Early Life

Concordia Petals was in the hospital in the bed alongside her husband, Sean with her doctor patiently waiting the arrival of a new baby girl. When the baby was delivered, she was thrilled to see how beautiful and cute her little baby girl was. Her and her husband agreed on the name Alexis for the girl, because it reminded her of her aunt, Alexandria.

When they went to their home, Alexis was introduced to her new home, her new bedroom, and most importantly, her sister: Sasha. As a child, she loved to take baths, get tummy farts, and wander around the place. She would occasionally play with her sister if she's bored.

Alexis loved to roam around the place and explore. This stayed that way even when she was 2 years old. She finally went from crawling to walking, and went to even more places that she hasn't seen. She got along better with the things and people around her.

When she turned 3 years old, she had found her idol: Libya Lion. She became a huge mega fan of her music, and wanted to become a big sensation like her. She dreamed big of her going up on stage in front of millions of fans. No matter how much they ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she always responded, "A music person!"

Discovering Her Talent

When she was 4, she discovered her natural talent: Her singing. Her parents found her singing to be adorable for her age. She didn't sing bad. She was on key, on pitch, and had a stronger voice. This fascinated not only her parents, but her teachers and classmates. Her sister was extremely jealous of her though.

When she was 5 years old, she had graduated kindergarten, and started to do real school. From there, her academic training began. She started to despise school, but her parents, like all, forced her to do it until she graduates. She shifted her focus on becoming a great singer, so her parents signed her up for vocal lessons. She was doing great, as they said she hit many notes.

When she was in second grade, she decided to take on the path of singing. She was doing very well in school, and got many, many complements from teachers on her singing. Her classmates also love to hear her sing. People kept on asking her to sing in class instead of having to learn math and she always put on little concerts for the class.

Alexis's First Crush

She also had a huge crush on a cute boy in her class. His name was David. Everyday, Alexis stares at David when he isn't watching. She had many daydreams about the two being together. Often, she would lose her focus on homework or tests because of this.

One day, David noticed that she was staring at him. He found it somewhat creepy, but he found himself lucky at the same time. A future pop singer is crushing on him. Alexis really wanted to ask him out. She really wanted to be a couple with this boy. She just didn't have the confidence. She waited for a few more years until she had the confidence.

Starting the Friendship Circle

She has also heard about the girl who decided compete in the pageant against the fifth grade bully, Mimi the Cat. This girl's name was Christina the HedgeCat. The two of them have known each other since kindergarten, but have never really talked. She wanted to get to know the hedgecat better, so she started to talk and hang out with her.

The two girls became best friends with each other, and did everything together. As they were going to the mall and the beach and their houses together, they realized something. They need a whole group of friends. So they made friends with a superior gymnast and actress, Michelle. Then they opened it up to another person, Alexis's crush. David. The four of them became best friends and did everything together.

Learning her Elements

Years past by. She was 9 years old and Concordia, Alexis's mother, thought it was time to teach her her trademark ability:Nature. Alexis was a quick learner, as she learned how to manipulate leaves, wood, plants, flowers, petals, grass, trees, and everything around her. She was still in training, and she had to conceal her power until it is mastered, and she was far from a master.

However, this area of manipulation suited her well, as she grew up always liking flowers and nature. She would usually go outside and practice her new growing power on the gardens outside to see what new types of skills she has learned. Her father told her how special she was and that he wished he had a power just like she did.

Pre-Teen Years

Growing her Musical Talent

Around the same time, she also decided to take up playing the flute. She was only in the fourth grade, and that was the grade that students start at. Like all beginners, she sucked. She was honky, off key, and just plain awful. She also did chior, and select choir. In fact, her teacher found her so talented, that the high school choir director literally begged her to sing in their ensemble.

A year later, she was 10 years old, and in fifth grade. Her flute skills have became much better, although she was still honky. Her singing was still beautiful, and she was still getting complements. She has moved up a lot in her vocal lesson classes.

