Since she was little, Alexis wanted to take on the path of singing for her life, and she did just that. Since eleven, she goes by the stage name Lexi Bloom. Alexis currently has five studio albums, A Million Pieces, Let It Flow, The Lexi King, Faithful and her newest album, Everything.

A Million Pieces (2011)

A Million Pieces is Alexis's first ever album. It contains 12 songs, some of them featuring other popular artists. It debuted on April 25, 2011, and contains a few songs that went platinum over the radio. It costs $9.99 on oTunes and ten dollars for the CD version. The song has four singles and two promotional singles

Songs Listed

  1. Don't Stop Singing
  2. Shattered
  3. Came from Ashes (Ft. Cole Starpower)
  4. Sell it Somewhere Else, Sister
  5. Hero (Ft. David Sabato)
  6. That One Guy
  7. Gift of a Friend*
  8. Skyscraper*
  9. Give Your Heart a Break*
  10. You Can't Stop the Music (Ft. Nikki Kaji)
  11. How Can I Keep from Singing**
  12. Here We Go Again*

(*Songs originally written by her voice actress, Demi Lovato)

(**Songs originally written and composed by other artists)

([Song] Singles)


Don't Stop Singing (2010)

"The song was meant to be an anthem. It's supposed to deliver the saying that you can do anything, but I just reduced it to singing because I was like..... 12."

Released October 21, 2010

Don't Stop Singing is the first song that Alexis ever wrote. It's an upbeat bubblegum pop mid-tempo song that talks about being able to do whatever you want without having other people judge you. The lyrics are fresh from Alexis's brain, and one of the only songs that the producers didn't make any changes to.

Hundreds of thousands of people bought the song on oTunes, and it played on the radio at least 20,000 times a day around the world. She earned a lot of money off of this song, and even today she's still proud of it. The music video was shot a few months after she finished recording the song, and it received over one hundred million views on the internet.

View count: 178,021,215

Sell It Somewhere Else, Sister (2011)

"I don't know why, but out of all of the songs of the album I loved singing this one on tours the most, and sometimes I still do."

Released: April 19, 2011

Sell It Somewhere Else sister is the second song she released. It gives off more of an electronic pop vibe, with a beat that makes you want to get up and dance. The lyrics basically say to ignore lies, and shut up, more of a meaner tone.

It was released days before the release of her debut studio album, "A Million Pieces". Although it wasn't nearly as successful as her first song, it is still a very popular song, playing it on the radio and at a lot of special events.

View count: 62,324,124

Hero (2011)

"At the time, David and I started getting back on the verge of becoming good friends after the bad breakup, and at the time, he was a good rapper. My manager really wanted me to collaborate with him, and it was kind of an awkward moment for both of us..."

Released August 2, 2011

This song was a promotional single. There was a music video shot for the song, but it wasn't played often on radios. People adore this song because it gives off a beautiful message about leadership and courage.

View count: 10,000,026

How Can I Keep From Singing (2011)

"I remember, when I was around four or five, and I first heard this song, I memorized the melody very easily, and I always sang it every time I came to church."

Released November 8, 2011

How Can I Keep From Singing, is her second promotional singing. This song directly inspired from a popular gospel song that she learned when she was younger with a contemporary R&B twist. She cleverly combined the elements of a church choir and her signature riffs to make an amazing masterpiece.

View count: 39,643,087

Skyscraper (2012)

"Everyone just loves this song. It's one of my favorites because it's message is so strong and moving and I feel like I inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world. When I started recording the song, I had a strong feeling that this was going to be my most successful single probably ever!"

Released January 3, 2012


Skyscraper - Lexi Bloom

Skyscraper was the fourth single on her album. The song is one of the most uplifting and influential songs of the album. It's slow, and delivers a powerful message of being stronger and resisting mean people, which is centered towards giving the listener a major boost of self confidence. It was wisely planned out by her music producers putting a soft piano accompaniment behind a powerful singer with an even more powerful speech.

By far the most successful song on her album, Skyscraper was nominated for several awards, and went platinum in a month. This song got recognized and it's the first song that made it worldwide, instead of just being played in Lacancory. It became her signature anthem and got her taking home a Grammy for Best New Artist.

View count: 489,098,204

Give Your Heart A Break (2012)

"The fact that the song completely contradicts most of the songs in my albums, it's such a motivational piece of work that probably will make the pain and strife of breakups easier."

Released June 22, 2012

Give Your Heart A Break

Give Your Heart A Break - Lexi Bloom

Give Your Heart A Break was the last single on her album. The song is another highly confidence-boosting song, with a fast pace, and a catchy chorus. Unlike Skyscraper and Don't Stop Singing, this song focuses on making breakups easier.

