Cquote1 Half the time I don't know where I am. Half the time I wish I was somewhere else. And wherever I am, people come, and people go. But, Imre, remember this-- there is one place where people never leave. Your heart. Once you put them there, they are there to stay. So don't put bad and awful people in your heart; they'll abuse it, and you won't be able to get rid of them. Cquote2
Alice the Butterfly.



Alice is a purple butterfly who is quite short for her age, and that makes her very light in weight. She isn't very physically active, so she doesn't have much muscle in her weak and small frame. She has very delacate, velvety wings that have two purple dots towards the tips, and are lined with yellow and the insides are orange. She has purple hair with orange tips, and it is styled in a similer way to Maria's, her bangs on her sides of her face, and she wears a black headband with a black bow on the top. Her muzzle and arms are a light peach, and she has no ears, replaced by two black antennas.

She wears a sleeveless cyan blue dress that reaches her knees, and a white decorative apron lies on top of it, tying into a big bow on the back. Her shoes are black flats, and she wears white stockings with blue lining on the very top. She wears blue gloves that reach her elbow underneath white gloves that have a sock like cuff.


Alice is a very sweet and lovely young lady. She is a full blown optimist, though this can make her a tad childish, and believes that anyone evil can change. She also has a great sense of humor, and often teams up with Cayo and occasionally Cade for pranks. She is often used as comic relief due to her laid back and jokester personality, and her ability to sleep through "an alien invasion while zombies scour the city and it literally rains cats and dogs as pirates shoot canon balls at the city".

She is very social, and is a literal social butterfly in this case. She can make friends easily and can charm anyone. She can be intimidating though, being the daughter of the mayor, and her bodyguards don't help.

She can come off as a snob though, being raised in the lapse of luxury, and this is often used for comic relief, as she often tries "peasant" things. She also hates it when somebody claims to be prettier or better than her, and she will become violent, even to the point of ripping out a girls hair if they say that their hair is prettier than hers.



Alice was born on the twenty seventh of December, and is the only child to Lewis Carroll the Butterfly and Whittney Carroll the Rabbit. Her father soon became the mayor afterwards, and often directed his attention towards his duties, so she was often left alone with her mother, her father figure usually away. She didn't mind; she was perfectly content with her family's lifestyle.

She eventually met April when her father became the detective, and the mayor was hosting a welcome party, and the two became fast friends.

Imre's Death

Alice had known Imre all his life and they were great friends. Alice wasn't contacted about his injury though, and wasn't able to be by his side when he passed. She did attend his funeral though, and left a blue rose on the coffin. She was very effected by his departure, and her social life was put on hold for a while. She would often go by and read a story to the grave when she had time.

One Month Later

As time progressed, she became more active socially and even physically. She tried to hang out with the Allen brothers too, by they had started to disappear and almost avoid her. As the Allen boys started to grow distant, a new vigilante group started to appear more and more often. It is hinted that she knew since the vigilantes first appearance that she knew who they were.


Alice doesn't seem to have any powers, and is just another young teenager.


Alice doesn't seem to really have any abnormal abilities, and is a normal teenage girl. Her sense of smell is superior than most, but this is a common trait to butterflies.


Although she may come off as a bratty rich girl, she knows a lot of skills that most don't have.


Alice has been shown to be able to do multiple types of dances, from break dancing to the tango, and even won a championship for it.


Alice is shown to be a great cook, and often bakes pastries and other types of sugary food. She is shown to have only done this skills a few times, but each time she is complimented on her cookery.


After watching her guards, she has picked up on some combat abilities, and can hold her own in a spar, even being able to compete with Tavor, though she was beaten due to her fragile body.


Alice can handle a variety of firearms, though she prefers handguns. She also can throw knives easily, and her aim is almost perfect. She can also surprisingly fence, but not as well as her firearm handling.


Although she isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, she is able to deduce things better than the average teen, and her observation skills are better than most.


Alice has a hard time paying attention to things that she dubs as boring or just doesn't interest her, and that can make her unable to follow directions very well. She also, ironically, is alergic to pollen from certain types of flowers and trees, and that can make her get cold like symptoms. She also hates not getting her way, and that can make her seem like a bit of a brat.


Albeit being a relatively small character. Alice has interacted a lot with other characters.