Starting her Career

When she was eleven, she started junior high school. She actually wanted to pursue her dream of being a pop star. That was when she decided to write her own song. For a sixth grader, it wasn't bad. She called it "Don't Stop Singing Now" It took her months and months to write.

She wanted to go around and ask her friends to help her write song lyrics that rhyme with the verses. She wanted to have a catchy chorus and a very interesting bridge. Her friends helped her write her song, and then her parents found an app to help her write the song.

When she was twelve, she finished writing her song. Alexis begged her mother to see if anybody could buy it. For her birthday, she received her very own oPhone 7. Concordia and her daughter finally found a company that records, produces and edits songs. They absolutely loved it. The company was named "Reply-Then-Edit" studios. She recorded it, and they edited it and mastered it to make it go big and live. She also decided to go by the stage name, Lexi Bloom.

Alexis's First Live Performance

Once she recorded her song, she waited for about two months to release it for the world to hear. Five months past, and she sent it onto oTunes. She did it. She became a bubblegum pop artist. Then, radio stations around the world started to play the teenage idol's hit song. Millions of people bought it on oTunes, and her family suddenly became rich. The next day, everyone, most not even attending her school, ended up under the overhang with posters saying "I love you Alexis!" "Go Alexis!" and "Don't Stop Singing Now!" Alexis never received so much attention in her life. All of her friends were proud of her, and threw a party due to her accomplishment.

She then promised her fans that she was going to have a concert at the Mariala Concert Hall. On the day of the concert, the complex was more than packed. All the seats were taken and a few didn't even have a seat. This was Alexis's first time on stage, so she was extremely nervous. But she did absolutely amazing, and loved all of her fans. It was a very fun experience for her.

About a two weeks after that performance, Alexis confirmed that she was going to be releasing a second single to the radio soon called "Sell It Somewhere Else, Sister". She also confirmed that she was going to be recording and releasing her first studio album, "A Million Pieces" next year.

Hiding a New Roommate

Starting middle school was horrifying for her because people randomly came up to her and asked her for autographs. They asked her to hang out and be their best friend only because she's famous. That's when she met a girl. She was actually a new girl who was in the same grade. She hailed from Arcadia Island. From the looks of it, she was a grey hedgehog with grey hair in the front and red in the back. Unlike most of the people, she didn't really know who she was. Her name was Nikki, the two started to grow closer and become good friends.

About a week later, she asked to walk home with the hedgehog. As the two walked to where she lived, she asked about how she got here. Nikki told the story about her childhood and the everlasting flame, explaining her red hair. She also told her that her mother wanted her to leave Arcadia since they think she still has trouble controlling it. Alexis tells her about how her parents taught her her elements, and was interested in teaching her about control. She said that she'd think about it.

Out of curiosity, Alexis also asked her where she lived, as she pointed to a dirt patch by a foodstore. Alexis gasped and told why she was there, which was why she looked a little muddy today. Alexis then told her that she can secretly stay over her house until things get better. Nikki was really amazed that she would do such a thing and accepted her offer.

Over the few days, Alexis and Nikki were trying to keep it secret that she was living there, hoping that her parents didn't get infuriated. However one day, when Alexis brought dinner upstairs for her secret roommate, She came in her room saying that this was great. With her palm open a flame ignited from it. Sean, her father, walked in her room and saw the flame. He walked over to her daughter, confused and angry. Alexis told him that they were just hanging out, and then he saw a sleeping bag on the floor that looked used. He knew she was lying.

When Nikki, Alexis and Alexis's father walked downstairs to the living room, he told Concordia, her mother that she has been 'holding a girl hostage' in her room. Shocked at the fact, Nikki stopped Alexis's mother and told them that Alexis offered her to stay at her house. She then told the parents the story about the flame and her mother telling her to leave Arcadia. Alexis's parents were truly understanding people, and decided to let Nikki live in this house until she needs to leave.

