This is an article about Alexander Bear, a character created by Jaredthefox92 on 05/3/2015.

Alexander Rostov the bear is a protagonist character in Jaredthefox92's latest story arc, Defend The Motherland. He is a Uralian soldier and mentor to Balta Baldrova the wolf (Uralian version.) Alexander has served in the Uralian army for quite sometime and now is seeing live combat with his comrades against the invading forces of the Eternal Army.


Alexander takes a more anthropomorphic appearance compared to other Mobians/Moebians. He seems more built like a bear in body than a Mobian, however he still resembles a human hybrid as well. He is a tall and stout bear covered in light brown fur. He is often seen wearing his dark yellow uniform and either his combat helmet or a ushanka when off duty. Alexander also is known to carry around a weapon that resembles a alternate version of the PPSH-41.
PPSh-41 from soviet

Alexander's preferred weapon.


Alexander is a very stoic and at sometimes apathetic individual. He can become a tad grumpy and stubborn at times. However years of serving in the Urailian military has taught him to respect and support his comrades. He also seems to possess a tad bit of chivalry as seen by the way he interacts with Balta.Sometimes however Alexander may also be a bit laid back and is also known to be quite calm and collected in dire situations as well.


Growing up Alexander was an outcast, due to his un-average stature and strength many kids tended to avoid him or saw him as a potential bully, much to his dismay. As Alexander grew older he started to seek jobs involving intense physical labor, many of which he was largely successful in doing so. Eventually he joined the Uralian Army as a front line infantry soldier. Over the course of the years Alexander rose through the ranks to become a sergeant. Eventually Balta, a young former cadet was placed under his authority and assigned to him.

Both Alexander and Balta were assigned to border guard duty at Uralia's western edge. While the duty was boring and mundane both the soldiers took pride in helping watch out for any invaders seeking to attack. However when the Eternal Army invaded both soldiers must now work together to survive and defend their homeland from attack.


Alexander is naturally large and sturdy due to being a bear. This often helps him in melee combat with added strength as opposed to the average Mobian. He is known to literally be able to maul an enemy soldier easily as well. He is quietly hearty and thus able to carry heavy objects with ease, (provided he has undertaken some physical conditioning.) Finally Alexander is known to possess a heart as big as his body, he has a soft spot for young eager recruits and wants to do his best to help soldiers like Balta survive this new war and make it out alive.


Through years of serving in the Uralian Army Alexander has been taught extensive survival training as well as combat training. He was taught how to swim, make his own campsite and procure his own food, work as a team, and of course kill. Due to intense physical conditioning his is capable of carrying almost twice his own weight and to go long distances without tiring. He also has learned how to become an very good marksman and the art of hand to can combat as well.


Alexander though strong and combat adept doesn't possess any special powers and is more or less your basic soldier. He is somewhat slow compared to other Mobian species and heavier than others as well. He tends to run out of ammunition due to his gun's fire rate and must often reload while taking cover. Finally Alexander seems to be too soft to exicute enemy soldiers if they begin to plea for mercy.

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