-I hate when people says I am nothing!- Alice

should Alice be an new sega character?


She is blue with many parts white, uses a blue coat and a blue skirt, white socks and blue shoes. Blue eyes [It's more blue than white don't you think?] well, looks like a normal fox girl...


She's Hates red, for her red is the enemy, only wanting to stay alone from other people or animal, but she always loves chinese food and Ice cream, her favorite things to do are:

  • training martial arts
  • be alone [obviously]
  • figthing with everyone...


She did normal things like:

  1. do the domestical work
  2. obeying her mom
  1. and all of everything goes to
  2. schooland figthing her friends at martial arts club...

But she had powers what she can't control named class F, yes, she have powers, her mom[Alya] and dad[Mars] trained her all the times...


Many powers like ice punch are considered class B to her opinon... Other powers are not so easy to use others very easy like:

  • Killing Frozen [class S, the best one]
  • blue fire [class A]
  • Ice punch [class B]
  • Ice paralise [class C]
  • Friend frost hug [class D]
  • Fatality iced [class F]


she can only see her mom making ice food with magic, but she only do at christmas when she uses the special cloth on herself... Others like:

  • flamefull ice
  • killing fire
  • water bloom
  • sweet snow

and more others....


These skills are a lot too, like create a house in a glacier, or teleporting to somethings...

  • teleport
  • mental confusion
  • Lost Girl technique

and more then are some skills of her


She has weaknesses of fire and plant... And powers like

  • flame kill
  • fire fatality
  • Asexual attraction

and more opposites of her...

Also many photos

here is some photos of her [alone only alone]

Oh, only a photo maded in a game

It's a close on her...

I need to put this image here?

she's using her powers

look! see? She loves snow.

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