Teen Years

Dreams Comes True!

Also during that time, another big dream happened;the boy that she was crushing on since 2nd grade finally asked her out. She was freaking out, and she said yes. The two were one of the cutest couples of school. They always kissed and had dates.

At that time, she was recognized by two famous people: Rock star singer and guitarist, Liana Lycopex recognized her, and thought of her to be gifted. She was amazed. She was even more amazed when she found out that she was the sister of her best friend, Christina. She was also recognized by her childhood idol. Libya Lion. Libya absolutely was in love with her voice and wanted to become her best friend. Sasha got over her jealousy and was instead proud of her sister.

From One Hit Wonder to A Worldwide Star

On April 13, Alexis released her first studio album. Most people have already heard her hit song "Don't Stop Singing", and were hungry for more of her music. Those fans got what they have been wishing for with a new single entitled "Sell It Somewhere Else, Sister" to celebrate. Millions of her fans around the world bought her album and her fanbase was outstandingly huge by now.

Reporters, Talk Shows, and Comedy Shows had her as a special guest, which really booked up her schedule. She even spent a whole month in Hollywood just because she received so many jobs, concerts and special guest appearances. She also met with some amazing movie stars and became friends with a couple of celebrities.

A Special Event, A Special Friend

Due to Alexis's celebrity status, she was invited to take part in a special event. It was called, "Meet A Fan Day". In that event, a celebrity holds a raffle in which the winner gets to spend the day and befriend that celebrity. Thousands of kids entered the contest to get the chance to meet and become friends with Alexis. She was overwhelmed and she felt bad for the kids who didn't win.

When it was time to announce the winner, she went in a private room with her manager and friends. She pulled out a name from the oddly gigantic baskets of raffles. The name was "Alyssa Amotran: 901 Labola Place, Mariala City". She had no idea who this person was, so she shrugged and made her way to that house. Her crew put a giant coat on her so she can be disguised as a normal being.

She made it to the house. She knocked on the door. Alexis walked into the house. A little girl opened the door. She looked up at the teenager. She asked if she was Alyssa Amotran, and she obviously was. Her crew took off her coat, and Alyssa almost lost her breath. When Alexis told Alyssa she has won the contest she was about to cry. She tightly hugged Alexis, and dragged her in to meet her family. She then introduced Alyssa to her other five friends, and made her the sixth addition to the friendship circle.

Mastering her Elements

At the same time, at age 14, her elemental ability was spectacular. Her mother had nothing left to teach her. She even challenged her in an elemental battle. With all of her might, she was doing spectacular. She had great attacks, counters and defense. Surprisingly, she won the battle and got it all over with. Her parents had absolutely nothing left to teach her. She was all done, and was set out to finally learn more about her elements.

And she did just that, she went to a library owned by one of Christina's friends to find books that contain answers and secrets to her power. She learned that her florokinesis was just a sub-power of a greater power, chlorokinesis. She was interested in the fact that she could expand her horizons and find a completely new field of hidden talent. This book was a gift to unlock her true potential. Hundreds of different secrets to her power were contained in this book.

Alexis checked the book out of the library while meeting the only librarian there; Krys the Unicorn. However, she questioned why she was so interested in manipulating nature. After demonstrating a sample of her power to the unicorn, Krys told Alexis to come with her. The two went up the right side of the two large staircases. When Krys opens her door's lock using her horn's magic, Alexis discovers that this library doubled as her home. The two walked in and found this special room, completely empty. Krys wanted to test Alexis. She wanted to find out if she read the book well enough to unlock it's secrets and reveal her true potential.

After a long and heated battle, Krys ended up victorious. However, the battle was really intense and Alexis almost won, but she was so drawn into unleashing the secrets, she hesitated with her attacks, didn't dodge in time, and only used her secrets and none of her original attacks. The unicorn encouraged Alexis to train harder and she'll become a lot stronger. At least an hour a day will surely make her stronger. Then, Krys offered to train Alexis until she masters her powers. Alexis accepted her offer, and the training began.

