Alexandria "Lexi" Wolf of the House of Casio
4(born on day 275,3233)
Physical Description:
Fur:brown Hair:dark brown Eyes:brown
  • Warrior birthmark under bangs(the former resembles the symbol for eternity)
*blue tank top *purple shorts *purple socks *blue sneakers
  • Scarlett(great-grandmother)
  • Lamar(grandfather)
  • Alisa(grandmother)
  • Natan(uncle)
  • Shari(aunt)
  • Jedfrey(uncle)
  • Paige(aunt)
  • Nickolas(father)
  • Lola(mother)
  • Abigail(sister)
  • Bradley Jamison(brother-in-law)
  • Rickkico(brother)
  • Hanna Lee(sister-in-law)
  • Mitziana(sister)
  • Tyler(brother)
  • Katianya(sister)
  • Emma(sister)
  • Rallyko(brother)
  • Breanna(cousin)
  • Ashlynn(cousin)
  • Kenna(cousin)
  • Nikolas(cousin)
  • Moni(cousin)
  • Soliel(cousin)
  • Camethan Levi(cousin)
  • Likes:
    Her family,Tails,outdoors,exploring,adventure,reading,music,expressing herself,learning,school,Sonic and his friends,cupcakes
    Villians,Tyler's pranks,Knuckles' "wanna be alone" attitude,evil spirits,germs,roaches,blood,death,needles,sadness
    climbing,digging,swimming,biting,Psycisense(Warrior's 6th sense),running
    Noteable Super Transformation(s):
    First Appearance:
    Sonic Quest : The Heroes of Light

    Alexandria(better known as Lexi)is a Mobian wolf and a Batik Warrior. She is a descendant of Casio, granddaughter to Lamar, and daughter to Nickolas. She is known for her high energy,razor-sharp teeth, and love for all things good.


    Born with the Warrior's birthmark on her forehead, young Lexi (named Alexandria Katherine Wolf) began her training at the age of 28 months.Her father,no doubt, was and is her teacher.He still is because Lexi's training won't be complete until she is 10 years of age.

    When Lexi was 3 1/2, her great-grandfather Alakay died from natural causes. She did not seem sad over this because she did not know him very well. About 6 months later, Lexi encountered Sonic and friends when they crash-landed on Batik Island(Lexi's home island). Not even knowing of these guests, she ran straight to her grandfather to see if he could handle these "aliens" (that and her father was busy). Sure enough, Lamar discovers that it was all a misunderstanding. So Lexi decides to make it up to Sonic,Sally,Tails,Knuckles,Mighty,Ray,Julie-Su,Bunnie,& the Sonic Underground(who came to Mobius Prime for help) by showing them around Archipeli la Batik. The Archipeligo at the time was under an unusual vibe and was later revealed to be Dr.Eggman and the Underground zone's Dr.Robotnik. Their plan was as follows:release the energy from the deceased and the Psychics, including Lexi's father & grandfather, and use that energy to destroy all the Mobians. So it was up to Sonic,Lexi & company to defeat the two Robotniks and return peace to the archipeligo.


    Lexi is a sweet,fun-loving,golden-hearted,little girl.She seems to have some love interests for Tails. Lexi is also known to have a love for chocolate and cupcakes. She loves to be outside almost all the time(except for thunderstorms).And despite Tyler's pranks,she seems to enjoy her family.


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    If you consider Lexi a rival/ foe, just type in your character's name.PLEASE specify "rival" OR "foe"!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Lexi has an ancestor named Alexandra, so it is possible that Lexi is named for this particular ancestor
    • In Sonic Quest : The Heroes of Light, Lexi states her real last name to be "Auxiliatanasia". However, she also states it's so hard to pronounce,that her family goes by a surname ("Wolf").


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    Lexi is a brown furred Mobian wolf with brown eyes. Her hair is dark brown and is usually strait with some curl on the ends, some artwork depicts it to be curly, or sometimes even wavy. In her debut, her bangs were long and at some points covered her eyes completely. In later appearances, her bangs are shorter. While her eyes are brown, they are occansionally miscolored blue or green. Her initial attire (as stated above), consists of a blue tank top, purple shorts, purple socks, and blue sneakers. She has (on rare occasions) been seen in a school uniform, which consists of a white, long-sleeved polo shirt, a navy-colored vest and matching skirt, a pair of socks that appear to have Happy Bunny printed on them, a pair of saddle shoes, and a striped red,blue,& black necktie and matching hairbows. She has also been seen in a purple/black tunic with black leegings with a matching cabbie hat, and purple-ish colored high-tops(though this design is rare). Sometimes she'll be seen in her "jammie-jams", which consists of a zip-front top and matching bottoms both in a lavender color (though earlier designs were footsies in a light-blue background with star and moon prints and seen briefly).




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