"Alicia's the name, fun's my game!" -Alicia the Fox

Alicia the Fox is a Remnant of the creature Alfred the Ancient and can technically be considered his sister. She was created by The Insanitist on deviantArt and embodies Alfred's positive memories of childhood. Fun loving and playful, Alicia acts as the foil for Alfred's brooding and hollowness, treating life like a playful adventure while Alfred saw it for a very long time as a burden and a grueling trial. 

Alicia came into being at the same time as Hamaveck the Hateful's Remnants but unlike them, she was cared for by Alfred and Hamaveck's shared "mother" Mater Angelus. She personally taught Alicia how to control the Chaos and Haos powers she had inherited from Alfred until both females were discovered by Alfred himself and Mater instructed Alicia to go with him to be his sister and helping hand. Since then the two of them have bonded and grown close with every experience together.


Alicia was originally created as Alfred's only Remnant in the instance of Hamaveck's supposed destruction. She was "born" in an unknown location on Mobius but was found and nurtured by Alfred and Hamaveck's "mother" Mater Angelus, the personification of Alfred and Hamaveck's combined power. Alfred didn't actually meet his Remnant until he and Hamaveck found Mater in the abandoned outreaches of Mobius at which point, Mater revealed Alicia's existence to him and offered her to him to act as a sister and a final memory of the love he lost so long ago. Alfred took her back to Mobotropolis where she regained consciousness and presented herself as the "sister" of Alfred, a 17 year old, hyperactive teen who has been by his side ever since.


Alicia the fox is recognized as being hyper, fun-loving, chirpy and excited. She loves causing mischief and having fun and has a personality totally at odds with his "brother" Alfred's. While Alfred is detached, lonely, quiet and dignified, Alicia is loud, boystrous and constantly seeking attention. She has a fierce connection with Alfred and loves him completely as a brother. Alicia is also very protective of her friends and is quick to make them but once she has, she loves and cherishes them with all her heart.

Having a very childlike personality, Alicia can get incredibly passionate about many things and people. Her love for her friends and brother are so strong she would happily die to protect them and she has a hatred and rage for villains like Hamaveck, who hurt the people she cares about, that can't be matched by many of the other heroes. Once she has made a connection with someone, good or bad, she will act on feelings drawn from that connection without a second thought, a trait that can lead to disastrous consequences.


Alicia basically resembles a female version of Alfred with the exception of her green eyes and blue flick in her hair which she had dyed deliberately to make her look different from Alfred. She is often seen wearing very punk-rock style clothes and can easily be described as a tomboy in appearance, typically wearing fingerless gloves and loose fitting trousers and tops.

Powers and abilities

Chaos Abilities: Alicia possess a greater variety of control and aptitude with Chaos Energy than Alfred does and has cultivated her own special set of abilities and weapons out of it.

  • Chaos Scepter: A scepter of pure chaos energy that Alcia can use to cast Chaos blasts from.
  • Chaos Lightning: An electric string of Chaos Energy that Alicia can use to attack her enemies.
  • Chaos Pulse: A more controlled and focused version of Chaos Blast.
  • Chaos Morph: An orb that distorts oncoming attacks and defends Alicia from most enemy strikes.
  • Chaos Dark: Envelops an enemy in darkness, leaving them blind and open to attack.
  • Chaos Flash: An alternate version of Chaos Control. Allows Alicia to travel at the speed of light but only for short flashes of time.
  • Chaos Crash: An immense burst of Chaos Energy that uncontrollably destroys everything in its path.
  • Chaos Cataclysm: Alicia's most powerful Chaos move and by far her most deadly. Can reduce anything to rubble in seconds and acts as it's name suggests, causing a complete cataclysm that completely obliterates everything in sight of Alicia.

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Themes Song(s)

Main theme: Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Secondary theme: Paradise - Coldplay

Battle theme: Keys to the kingdom - UNKLE

Instrumental theme: Up is Down - Hans Zimmer

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