This is an article about Alice the Bristol, a character created by Namusan  on 01/6/2014.

Alice the Bristol Cat is the fursona of Namusan
Reactivate Majestical Imperial Stage 4 Boss (Team C) OST

Reactivate Majestical Imperial Stage 4 Boss (Team C) OST

Alice's theme. Kind of.


Alice normally wears a black open jacket with a white blouse underneath. Her fur is black and glossy. Her hair is short, in a bob cut, and black. She has a peach muzzle and a button nose. Alongside that, she has a white bow attached to a white headband, and wears a green skirt and white socks. Her ears are large.


Alice is normally quiet, sweet, and highly intuitive. Many people would describe her as adorable and the nicest person they know. At first, she appears cold, but over time she'll warm up to people. She is very orderly and dislikes messy spaces. She also has some kind of insight into people and situations, and she intuitively understands them. She is easily concerned for the feelings of others, though she is sometimes insensitive. However, she internalizes conflict and thus suffers from paranoia. Aside from those, she is a very intelligent girl with lots of (seemingly) smart ideas.

She really is a mysterious genius.


Alice was born to a margay and a black domestic cat. She was homeschooled because her parents simply couldn't afford preschool. However, she attended elementary school and got good grades in that. Her family moved, and she wasn't able to see her best friends again until high school.

While in middle school, Alice met new friends. She talked to these new friends all of the time. Until the eighth grade, when she started to fall behind. Her friends started to ignore her, and her grades dropped due to her constant feelings of loneliness. She started to avoid these "friends", and turned to dating sims to cope. Sadly, these didn't help, either.

And then high school came around. Now she has real, living, breathing friends.

Powers and Special Abilities

Alice possesses the ability to use magic. Of course, this only extends to psychic abilities. She can read the minds of others and is avoided due to this. Her strong intuition allows this ability to activate at any time.

It seems that recently, she has also gained the ability to see in the future.


Alice is physically weak and has asthma coupled with sickle cell trait anemia, and she doesn't do much other than sit around and casting magic. She can't defend herself very well, either, as she is fragile. She is also extremely emotional and saying the wrong things sets her off like mad.

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