Over the next eight months, three days a week, Alexis came to Krys's house to work on her power, and she learned more and grew more powerful every day she was there. She was growing to learn powerful nature attacks;all sorts of new types like leaves, grass, trees, and vines. Over the eight months she was training with Krys, Alexis has grown five times more powerful than she was. The power got to her head, she was overzealous and highly confident. She challenged Krys for a rematch.

Krys wasn't allowed to use any magic attacks; only the element she is training Alexis in.The two fought it out, at many points, when it looked like it was going to end, it just kept on going on, as the two impressed each other with their powers. In the end, while both were unleashing powerful grass attacks, Alexis used it to her advantage and used an leaf attack to finish Krys. The unicorn couldn't battle anymore, and Alexis ended up the winner. The training was over. She had mastered her two elements, only at the age of fifteen.

High School Audition?

Over the summer of her eighth grade to freshman year, her parents didn't want to send her child to the public high school. The school is filled with bullies and mean people, and the teachers there are way too awful. That's when she found a boarding academy-school called the Mariala County Academy, it was an audition based school for students with all sorts of special talents. Her parents decided to send her there. She was scared out of her mind because she never had to audition for a 4-year thing.

It was an hour and a half away from their home. It literally looked like a college. The campus was about the size of a small town! Alexis and her parents had to wait in a long line to sign up for an audition. In front her her were two familiar faces;Michelle and Gabriella. Minutes later, Christina and her mother appeared a few people behind her. A lot of her friends were trying out to get into this school. Getting in must be hard. She was worrying, but her parents calmed her down. With her talent, there was no worries. She finally signed up for an audition. She was number 783. Her audition was in only three days.

Over the next three days, she wanted to have a singing audition, so she picked a beautiful lyrical song. It took her a while to learn the right notes, rhythms, dynamics and all of that, but then she finally got the hang of it, and was ready for her audition! She sounded so beautiful when she sang the song in front of her parents, and that was without the background track. 

Three days later, it's audition day! A bunch of people were in the waiting room, waiting to be called. She waited for about forty-five minutes, and then she hears "Audition number seven hundred eighty-three, Alexis C. Petals?" She gets up from her seat. The three people judging her asked her a few questions about herself. She then told the judges her audition song, and the track played on one of the judge's laptop. Using her element to make it more dramatic, she sang the song so gorgeously, one of them started to cry. After she was done, she did a little curtsy. One of the judges yelled "NEXT" and the other one called the next audition number. Alexis walked out of the room.

A week passed by and Alexis was circling around her room wondering if she was accepted. Her parents then called her downstairs. They then handed her a letter. It was from the MCA. She opened the envelope and slowly opened the paper. She looked bummed out. Her parents asked whats wrong. She said that she did good, and then paused. Then she said that she did so good, not only did she get in but she was the best singing audition out of all of them. Her parents hugged Alexis tightly. She did it, she's going to the MCA!

High School Begins

As the pop icon entered high school, many people who weren't from Mariala City were so shocked to see a pop star attending this high school. During the freshman orientation, she received her schedule. She was very confused, so she ran up to her boyfriend, David to question her teachers. He warned her about her algebra teacher, Ms. Butwag, since she's by far the worst teacher in the school according to him. All of her other teachers were good.

During orientation, she was given a room number to hold up, and she had to match up with the person who had that room number. Unfortunately, she was paired up with two sophomores instead of two freshman, but the grade above her loved her, so she really had nothing to worry about. Of course people looked at her and laughed at her for not having a freshman roommate.

