Sasha Petals


Sasha is Alexis's older sister. Being the younger sister, Alexis looks up to Sasha as a role-model big sister. They always see each other when they were younger, but now, they don't really see each other a lot after Sasha went to college. Whenever Sasha visits Mariala City, Alexis is the first one that Sasha wants to see. They also used to have a musical duet; Alexis playing flute, and Sasha playing Oboe. Sometimes, Alexis uses her laptop the video chat with Sasha and invite a few of her friends to chat with her.

Concordia the Fox


Concordia is Alexis's mother. Ever since the first day, Alexis loved her mother, and came to her when she felt lonely or needed help. Even as of now, she develops a close relationship with mom, and spends quality time with her when she is around. Despite this, her mom tends to call her on the phone too many times and spoils her a lot.

Romantic Interests

Daniel "Danny" the Hedgehog 

(Broken Up;Lasted 5 Years)

Alexis is Danny's ex-girlfriend. They talk a lot and both go to the MCA. Danny took Alexis out on dates often so they wouldn't have to be alone. However, sometimes Danny was at swag fests, or guys' nights or just was too busy doing things. Same thing goes with Alexis and her concerts, mall trips, recording sessions and girls' nights. When she had a party, Danny was the first one invited. However, Danny broke up with Alexis not to long ago.

David the HedgeFox

(Broken Up;Lasted 9 months)

Although the two are like family now. They haven't always been that way. David was Alexis's first crush back in elementary school, and they dated each other in the seventh grade. They were a very cute couple, but the two broke up and were better off as friends.
Alexis and Christina-0

Alexis with her best friend, Christina.


Christina the HedgeCat

Alexis and Christina are best friends to the point where they are just like sisters. They are roommates in the Mariala Coastline Academy as well. They always hang out and chat about things had do everything together. As a best friend, Alexis and Christina risk their own lives and stand up for each other. Commonly, Alexis and Christina usually go to the mall together, or go over each other's houses and have sleepovers, she even calls Mr. and Mrs. Transon "Mom 2" and "Dad 2". When they are in battle, they always fight together. However, when they're set to fight against each other, sometimes they may cry while fighting.

The Three Girlz

Michelle, Alexis and Christina

Michelle the Cat

Michelle and Alexis are also best friends to the point where they are like sisters. They both go to the MCA together and talk a lot. Sometimes, Michelle has a super busy schedule, which interrupts their hangout time. Usually, when they hang out, they do cheer stunts together or go to the mall, and maybe even sleepover too. The majority of the time, Michelle hangs out with Alexis AND Christina, but sometimes it's just the two of them.

Alexis and Nikki anime scene

Nikki "Nikkell" the Hedgehog

Nikki and Alexis are best friends. She was depressed when she found out that she wasn't going to attend the MCA with the rest of her friends. After Nikki left Mariala City to head back to Mobotropolis, neither of them had seen each other since the ending of Winter Wonderland. However, Alexis and Nikki do video chat a lot so they could stay in touch. When they do see each other, it's one happy reunion.

David the HedgeFox

David is Alexis' ex-boyfriend. They still are great friends and do many things together. Both also attend at the MCA. After Alexis started going out with Danny, and then spread the news to David, they broke up. However, they still have deep feelings about each other, and looks upon him as his older brother. He always attends her concerts, and gets $5 backstage passes, and gets to go on tour with her.

Alyssa the Dog

Alyssa and Alexis are great friends. Sometimes, Alexis could find Alyssa a bit irritating. Alyssa is Alexis's biggest fan, and is popular because of her friendship with her. Sometimes, she even brings a whole bunch of fans to Alexis's house. Alyssa is usually the first buyer of all of her songs and albums on oTunes. Alexis also comes to most of Alyssa's dance competition disguised as a normal person so no crowds can crowd her.

Ricardo the Wolf

Ricardo and Alexis seem to share a close friendship for a few months. They seem to like being around each other and find each other to be great people. Alexis views Ricardo as brave and heroic, while Ricardo finds Alexis to be trendy, yet serious. The two usually are paired up in fights against their enemies and work together very well. Ricardo is also a fan of Alexis's music.

