she managed to stay on her feet, while Calvin and Micah were protected by the bush they had hidden behind. Fortunata ran over to where Razer was, and knelt down beside him.

"Razer...are you okay...?"

Razer only groaned out weakly, moving his arm a little. Ajax also got up and ran towards him, looking at Razer. Razer himself tried to move, but it seems all that rage had literally sapped his energy away.

Ajax at least let out a relieved sigh, "He's alright, at least..."

Fortunata sighed as well, sitting down next to Razer.

"Please don't ever do that again, Razer," she said. "From now on, don't bottle up your rage like that..."

Seeing as how he was quite weak to move, all Ajax could do was help sit Razer up, and carefully sets him next to Fortunata. Razer himself was still catching his breath, trying to regain his surroundings.

"There was something I needed to tell you this... his powers are strong, but he's yet to fully achieve it. I just know that deep down, he's been meaning to seek guidance, as in help training him to use his pyrokinesis to his full potential without causing harm to himself." Ajax explained to Fortunata.

Her ears perked up at this, and she looked from Ajax to Razer, and then back to Ajax.

"He wants someone to help him control his abilities, then?" she asked.

Ajax slowly nodded, "Yeah. I've been hearing him mentioning about your name it Fort... ahh.. Fortunata?" He asks, was trying to remember her name and forgot at first.

"It's Fortunata, yes," she said, nodding.

"Good. I have a favor to ask, then. Can you... take him and train him so he can reach his full potential? Looking at him, it seems he's developed a bond with you, a student-teacher kind too." He asks, seeing Razer still out of it, but is still recovering.

"Well...I don't see why not," said Fortunata, smiling softly.

"Heh, excellent. If he wakes up and wonders where I am, tell him I wanted him to be trained by you." Ajax smiled as well, glancing to Razer. "It's alright pal. No matter how long it takes, we'll be waiting. You have someone close to you who's willing to help you reach your full potential."

Razer didn't said anything, but he did gave a small, weak smile, upon hearing this. He even slowly nodded in understanding, willing to be taken in by Fortunata. The wolf smiled again and waited patiently for Razer to be able to sit up on his own, while Calvin and Micah approached the crater that Razer had made.


Once Razer came to, he sat himself up on his own, kept himself close to Fortunata. He glanced around to survey the damage. He looked rather surprised. "Did I... do all this?"

Ajax nodded, "Heh yeah. You sure did."

"Do you see how dangerous it can be to hold in your anger now?" Fortunata asked, looking over at Razer.

Cubot and Orbot were still in the crater, rebooting themselves but it seems they can't hear themselves so all they could do is look around in confusion. Grinning, Calvin picked up a twig and tossed it at Cubot.

"Ow! What the-?!" Cubot glances around.

"...what?" Orbot asked, obviously cannot hear him. Calvin just laughed at the two robots. Likewise, the duo robots can only look at Calvin, but can't hear him anything.

Razer nodded to Fortunata. "Yeah... I've been told to hold my anger, but it seems I haven't achieved much with my pyrokinesis."

"Well...unless you call this achieving something," Fortunata said, gesturing to the scorched earth around them. "But you still have plenty of time to learn and improve your abilities."

Razer took a good look at the scorched earth and back to her. "Yeah. Ready to go whenever you are." He glances to Ajax, "You sure you can handle by yourself?"

Ajax shrugged with a smile, "Well yeah. I have plenty of others to take care of; you just gotta be someplace and let Fortunata here help you develop."

"I see. Then I'll see you whenever. If you see my other old friends, tell them I've gone to be trained by the flame goddess, and only she will tell me if I've reached full potential." Razer gave a thumbs up to him.

Ajax nodded, returning a thumbs up, "You got it."

Razer then turns his attention to Fortunata, as if getting ready to leave with her, "Ready to go?"

After having stood up, Fortunata held out her hand for him to take.

"Let's go, then," she said, smiling and nodding. Calvin had gotten bored of bothering the robots, and walked over to Fortunata and Razer.

"Is he okay?" he asked; Micah soon followed after his brother.

"He should be fine," said Fortunata. "He just needs training."

Razer nodded in agreement while Ajax had already left. Razer's anger was never directed at the two brothers, and he certainly will never lay harm on them. He also held around Fortunata's hand.

"Let's go, then," she said, and started to walk away, leading Razer along with her. Calvin and Micah waved good-bye to the two as they left the area.

"We should get back home," said Calvin, and his brother nodded.

"Good idea."


Razer was taken to a volcanic area where Fortunata usually resides in, without any interruptions. Reuniting with the fox she was close with, almost like a brother-sister bond (with Fortunata acting as an older sister and Razer acting as a younger brother), she was more than willing to help him grow and develop, to better master his powers. Who knew how long it would take for him to accomplish this, but she would be there to help him every step of the way, no matter the time it would take.

"Sorry things went out of hand, especially since I haven't reached full potential." Razer did smile at Fortunata, "I'm ready when you are... Fiamme."

He knew her true name, and was smart enough to refer to her other name when she is in her Mobian self, just to ensure she and her siblings weren't discovered by the public, only those who are trusting enough. And with her around, he was truly confident enough to receive training by her, no matter how long it will take.

Fiamme nodded, and, with a wave of her hand, a pillar of flame erupted beneath her feet, coiling upwards in a dazzling display, and leaving behind a much taller creature seemingly composed of pure flame. The being nodded, a gentle warmth radiating from her body.

"Then let us begin," she said.

This RP has been concluded.

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