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Algore Shadow.png|Algore's Silhouette
Algore Shadow.png|Algore's Silhouette

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" I'm not the enemy.  I'm not a hero.  I'm not sure what I am, so I walk on this lonely lands only to find an answer."  

Algore The Dragon
Pic090 2 z
Year Created
517 (Physically 17)

520 (Physically 20)

523 (Physically 23)
Dragon Raw Island (East)
Also Known As
The Vein Executor (by dragon elders)

Mean Guy (by Cream)

Stubborn (by Blaze)

Arrogant One (by Elder Heevs)
104 cm(3'05")
58 kg(128 lb.)
Dodger Blue, Malibu
blue and yellow shirts of different varieties, blue and yellow fingerless gloves, navy blue boots with yellow designs, grey ankle warmers
Team Surge

The Three Chosen

Chosen Heroes
Favorite Food


Bothering Drakero

Doing things for his own benefits


Cindy (Crush)
Drakero (To a degree)

Taking orders


Deep Water

Being Imprisoned

Electric Breathing

Speedy Flight


Physical Strength

Super Speed
Moves and techniques
Astro Breech

Mega Palm

Titan Kick

Cosmic Spray

Galaxy Blast

Galactic Rise

Cyan Blaster

Xeno Rog

Origin Blaster (Ultimate)

Alpha Striker (with Skile)

Heavy Night (with Skile)

Violent Screech (with Tamie)

Mega Lunge (with Tamie)

Raging Thunder Cross ( Team finish)
JakeSake AceRider


Algore is a dragon that wants to be the best of all the dragons.  

Backstory Edit

Algore was once a student under Son-Cho Hun.  Son-Cho taught Algore everything that he need to know about Zuiquan.  However, Son-Cho died from an illness unknown to Dragon Raw.  Ever since that day, Algore trained himself to become stronger and more experienced with this fighting technique.  He got kicked out of the academy due to the fact that he was always disobediant and rebelious.  

Appearence Edit

Algore likes to wear varieties of shirts that have blue and yellow coloring.  He also wears fingerless gloves and boots with grey ankle warmers. 

Personality Edit

Algore is a very arrogent character.  He thinks of himself as the best, and no one can match him in the art of battle.  

Algore can also be very stubborn at times.  Most of the times he does not listen to the elders, and goes off on a rant when things do not turn out the way he wants it to turn out.  Blaze decribes him as a cockroach that gets crushed, but comes back.  

Despite his cocky and stubborn ways, Algore can be charismatic, and sometimes even gentle.  This is mostly seen when he's around Cindy, or his loving mother, Magnolia. 

Powers/Skills/Abilities Edit

Algore's powers are similar to Drakero's. Algore uses small ounces of his Cosmokinesis in some of his melee attacks


  • Algore's cockness gets in the way a lot of the times, with can result into his fails. 
  • Alore usually attacks without giving forethought, which results to him doing hasty and rash moves. 

Relationships Edit

Drakero the Dragon Edit

Drakero and Algore have been rivals ever sense they were young.  Algore was defeated by Drakero in a tournament. Ever sense that day, Algore swore to his very soul that he will never lose to anyone, and that he will defeat Drakero someday.

Asarot the DragonEdit

Asarot is Algore's deceased father.  Agore looked to his father, and hoped one day to be like him.  His father was killed by Vile Cove years ago. 

Cindy the DragonEdit

Cindy is Algore's long time crush.  He loves her personality, and the way she looks.  He openly amits this and states, " If I had to pick who I should marry, you're number one."

Skile the WolverineEdit

He seems to have a solid friendship with Skile.  They seem to get along just find.  Nothing else is known about this friendship. 

Tamie the BobcatEdit

Algore has mixed opinions about Tamie.  There are times that he enjoys her company, and there are times where she gets on his nerves. 

Vile Cove DragonEdit

Algore has a sworn hatred for Vile Cove.  This is mainly because his killed his father.  He goes on an adventure with his rival, Drakero, to help stop Vile Cove, only to seek revenge. 



"Who said I was backing down?"

"I'll make you lose, be sure of it."


"Ha ha, sweetness."

"I told you, I'm the best."

"Was that it?  What a let down."

"Get better."

Trivia Edit

Algore's name is a portmanteau of the name "Alphonse" and the word "gore". 

Algore and Drakero are rivals. Their scale colors might be a reference Pokemon rivals.  

Gallary Edit

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