Thresh the Horse

Alexis and Thresh have been pretty good friends for not such a long time. They usually talk together when she's with her friends, but not really alone. Alexis and Thresh sometimes fight together, but not really that often. Unlike most people who view Alexis, Thresh likes her personality more than her singing, although he attends her concerts and supports her.

Abigail the Cat

Alexis and Abigail are really good friends. Alexis thinks Abigail has a great voice and will go far in the future. She even invited her to sing with her in one of her concerts. Abigail is a pretty big Alexis Anastasia Alana fan as well, so she inspires her to go further in her singing career. The two would talk and hang out often when she visits Mariala City or vice versa.

Mary the Hedgehog

Mary and Alexis have a good friendship between one another. They seem to talk a lot. Both of them are big pop icons, so they sometimes perform together. One time, Alexis featured her on one of her tours. They also love to go to the mall together. Mary usually invites her on her plane to go places where they could get away from their fans.

Candlelight the Echidna

Candlelight and Alexis are classmates in Mrs. Butwag's class. They have known each other since they were sophomores. To Candlelight, Alexis is a great inspiration and a great singer. Alexis actually likes Candlelight being a fan, because she isn't very talkative and loud. The two consider themselves to be close friends, and they do a lot together. 

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Alexis are good friends. They don't see each other in person often, but when they do, it's probably to stop Eggman or any other kind of villain. Sonic has proven to be a big fan of Alexis's music, as he has a few of her songs on his playlist, and Alexis loves watching Sonic "scramble some Egg-man". The two usually video chat to keep in touch.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails and Alexis are good friends. They don't see each other that often anymore. Usually, the two don't talk much, however the two like to go for a fly together once in a while to catch up and see how they've both been. Usually they video chat though.

Amy Rose

Amy and Alexis aren't that close as friends. They see each other once and a while and they talk about boys, and basically that's it. However, Amy is a huge fan of her music, as she even owns an Alexis fan account on Muzzlebook, and has several posters of her.

Rouge the Bat

Rouge and Alexis are definitely not the best of friends. They don't hate each other, they're just acquaintances. They see each other often, but they don't really talk to each other that much.

Silver the Hedgehog

Alexis and Silver could be rivals in some point when he starts to brag, but they are good friends too. Alexis looks down upon Silver as somewhat immature and in need of guidance. Silver likes to talk to her, so that he can grow closer with his cousin/crush, Christina. 

Blaze the Cat

Blaze and Alexis are good friends. They rarely talk to each other unless she is with Sonic or other people. Sometimes, the two wish they could switch lives and see what it's like to be royal and not famous.


Gabriella Alexis Scene

Gabriella the Cat

(Status:Rival singer)

Alexis and Gabriella are friendly rivals. In the past, they were roommates when Alexis was a freshman. Usually, Gabriella challenges her to a sing-off, but it always ends up in a draw. They also featured each other in some of their songs too. They also always compete for solos in their school's honor's choir and to see who ranks higher during competitions.


Mindy the Cat

(Status:Arch-enemy.... ish)

Alexis has very mixed feelings about Mindy. During the daytime, she finds her to be sweet and innocent. However, at night, when she's bratty and evil, she hates her. During the night, she is her arch enemy and they always get into ultimate fights. However, with her being chlorokinetic, she usually has the upper hand.

Mimica "Mimi" the Cat


Although Mimi was made to be Christina's arch enemy, that doesn't mean that these to get into fights. They are also enemies and she always tries to capture her many times. They don't really talk a lot though.

Kester the Echidna

(Status:Worst enemy)

Alexis doesn't really like Kester because he hid his true feelings about Alexis' singing. Kester on the other hand, finds Alexis to be obnoxious and an attention-hog. Kester always seems to want to pick fights with her to prove the world that she is nothing. However, Alexis believes that Kester should stay locked up for a few more years.

Mrs. Butwag

(Status:Student-Teacher relationship)

Mrs. Butwag and Alexis have the ordinary student-teacher bond, but she seems to majorly dislike Alexis's positive attitude. She believes that she daydreams too much in class. However, she thinks that she is a role model for bravery and fearlessness, as Alexis taught her how to come out of her shell.

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