This is an article about Alice the Purrloin, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 01/11/2015.


Alice is what you would expect from a young mobian purrloin in terms of design. Dark-purple fur with patches of white on small areas, mostly covered up with basic white/red striped clothes, blue jean-overalls to match, and a long tail with a spear-headed formation of hair at the end. What is different from most, however, is the various stitches stretching across her body, her generally pale-blue skin, a missing ear, and that one of her eyes has been replaced with a mechanical duplicate.


Alice, even when she was alive, was very rash with her decisions, never paying any attention to what her actions caused. This could range from a simple store closing, to even accidentally killing someone of great political power. She also really hates to lose, and will often beat herself straight whenever she fails at her mission, whatever it may be. Alice, ever since revival, has been eternally loyal to her masters, and has shown no reason to betray them in any way. However, she doesn't really seem to... get along with any of Sartorius' other servants.


Alice lived in a time much longer ago than you'd expect. Being a young girl in such a time period, she was considered "unclean" and "impure" by her peers and even her relatives, who quickly threw her out after a few years of raising her. At about age five, a thieving woman had found Alice, cold and alone, and simply could not bare to see a child in that position, so the thief took her in and cared for her, often getting clothes and food for her while also teaching her the ways of the thief, and in no time she was pickpocketing and threatening merchants with knives.

One day, her adoptive mother was found by law-enforcement and was publicly executed for her status as a thief. Alice had seen these events, and had managed to assassinate one of the guards before getting caught and executed herself, though instead of being simply decapitated like her mother, Alice was locked in a torture chamber and was slowly butchered alive, with her body being chopped up until she eventually died from blood loss. Her death would be quickly shrugged off by society, completely forgotten, and would sink into the Void of Memory like all others who shared her fate.

Out of all the deceased flowing to the void through the Chaos Realm, Xahlia had found interest in this child above most others, as the amount of spite and loathing within her was much higher than those around her. Xahlia picked Alice from the river of the deceased and restored life to her, and had also stitched together what remained of her body. To this day, Alice serves Sartorius Vhan as one of his assistants in bringing the world into Void, while still retaining the look and technique from the days of old.


Having been chopped up in her past life, Alice has been given the power to be immune to cutting of any kind. Her body still fragments, yes, but it really only segments her body into small chunks. Here, she is free to control her detached body parts like separate objects, giving her immense ranged-capabilities in combat, as well has full immunity to damage from any cut-based attacks or weapons. From this, she can store knives and other weapons in the space formed between her body-parts, can fly (as long as her feet are detached,) can grab an opponent from seemingly nowhere, etc. beyond that, she also has access to the full movepool most Purrloin can use, giving her attacks that mostly affect her opponents without doing much damage, which allows her to cause a brief distraction and then quickly move in for the kill, ESPECIALLY with her dealy Sand-Stab combination attack.


From her years as a thief, Alice has learned the ways of assassination/silent-killing. She can stealthily move through the field with ease and take cover behind nearly anything, sometimes even right in front of her opponents. She has also learned to store objects in more places than one would expect, having a plethora of needle-knives, chains, and other killing-weapons stored up her sleeves and even underneath her skin.


Alice, being a dark-type, is weak to any damaging attack from the fighting, bug, or fairy typing. She also has little usefulness against heavily-defensive enemies with no weak-spots/forcefields of any kind. Even when detached from her main body, Alice's parts can still be damaged and she will still feel the pain nonetheless (unless it involves cutting of any kind.) Alice's ability to use detached parts only works when chopped, so users of weapons such as hammers or guns have an advantage over her.


  • Alice is based on a Purrloin that the creator of this page has caught for his/her Pokemon White 2 Nuzlocke Run (and is too stubborn to release it as all KO's on her were from criticals before the second gym, which the creator excludes for the sake of fairness/he or she being a massive scrub.)
  • Alice being a purple cat with stitches on her body bears some resemblance to Neko Zombie from Gregory Horror Show.
  • Alice's immunity to blades and other powers stemming from that are reminiscent of those belonging to the character Buggy the Clown from One Piece.
  • Alice's Needle Knives are a reference to Shiek's neutral-Special attack in the Super Smash Bros. series of games.
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