Many people around the globe were amazed by the song. It has a catchy beat and whenever this song plays in a packed car, bus or party, you can't deny that more than half the people on there know the song and will start singing it.

View count: 276,094,298

Let It Flow (2013)

Let It Flow is the second studio album by Lexi Bloom. It contains 13 songs, featuring a few popular artists. The album released on February 27, 2013, containing a few platinum songs heard around the country. The album contains five singles and one promotional single. It costs $12.99 on oTunes and fourteen dollars for the CD.

This is the first album for two things. It's the first album where she released a deluxe version, even containing an extra single and two other songs. It is also the song that was released internationally, so fans outside of the country started to listen and like her music. This is when the radio started playing her music.

Songs Listed

  1. Center of Attention
  2. Out of My Life (Ft. Liana Lycopex)
  3. Unbroken
  4. That's What Friends are For (Ft. Serena Stone)
  5. Put on a Show
  6. Heart by Heart*
  7. Castaway
  8. Never Say Never (Ft. Cole Starpower)
  9. Eiffel Tower (Ft. Nikki Kaji)
  10. Heart by Heart*
  11. Let it Flow
  12. Really Don't Care*
  13. Barter (Ft. Christina Transon)** (Deluxe version)
  14. Don't Count On It (Deluxe version)
  15. In Case* (Deluxe version)


Unbroken (2013)

"I was going to make this a ballad, but the lyrics spoke to me, and the way it spoke told me to make it another EDM Pop song."

Released: January 3, 2013


Unbroken - Lexi Bloom

Unbroken is her debut single of the album. The song sends a message about something going wrong in a relationship, and she would be willing to love him like she's never been hurt. This song relates to the relationship between Alexis and Danny.

After seven months of listening to the catchy tunes of A Million Pieces, she announced that she will be releasing a new single, making all of her fans anxious and impatiently waiting for new music. She thought it would have been fun to not tell them the date so that it would have been a surprise.

When she released it, tens of thousands of fans bought the song. In just three days, five hundred thousand people bought the song, and it has became an instant success. Fans are awaiting the album, that she said will release with her second single this year.

View count: 200,076,376

Heart By Heart (2013)

"This song really means a lot to me. It's so beautiful and meaningful, and I feel like I probably poured my heart all over this one."

Released: February 17, 2013

Heart By Heart

Heart by Heart - Lexi Bloom

Heart by Heart is the second single of her album. It's a lot more of a down-tempo slow ballad type of song with a great orchestral background. The song sends a message about a love/ex love interest being by their side through the toughest times. Alexis told her friends that she wrote the song about David, and their unusual close friendship even after breaking up.

The song became well known because it was used in "The Heart Eater", because the producers thought it'd be a great track for when the main antagonist dies.

View count: 176,308,102

Put on a Show (2013)

"When I heard about the situation Sasha was in, I felt horrible for her. Who do those people think she is? My sister is probably one of the biggest fashion legends in Lacancory. This song pretty much sets the stage for her to star in her own life and tell them off."

Released: July 27, 2013

Put on a Show is a promotional single of the album. The song has a basic message saying that the world is like a stage, and you're the star of your own show. It's a very happy and upbeat song, with Alexis hitting some notes that she wasn't able to hit as much.

Alexis purposely timed the song to release on July 27, because it fell on her sister, Sasha's, birthday. She wanted to write the song not only for a surprise, but Sasha was going through tough times because she was getting bullied at college, so she decided to make this song to cheer her up.

View count: 91,298,049

Eiffel Tower (2013)

"I visited Alverga twice. Once with my family, and the other time was with my middle school. It's such a lively and beautiful city with so many landmarks, but the Eiffel Tower, because it's so grand and gigantic."

Released: December 12, 2013

Eiffel Tower is the third single of her album. The song is a song that starts off with an orchestra, and then adds in a harpsichord, accordion and cabasa trio. The song cleverly compares love with the elements of Alverga, like comparing their love stronger than the Eiffel Tower.

Alexis decided to collaborate on this song with Nikki, her best friend, because Alexis and her manager flew down to Arcadia Island to visit, and Nikki brought up the idea of collaborating on a common interest;visiting Alverga.

View count: 99,219,439

Barter (2014)

"Christina never sang in front of me before. I only chose her because whenever I hear the song, I can imagine her singing it somehow. When I heard her in the studio, she had this star quality in her voice that would make her fame reach higher heights. "

Released: April 12, 2014

Barter is the fourth single of the album. This song is very slow and romantic. It sends a powerful message about the beauty this world has with only a piano as it's background track. It's a rather easy song for people to catch onto, and it leaves first-listeners in tears 70% of the time.