The next day, Alexis's parents drove her to school at six o'clock. They gave her one final hug, as she left for the giant campus with her tons of bags. While most people were screaming like fangirls, some of the upperclassmen were making fun of her. Then, a blue and white cat came up to them and told them to shut up. As Alexis thanked the cat and was about to introduce herself, she already knew who she was. Not because she was famous, but because she is one of her roommates. Her name is Gabriella.

Gabriella lead Alexis to their room, meeting up with their third roommate;Ashley. The three walked to their room. It was two bunk twin-beds and a full-size bed. Ashley slept on the top, Gabriella slept on the bottom and Alexis was going to sleep on the full-sized. Alexis then unpacked her bags and customized her bed and side of her room. That night, while the other two were sleeping fine, Alexis was a nervous wreck, tossing and turning;thinking about tomorrow...

Songs, Sports, and Skills

Alexis's school schedule was pretty big. She had 7 periods a day, lasting one hour a period (excluding lunch, which is a half hour). First Period, she had Mrs. Saverese for Algebra I. Second Period, she had Ms. Takanawa for Japanese I. Third Period, she had Mr. Tik and Mrs. Sorelli for Phys. Ed. Fourth Period, she had Mrs. Ragstine for Biology Honors. Fifth Period, she had Ms. Farrell for Band/Chior Hybrid Course, and then lunch. Sixth period, she had Mr. Catco for History. And finally, seventh period, she had Mr. Ikman for Language Arts

Along with that, she did many extracurricular activities before and after school such as Chorale (Before School on Tuesdays), Glee Club (After School on Wednesdays and Fridays), Music Club (After School on Tuesdays), Japanese Club (Before School on Mondays), and the Science Olympiad (After School on Thursdays). She also still had to train her elemental powers, and work on the songs of her next album! To top it all off, she competed in Volleyball in the fall and winter!

Alexis had a lot to juggle, and with it being her freshman year, it's even harder than it should be! A lot of things conflicted with one another, and it sometimes interfered with her academic studies, especially Japanese, and it also took lots of free time away from her. However, she still managed to keep time with her friends and in subjects, like Bio, she maintained good averages in her classes.

Alternate Histories

My Sweet Life

In the rebooted Mariala Anime series, My Sweet Life, Alexis is one of the main protagonists of the story. She is a member of The Eight Mates, a group of heroic and famous best friends. Alexis is seen to be the trendy one, as she is always up to date and starts a lot of trends around her city. In this storyline, Alexis has already met the main heroes, except in a different way:

Alexis met Christina when they were only two years old, and have played with each other for over 15 years. Alexis met David in Middle School, and they never dated. Alexis met Michelle at a Red Carpet Photo shoot. Alexis met Krys when she was with Christina. Alexis met Thresh in a trash pile. Alexis met Ricardo when he was crime fighting. The only one who remains the same, is Alyssa, who she met on Meet-a-Fan day.

Alexis's personality remains the same. She isn't as serious, but she is still strong. Her appearance doesn't change either. She is usually seen being girly and gossiping, like a girly girl.

Season 1

Alexis makes her debut appearance in Season One of My Sweet Life starting out with her getting a record deal at her dream studio, PopLex. Even though it starts out as a moderate show, she showed her more heroic side when she saved her best friend from losing her mind. Even her mother gets involved with her life, and temporarily breaks up the friendship of Alexis and Christina. Alexis often gets together to do events with The Eight Mates to do many events. For example, they had a huge game party that slowly becomes absolute chaos, and went on a date night with their romantic interests.

However, during some episodes, she has other events going on. For example, she went to perform at a concert twice. She also traveled to Beach Cove City to shoot a commercial for a new hair product inspired by Christina. Alexis even started to record her second album.

Wheel Of Fate

Alexis is set to be appearing on a fanfiction by Tye-TH named "Wheel Of Fate". Even though it most likely will happen, it is currently unknown if this counterpart will retain her pop-star career, or even remain a singer in general. Even though her nature abilities are amazingly high, she happens to lose her second element.

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