"All I want is an uncorrupted, cleansed world. And that is what I will get. And not even you, puny, mortal, insignificant creatures, can stop me!"
—Alkaline to Sonic and his friends

This is an article about Alkaline the Destroyer, a character created by SuperSilverXtreme14 on November 16, 2016.


Alkaline's skin is dark blood red covered by what appears to be metal grey armor that winds around his head, arms, chest, legs and feet. This is really his skin, though it is harder and tougher to penetrate. His eyes are reptilian green and his pupils grow and shrink depending on his mood and the light. His hands are four fingered, while his feet are three-toed. Each hand is a long red claw, same for his feet. Six long, dark green, octopus like, tentacles stick out of his back. His teeth are sharp and jagged. For "hair" he has two "spines" that stick out from either side of his head, which is actually round. He has no nose.


Having no heart and no caring or emotion whatsoever, Alkaline is a cold, merciless, and pitiless creature. He does know anger and frustration though, and expresses these several times at the ignorance that is shown in the humans and Mobians.

Patient, determined, and unnerved, Alkaline will stop at nothing to see his goals accomplished.

Alkaline doesn't show any feeling towards the humans he is trying to "save", and won't even listen to their complaints or their arguments. He views them as "weak and horrible little creatures", and not caring otherwise.



Alkaline was an experiment conducted by human scientists aboard an unnamed space station who were seeking to create a super being that could harness the chain or cycle of matter: solid, liquid, gas. Project "Alkaline", as it was called, intentions were to harness the powers of matter, through Earth, and space matter, so that they could create advanced war machines that could learn and destroy. Unfortunately, what the scientists had not estimated, and what their research could not detect, was that the matter they had with them had other plans. Using the data that had been streamed through its body by the scientists, it managed to assume a strange, alien form and destroyed the whole space station in an atomic (pun not intended) explosion. The matter, being the only thing to have survived such a devastating effect, unfortunately, survived.

Grand Scheme

Taking the name of the project, Alkaline, the being traveled down to Earth. Knowing hardly nothing about the planet or its residents, having obtained little information from the scientists who had created him, Alkaline gathered as much information as he could from computers until he had obtained all the information of the world that was up-to-date and out-of-date. Being disgusted at the cases of war and killing, Alkaline grew determined to right the world and "fix" it, cleansing it of its impurities. This became his life long goal.


Since Alkaline has an ever-changing body, Alkaline can change his form into whatever he sees. For instance, he could take on the disguise of a tree, a dog, or a human. His human disguises are especially good, since he can alter his height, facial expressions, and practically hide all traces of his original form. This power is quite useful when taking on the form of his enemies' friends or allies, in an attempt to cause them to turn on each other.

Since he is composed 100% of matter, if Alkaline is defeated, or killed once, his solid body will reduce to his liquid body, and then to his gas body, and so the cycle continues, for matter, in itself, can never be destroyed. Nevertheless, what binds it can be destroyed.


Due to his powers, with the additional help of being composed of matter, Alkaline is given abnormal strength that makes him stronger than 'almost' every being in Earth/Mobius, and probably other Zones. He also is abnormally fast (perhaps faster than Sonic, but by a degree) and his intelligence ranks higher than Dr. Eggman and a super computer. Having stolen knowledge from other devices over the years, Alkaline has a well-developed mind set and thinking capacity.


There are not many skills that Alkaline thought he needed to learn, the only known ones he has managed to obtain are flight and the ability to obtain knowledge and use it to his advantage.

When in flight mode, Alkaline takes on the form that Giratina, the Ghost/Dragon Type Legendary Pokémon, takes when in flight form, when his legs and arms meld into his body, and his tentacles turn into wings.


Though he has a lot of weaknesses, Alkaline has some strengths.

For instance, though Alkaline is weak against earth-manipulation, he can control the earth to his will and use it either for defense or attack. Only when these forms of manipulation are used against him is he exposed, for when it is the other way around, he can pack quite a punch!


Though composed of both space, and earth matter, Alkaline can be effected by a wide range of earthen abilities, such as; Pyrokinesis (fire), Geokinesis (earth), Hydrokinesis (water), Agrokinesis (grass), and Electrokinesis (electricity). He can also be restrained by metal objects.

When in gas form, he is practically rendered harmless, unless exposed to foul or toxic gases, cause if that were to happen.. run.

When shapeshifting into a human or a Mobian, one difference that can be easily noted, and can sometimes leave his disguise imperfect, is that his eyes remain green.

When he uses too much energy, and all at once, he can be weakened greatly, and is most likely to pass out or faint.

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