Alexis wanted to deliberately collaborate with her best friend Christina because she felt like this song basically is something she would sing. This was also the first time Alexis heard her sing, and it actually wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.

View count: 154,392,092

Really Don't Care (2014)

"No, this is not about any of my ex boyfriends. It's for other girls who have to undergo this kind of pain and strife. Breakups are the worst, especially if he breaks up with you. Just get over it, half of the time he probably isn't worth it anyway. I thought Jessie was a little goblin for putting in that one verse, but it turned out great anyway."

Released: June 11, 2014

Really Don't Care

Really Don't Care - Lexi Bloom

Really Don't Care is the final single of Let It Flow. The song is upbeat and once again talks about telling ex's that they don't want them back in their life. Alexis told people that she didn't write the song about any of her ex's because she didn't feel that way for any of them.

In a way similar to Give Your Heart A Break, this song also involves help with breakups. It features vocals from Jessie the Fox, who secretly recorded a section of the song with her knowing. At first Alexis was infuriated, but it wasn't such a bad thing because it turned out great.

The rhythms and the beats of the song are highly catchy, which in a similar fashion to Sell It Somewhere Else Sister, makes people want to get up and just start to dance. The melody is purposely easy and gets people hooked on the first three listens.

View count: 682,092,581

The Lexi King (2014)

The Lexi King is her third studio album. It contains 13 songs, featuring a few popular artists on some tracks. The album released on September 24, 2014, with the debut single coming out three days later, a few songs went platinum. The album costs $12.99 on oTunes and fourteen dollars for the CD.

This album was more successful than her other three albums combined, selling over 6.2 million copies worldwide. These also have the best ratings, and the album tripled her fanbase in size.

Songs Listed

  1. Piano (Ft. Serena Stone and David Sabato)
  2. Nightingale*
  3. Can't Take It
  4. Hold On to It
  5. Where to Go Next
  6. Something That We're Not*
  7. Season of Peace (The Final Goodbye)**
  8. Warrior*
  9. Shouldn't Come Back*
  10. Rose Garden (Ft. Christina Transon)
  11. Pitch Black (Ft. Nikki-Kaji and Liana Lycopex)
  12. Never Been Hurt*
  13. Neon Lights*
  14. 4AM (Deluxe version)
  15. Merci (Deluxe version)
  16. Can't Believe It (Deluxe version)


Never Been Hurt (2014)

"This song actually made it farther than I expected it to. I was just writing lyrics about what I think about love, and suddenly it becomes a track on my album. But the final product was just so beautiful and powerful that we all decided, hey let's make this song a single!"

Released: September 27, 2014

Never Been Hurt

Never Been Hurt - Lexi Bloom

Never Been Hurt is the first single of the album. The song is very upbeat containing elements of dance. The lyrics are about doing anything for who you love, like running through fire. This might relate to her love for her friends, or for Danny at the time.

Believe it or not, this wasn't even supposed to be a single. Her mixers and masterer thought that the final track turned out so amazing, that they said that this was worthy of a single. Alexis liked the idea, and so did her fans, as it became a fan favorite around the world.

View Count: 790,214,301

Shouldn't Come Back (2014)

Released: November 1, 2014

Shouldn't Come Back

Shouldn't Come Back - Lexi Bloom

Shouldn't come back is a promotional single of the album. The song is slow and downtempo, revolving around her voice and an acoustic guitar, with an orchestra being added nearby the end of the song. The lyrics are about breaking up and the relief of letting go.

View Count: 194,038,477

Season of Peace (The Final Goodbye) (2015)

"I feel connected to this song because it's message is just so powerful. It's basically a woman telling a man about a dark secret she must reveal in order to get married so that he can accept her. It's a beautiful story in my opinion."

Released: January 9, 2015

Season of Peace (The Final Goodbye) is a second single of the album. The song is rather slow and melodic and sweet sounding, even containing various flute solos played by Alexis herself. The song talks about saying telling someone that she wants to love him, but tells him a secret before moving on.

Although it was a promotional single, the listeners gave the song high ratings because of the calm and sweet vibe the guitar gave.

View Count: 598,249,109

Nightingale (2015)

"The song hits me in a place that I've never noticed when I ever sang. The chorus just builds up after the verses and bridges, it's just so beautiful. I started crying when I first heard it, I dunno about you guys. Aside from that, bravo to Lili for playing that piano so well; I can barely even play Mary Had A Little Lamb."

Released: April 8, 2015

Nightingale - Lexi Bloom

Nightingale is the third single of the album. Like Barter, most of the song is Alexis's vocals with a soft piano in the background with drums and a background choir added as the song builds up. Alexis admits that this is by far her favorite song of the album. The song talks about looking for her personal hero, a friend or boy to lean on when she feels down.