Imre and Alice had a very close and strong relationship, often calling each other the sibling they never had. Alice viewed him as a younger brother, and because of this she became very protective of him. Imre eventually developed a slight crush on her, his first and last, although Alice doesn't seem to have returned those feelings.

Alice was truly crushed when Imre had died, and eventually closed off her social life because of this. She wouldn't leave her house, and only did to check on the other Allen brothers or to read to Imre's grave. She did eventually start socializing again, but still misses Imre.

Cayo and Cade

Alice interacts much more with Cato than Cade, due to their love of pranks and jokes. Alice became a sister to them, and soon became very protective of them. She and Cayo have formed a very strong bond, and that eventually developed into a crush Cayo had, but it's not sure if Alice returns his feelings. They are great friends and they often slack off together.

Cade and Alice are still great friends though, but their relationship isn't quite as strong. Cade loves Alice's fun personality, and Alice loves how smart he is. Alice often drags him into pranks so they can spend more time together, and to have fun. Cade has hinted that he may have a crush on Alice as well, though he's too shy to try to hit on her.


She and Kasper don't usually interact, but when they do, they show signs of friendliness toward one another. Kasper and her also seem to share a mutual respect for each other, and occasionally hang out sometimes, and she seems to be one of the few who can make him laugh.


These two interact a lot, and they actually despise each other. Tavor thinks she's too flirty, but Alice thinks that he's too serious. They often butt heads over very small things, usually for the comic relief, but sometimes their resentment toward each other can become a big argument. She is often seen hitting him with Aprils book whenever they fight.

Alice even seems to hate his superhero persona, though this could be because she knows it's him under the mask.


  • "Hi! I'm Alice Carroll! It's lovely meeting you!"
  • "Did she... Did she really just say that her hair is prettier than mine?! OOOHHH!!! YOU'RE SO DEAD!"
  • "Wow. That superhero is so lame. I don't even want to know who is under the mask, probably some nerd."
  • "Aw, Cayo, you're sweet! Now let's go prank the crap out of him..."
  • "Imre's... Gone...? B-but how... He... He was so young... So sweet... Why him?! What did he ever do to anyone?! WHY?!"
  • "Oh April, you're so ignorant. Love can't be forced, but... You can have a lot of fun trying to force it!"
  • "Wow. Just wow. I... Have no comment on how PROUD OF YOU I AM RIGHT NOW!!"
  • "I got a bad feeling about that guy..."

"Mr. Gold? What an original name. What do you steal? Diamonds?"

  • "Ignorance seems to really be your best friend Tavor. Take it from me: the friendship doesn't last very long."
  • "Let's do it Cayo! You got your bag of tricks, and I got my wit. Let the pranking wars begin!!"
  • "So... You're telling me that those vigilantes are actually my four best friends who keep disappearing and acting strange ever since the group first began, and they are almost always bruised or something? Pfffff! That's the best thing I've heard all day!"
  • "Tavors so serious! He really needs to lighten up."
  • "AWWWW! Cayo! You're so adorable when you're getting ready to badly injure someone!"


  • Alice's entire backstory and design is based off of Lewis Carrolls Alice in Wonderland.
  • Alice was originally going to be a bird.
  • Although this is uncertain, Alice is rumored to be killed soon, and this will cause the creation of a new villain: the White Knight. White Knight is said to be actually be a depressed Cayo wanting to avenge Alice's death.
  • Should the rumor be true, White Knight is another homage to Alice and Wonderland, as the White Knight appeared in the series as well. It also would be a nod towards chess, which is still a bid towards Lewis Carroll's books, as chess was a major theme in Through the Looking Glass.
  • Alice can not fly very well, and was made fun of because of this.
  • Alice often wears very large dresses that look similar to Sapphira's...
  • Alices mother's face has never been seen before, and Alice says that it's very beautiful.
  • Alices bodyguards are actually really bad ones, if you think about it. She sneaks away from them, actually got kidnapped while they were their, Alice can actually beat them up, and they can't shoot very well.
  • Alice has been seen to use a hand gun only once, when she was attacked by "Nights" (Tavor).
  • She is also seen to be a fairly powerful character, as seen when she was able to hold her own against Tavor, though she did eventually lose.
  • She usually hits Tavor with April's book that she always carries. Should April not be around, Alice will hit Tavor with any other object she can find.
  • She is mostly used for comic relief, but the creator would like to possibly expand her character and make her more of a main character.
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