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"I know you want to help. If you give yourself a chance, you can do it."
—Alias to Reens, OverDrawn/IN Part 1

Alias is a member of the royal family in the Kingdom of Myrelan, though one who has spent his time attempting (somewhat unsuccessfully) to pass himself off as an average young Mobian for reasons still uncertain.


For those familiar with the royal family of Myrelan, it comes as a surprise to see that the prince only bears a passing resemblance to them at first glance. While he possesses the wiry musculature that most echidnas bear, as well as grey fur resembling his mother and the black hair of his father, Alias does his best to hide the black markings on his arms and legs that indicate his rare subspecies. As such, he normally tries to pass himself off as a generic echidna or another subtype.

Typically, Alias has a wide variety of outfits that he wears, mostly to make switching "roles" or personalities easier. However, his normal traveling attire is far removed from the formalities of the royal family of his home. Instead, he wears a black trench coat and white gloves to hide the markings on his arms. He wears this over a sleeveless maroon shirt, black jeans and a pair of sturdy brown leather hiking boots.


Alias's key defining trait is an intense desire to fit in so that people don't recognize where he's from. This desire is so intense that Alias often acts strangely (for example, talking to a random person for no terribly good reason isn't exactly the norm). It's not that Alias isn't interested in being friendly; he's just trying a bit too hard to disguise himself. However, Alias does really want to help people and will go to great lengths to do so, even if it means completely breaking his disguise.

Strengths and Powers

As a member of the royal family of Myrelan, Alias is descended from a long line of what have been referred to as darkidnas, a subrace of the echidna people that is genetically aligned with the element of darkness. While this darkness can tend to manifest in their personality, most go to great lengths to simply emphasize it as a power set and little more. Alias, however, inherited additional power from his mother's subrace, blending her sparkidna nature with his father's darkidna nature to become what is heralded as a Shadow Sparkidna. Due to this, both lightning and darkness powers come almost naturally to the boy, and the combination of the two is a power that he is more than capable of wielding to an almost instinctive degree.

Also, as a native wielder of Black Lightning, Alias is surprisingly immune to darkness-based assaults, with his full power providing immunity to the weaknesses intrinsic in standard electricity.

Finally, in order to combat various issues with his powers (detailed below), Alias has taken to a self-taught fighting style that is devoid of his elemental natures, a frenzied street brawler style that is not afraid to bite, scratch, and kick his way through threats, only revealing his natural might in a worst-case scenario.


Black Lightning is an electric-derived power that shuns the supportive and constructive uses for electricity to emphasize destructive might. Because of this, while Alias can rely on his powers, he always feels some level of paranoia about actually using the power, especially as he follows family tradition and blends into the common folk of his country. With the power and destructive might of his Black Lightning, he would quite easily give himself away, if not harm the citizens he was supposed to protect. This is the reason that he has adopted his signature hand-to-hand combat style; in order to maintain his secret.

While basic darkness-basic attacks will fail against Alias's defenses, other advanced forms of Darkness can counteract and nullify his potent powerset, while the young man naturally fears fighters with skill in manipulating Light, due to the explosive results tied to colliding his advanced powers with that.



This character's sixstat code is 233452

  • Health: 2 – Alias has below-average defenses to most types of attacks.
  • Damage: 3 – While Alias's sheer destructive potential is incredibly high, the damage output that he uses in average combat is around average, as he avoids using his magical powers to hide his identity and is not particularly strong.
  • Speed: 3 – Alias's speed is about average.
  • Reflexes: 4 – Alias is reasonably quick to figure out when something important has just occurred, which is a valuable asset to him in combat.
  • Intelligence: 5 – Alias excels in tactical decision-making and trickery, as well as at the more common combat planning.
  • Regen: 2 – Alias has below-average damage regeneration.

Fun Facts

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