Alexander Valson is a eighteen year old male Echidna, who have developed super strength through training as a Knight. He has a big family of two sisters, a father, a mother and a uncle with him as the middle child. He was born in the city of Canton while in the Kingdom of Cramisa, a few years after the fallen of King Florence, who transformed into Darkest the fallen and left his Kingdom to fall and his sister behind with the Darkness consuming him and his hunger for power and destruction.

He is a young Knight in the Kingdom of Cramisa and he used to be a corrupted and disgraceful Knight, abusing his power on civilians to get what he want while going down the wrong path until Dark came in and changed him in his own way. He used to have very rude, destructive, threatening, and short-tempered personality. He was born a few years after the fallen of King Florence, who transformed into Darkest the fallen and left his Kingdom to fall and his sister behind with the Darkness consuming him and his hunger for power and destruction. Alexander is now more nice, kind and friendly, and a more honorable and noble Knight, who trains his hardest with him known as "Sir Alex" as a Knight of the Knight's Guard and he eventually made friends and reunite with family.He became more better brother and sibling through Dark's guidance and he has a big heart to show compassion and kindness, and he also ended up falling in love with Dark, which he denied at first until he actually accepted it. He has a older sister named Camelia Carlson and a younger sister named Samantha Carlson and he continues to work as a Knight and growing as a Knight.

He used to have very rude, destructive, threatening, and short-tempered personality. Alexander lost his way through his teen years and became very corrupted like many others, but after his turn with the help of Dark, who was the Kingdom's only hope and their legendary Knight.

He debuted in the "A New Legend has arrived!", to a minor enemy for Dark as they met each other for the first time with him considering Dark as an enemy.


He is an anthropomorphic echidna with dark red fur that covers most of his body, brown skin that covers his muzzle, and light blue eyes. He also has six spines and a medium-sized tail along with spiked knuckles. He wears white and dark green shoes with blue cuffs. He wears dark grey gloves with a sock-like cuffs on his hands. As a Knight, he wears a full suit of silver armor with a helmet and sword. He have shining silver armor with a craved in crest of his Kingdom on the back of his armor. He have a sword pasted down to him with it having a silver blade and it's handle is dark brown and gold colored.


Alexander used to be very cruel, mean, violent and corrupted with a terrible temper and hated those who gets in his way and don't give him what he wants. He was clouded by the power of a Knight and the corruption with no direction of going back to what he once was until Dark came along. Whenever he got anger or annoyed, he would lash out at the person and get very aggressive to the point of almost killing them (excluding Dark, of course). He was vey stubborn and hardheaded, and will be very threatening when he wants to be. He would be the same way to his family especially his sisters, which would stain their relationship to the point of losing their trust in him.

When Dark came into the mix of things, Dark changed him with bringing him back to his normal self through a slow progress through taunting and mockery. Alexander is now nice, kind, carefree, friendly, and adventurous personality with a more positive outlook on life again and he still has a short temper, but it's more in control. He repaired his relationships with his whole family and reunite with them in the progress and they became more closer than before.

As a Knight with him more than the corrupted one from before, he is very helpful, happy, kind and friendly with a smile on his face. He helps around his kingdom and he trains very hard to became a true Knight with a sense of responsibility and duty. He is very loyal to his Kingdom and his family and friends, and he is vey serious of his duties as a Knight. He is likewise a loyal and caring friend, who is always willing to help his friends out in tight situations and will do anything to protect them and he is also very understanding, though he doesn't take kindly to people who disrespect or hurt his friends, or innocents in any way. He holds onto to morals more serious to keep them at heart and can very jokey from time to time to lightening up serious situations. He is an amazing leader and strategist when Dark chose him to lead the other Knights into battle and he is not afraid to do what's right for the greater good and make the tough choices.

When he is around Dark, he is way more competitive with him fired up and extremely active to challenge Dark to anything to drinking to sword fighting. He have trouble addressing his romantic feelings for the hedgehog and he blushes more easily and get embarrassed more easily around Dark, who doesn't notice at all, but will tease him. He tries to tell him or show it to him, but he backs down immediately either because of either his rival/ friend coming into the mix, it's time for Dark to leave his world, or there is trouble in the city. He stutters a lot and try his hardest to impress him while keeping his jealousy down, which is very difficult for him to do when others especially Zero getting dangerously close to Dark, which is pretty much a very difficult obstacle because of how Dark is in personality.

History & Appearances


A Hidden Legend: Coming to the Light and Bringing Hope

Darkness Rises: The Resistance Rises

War begins: The Light vs. The Dark

A New Legend Rises: Hope Resurface and Darkness Falls

Strengths and Abilities

Even before he became a corrupted Knight, he lived out in the country outside of the kingdom and his family lived on a farm with him having farming skills, knowing how to tractor drive, general handiwork, tending to livestock, ploughing, planting and harvesting crops as well as build things with tools and he is very skillful when it comes to farming and he have a strong body with doing the hard work outside.

When he began to become a Knight, he gained more muscle with developing super strength, which he don't use a lot unless necessary and he trained himself in to become familiar with horses, hunting and the use of mock weapons by serving a local knight, assisting a full-knight to learn to use the weapons and armor of war, and improve one's general education, especially the code of chivalry and then, the ceremony of being made a knight performed by another knight as well as act as a guard for a baron and his castle, fight in wars for one’s sovereign and the Church, and perform in medieval tournaments, but by the time he became a Knight, he became corrupted like most of the Knights since the fallen of the Kingdom with the princess as the temporarily Queen and she wasn't corrupted by anyone or anything to have hope for her Kingdom and her brother, who had fallen as the previous King.

He can dig tunnels that he would used to use as ways to cause trouble for travelers and merchants to come into the city as well as stop rebels into coming into the Kingdom and he develop this ability through training with others and he had learned climbing through his father. He has very fast reflexes when it comes to fighting, but he will slow down if he is on the rocky ground or when it comes to watery ground since he have a fear of water and can't swim because of a bad experience. He has a knack for planning and strategies when he was both on the corrupted side and on the good side when Dark comes around with Dark letting him lead as a second in command. He is very skilled in hand to hand combat and swordsmanship through training as a knight, which he is sill training now.



Samantha Carlson (Young Sister)

Camelia Carlson (Older sister)

Venice Vlazin (Uncle)

Rose Valson (Mother)

Alexander Valson (Father)


Dark The Hedgehog (Close comrade/Rival/Crush)

King Florence

Princess Ashley

Aya the Hedgehog (Best Friend)

Zain The Bat (Friend)

Zero The Hedgehog(Rival for Dark's affection and in combat/Best friend)

The Knights of the Guard (Close comrades)


Dark The Hedgehog

Zero The Hedgehog(For Dark's affection)

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