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Alexi-Na Finitevus is a half Lynx half Echidna hybrid and the distant descendant of Dr. Finitevus. Raised on Dark Mobius, Alexi-Na leads a very strange and mysterious life.


Alexi-Na is a very mysterious person, always secretive and always seeming untrustworthy. Despite her unusual behaviour, Alexi-Na can be a kind hearted and caring person, willing to help out with almost any problem.

However, there are times when she can be cold-blooded and won't even care if someone dies. Usually she later regrets her coldness and ends up shutting herself away someplace private for awhile.


Alexi-Na has two frontal dreadlocks, as well as the usual ones on the back on her head as well due to her Echidna heritage. Her ears are that of a Lynx's, and her eyes are a gold colour. Alexi-Na's fur is mostly red, but the tips of her dreadlocks are white, and her furry cheeks are a silver colour.

Alexi-Na's front bangs are mostly red, but are tipped in purple at the ends. Alexi-Na typically wears a grey tang top with a teal dress-like covering over it. She also wears turquoise coloured pants and bronze boots, along with a pair of rectangular rimmed glasses.


Alexi-Na has the ability of Aquakinesis (meaning she can manipulate water), and use it to perform several kinds of attacks, such as:

  • Aqua Wave: a tidal wave that Alexi-Na can use to knock over her enemies, and sometimes even leave them unconscious.
  • Aqua Orb: an orb of water that can be thrown at a target and it explodes upon impact.
  • Aqua Spear: an spear made of water that can be thrown at a target and usually knock them over.


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