This is an article about Alexander Anosov, a character created by WickedZekrom on 08/30/2015.
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Alexander is usually seen with long black hair that parts in the middle of his forehead. His hair covers a large
Alexander Anosov Markings Reference

A Chibi Temporary reference done by ABlueTM on deviantart

section of his face with the exception of his eyes, mouth, and nose. He has curved horns that are shaped in a sort of lightning bolt form and are pointed back in the direction of his ears, these are a deep crimson in color and are fairly sharp. His ears are white in color with two charcoal-colored bands on the tips. His inner ears are also white in color. Alex has generally thick-looking eyelashes for that of a male as well as deep crimson eyes. He doesn't nessisarily have a defined muzzel however it is white in color with tiger-like stripes starting at his cheeks and pointing inwards toward his small black nose.

Most bodly markings fallow that of the same striped patterns found on his ears. Both his wrists and ankles have the same charcoal gray bands as his ears. His hands, feet, as well as the tip of his lion-like tail are black in color with the exception of his tail having white rings on the tip's fluff. Alex's chest and frontal body is mostly covered by black fur that is thicker near his upper chest and neck. This fur extends around his neck and nearly to his back. Lastly Alex has large feathered wings that sprout from near his sholder blades. These are crimson in color and are fassened by a silver button like snap.

Alex is incredibly fit. He is very toned and usually his muscle mass is shown by his genrally broad sholders and bare arms. Because of his muscle mass he is incredibly strong and fast alowing him to attack swiftly with great power.


Alexander wears a long black trench coat that has various silver and maroon markings including embrodery around it's zipper as well as around the edges of the silver snap fassners. His sleeves are cuffed neatly and are fassened by a silver fastener. these cuffs are yellow in color.

Alexander's pants are crimson and are held up by a simple black belt with a silver buckle. He wears black steel-toed combat boots that are fassened by several silver buckles. The soles of these shoes are silver with a single circular ruby set on both the heel and toe of the shoes. Alex wears yellow socks under his boots. He is known to generally not wear gloves although he does wear silver cuffs with more of these rounded rubies. Lastly he wears a silver chained neclace with a prisim shaped ruby pendant hanging from the long chain


Alexander is generally remarked as a rather mischivious person. He absolutly loves to make trouble and wreak havoc. Although he is seen as a bad person by most that he knows, Alex has a good heart and generally will not mean harm by his malevlent, but silly actions.

Alex is also loves to make jokes and is generally a funny person to be around, however when certain situations call, Alex will become a serious, well natured person. When duty calls, Alex will save whoever calls for his assistance.


Alexander Anosov was born in a small village located somewhere near Holoska only in the distant future from present sonic time. At a young age he was abandoned by his biological parents and taken into foster care by an old monk who lived in the mountains to the east. It was here where he was trained in the art of swordsmanship. He went through many years of vast training until he finally mastered his skill. He was then gifted a mighty Greatsword of his own that he weilds to this day.


Alexander is known for the ability to shapeshift into shadows, allowing him the advantage of sneaking up on apponents. When his powers are activated, the bright rubies trurn a dark black and glow white in color. Once in his shadow form he is only visible from the shadow that is cast upon walls or the ground. While in this form he is invunerable except to bright light, thus forcing him back into his physical form where he can be attacked once again.


Alexander is known to be incredibly skilled with his greatsword. Although it may swing slower due to it's heavier weight compaired to most other swords, due to Alex's massive strength it can dammage with powerful blows strong enough to nearly break bones. His accuracy sometimes is lacking and he can be out run but these are rare cases as he is still powerful. Without his sword, Alex can barely fight. This opens up many weaknesses due to his low armor.

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