Flower Blossom is the one and only super form of Alexis Petals. In order for her to transform, she needs to use the Flower Flute to play the Petal Melody.

Physical Appearance

Flower Blossom
Flower Blossom looks really different from Alexis. She is a pink colored fox instead of brown. She has green everflowing hair going down below her own feet. Her eyes are a dark pinkish red. Also, her arm color is the same as her fur color as well as she has a pink colored belly as well. She also has wings that she could control on her own instead of using her ears.

Flower Petals has almost the same outfit as Alexis's but looks like a recolor. She has a purple crop shirt with her belly showing with a matching skirt. Also she has a dark pink belt with a purple flower on it with a matching collar and shoes with white socks. She also has a ribbon in her hair that is purple, dark pink and white and looks like a flower.

Abilities and Powers

Flower can control nature. However, unlike Alexis, she cannot manipulate ice. When she does this, the impact is 3 times as strong as when she is in her normal form.

She also has the strength to lift up trees and wack them on enemies like a baseball bat.

She also has wings which allow her to fly without using her ears. She uses this to evade opponents much more easily.


Flower Blossom is weak to fire. If she gets hit with a pyrokinetic flame, she could get severely hurt, and even make her transform out of her super form. This could be like a changing point in battle, when you battle against her.


In the Anime

Flower Blossom only appears in a few episodes when Alexis needs to change form. Usually it happens when Eggman confronts Mariala City and tries to take over.

Alexis received the Flower Flute in DTA106 and learned the melody to face up against Eggman to finish him once and for all.

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