The song hit her fans just as hard as it hit her. By far one of the most powerful and meaningful songs of the album, fans and critics over the world cry and sing this song, and make it an arm-waving flashlight moment at her concerts.

View Count: 892,583,092

Neon Lights (2015)

"To belt this song was one of the greatest feelings in the world. Not a lot of people can hit that high F sharp, not to brag or anything. I was actually going to name my album Neon Lights, but I liked The Lexi King better. I actually kinda regret not naming it that though."

Released: July 11, 2015
Neon Lights

Neon Lights - Lexi Bloom

Neon Lights is the fourth and final single of the album. Just like Really Don't Care, this is a perfect bubblegum pop dance song with synthesizers and all kinds of modern pop elements. She also shows how impressive her vocal range is going from a C#3 to a F#5. The lyrics talk about

Being released on 7/11, a season in the summertime, the song was called by many fans "The Song of the Summer". She even decided to have a tour from July 28 - December 6 called the Neon Lights Tour, with this song as the first song after the opening act.

View Count: 1,692,974,921

Faithful (2016)

Faithful is her fourth studio album. The album launched on May 28, 2016. It contains a total of two confirmed single. Her latest single Stay Out was supposed to be the original lead single, but this was replaced by Faithful. The album costs 14.99 on oTunes and sixteen dollars for the CD.

Songs Listed

  1. Intro
  2. Yes*
  3. Stone Cold*
  4. Moment
  5. Faithful
  6. Somewhere
  7. Another Way
  8. You Should Be Here**
  9. LOL
  10. Call It Murder
  11. Money or Love (Ft. Marisa Flasco)
  12. For You*
  13. Stars*
  14. Father*
  15. Fool Me Once (Deluxe version)
  16. Nightingale (Part II) (Deluxe version)
  17. Te Amo (Ft. Lisa) (Deluxe version)



(Released June 6, 2016)

View Count: 972,248,109

For You

(Released August 12, 2016)

View Count: 1,327,231,247

You Should Be Here

(Released December 9, 2016)

View Count: 702,371,882

Everything (2018)

Everything is the fifth studio album released by Lexi Bloom. It will release on January 5, 2018 Recording started during the Faithful World Tour. The first single, No Promises, reached the Billboard Top 100 as the #1 song and stayed there for three weeks. The album costs 14.99 on oTunes and eighteen dollars for the CD.

Songs Listed

  1. Confident*
  2. Tell Me You Love Me*
  3. Pump it Up
  4. Let's Get it Started
  5. Waiting For You* (feat. Embryth)
  6. Daddy Issues*
  7. Kingdom Come* (feat. Milly Partina)
  8. No Promises* (feat. K2)
  9. Sorry Not Sorry*
  10. Everything
  11. Ruin the Friendship*
  12. Big Dipper (feat. Cole Starpower)
  13. Concentrate*
  14. Unbothered
  15. Lights Out
  16. No Promises (Acoustic version) (Deluxe version only)
  17. 12 Hours (Deluxe version only)
  18. Don't Stop Singing (Remastered) (Deluxe Version only)


No Promises 

(Released June 2, 2017)

View Count: 2,317,901,482

Tell Me You Love Me

(Released November 19, 2017)

View Count: 694,491,248

Let's Get it Started

(Released March 13, 2018)

View Count: 296,201,489

Other Singles

Almost (2012)

Two Pieces (2014)

Without the Love (2014)

Stay Out (2015)

Released: October 3, 2015

Christina (2017)

Released: February 8, 2017

Alexis wrote a song that didn't take her very long to write, because she always wrote songs about Christina when she was little. She made this song as a tribute to her best friend, who was not only leaving The Eight Mates, but leaving Mariala City, to head over to a state far away. She premiered the song at Christina's farewell party that Alexis hosted at her house. This is currently one of Alexis's favorite and best songs.

View Count: 195,592,209

DISCLAMER: All of the OGG files are originally by her voice actress, Demi Lovato


World In Color World Tour (2013)

The World Tour for Libya Lion, Libya wanted Lexi Bloom to be one of her opening acts for the North American leg of the tour.

Neon Lights Tour (2014)

The Continental Tour to promote her third studio album, The Lexi King. The tour started on July 9, 2014 and ended on September 1, 2014. The tour grossed a total of 19.7 million dollars.

Faithful World Tour (2016-2017)

The tour to promote her fourth studio album, Faithful. This was her very first world tour. The tour started on December 9, 2016 and ended on August 9, 2017. The tour grossed an impressive 101.9 million dollars, and is known as one of the most successful tours in history. There was a total of 67 shows, with only one cancellation due to health issues. 1.3 million people showed up to the tour in total.

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