This is an article about Alex the Kitsune, a character created by Horus-Trickster-King on 01/26/2015.
"Sometimes, the best offense is a bluff."
—Alex explaining her fox-fire


Alex is a female kitsune standing at approximately 3'11.  She has cyan fur, violet eyes, and four tails.  Her normal choice of attire is a white jacket over a dark blue shirt and black pants.  Her two main tails have a habit of rapidly swishing, and as such, are easily noticable.


Alex is a sweet and bubbly young girl, although she often stays in front of her computer instead of socializing.  Due to being kicked out of popular groups when she was younger, Alex also hates the idea of being popular, simply working in front of her computer.  She's also very shy around normal foxes, due to them often teasing her for having four tails.



Alex possesses aerokineisis, or the power to manipulate wind.  As she is only a child, this power is relatively weak, but she has a habit of using it to make twigs fly at Sonic's head.


Alex possesses an ability that is the birthright of all kitsune, known as fox-fire.  It appears as a dark blue or dusky purple flame, and cannot burn, but is mostly used as a diversion or for bluffing.  Alex seems to be extremely good at the bluffing part.


Innate Knowledge of Magic

As a creature of magic, Alex would most logically possess a knowing of at least some of how it works.  This also extends to sensing other 'mythological' Mobians, such as other kitsunes, unicorns, and dragons.


For one thing, Alex can't keep calm around idiots.  The bigger the idiot, the quicker she gets mad at them.  Also, as noted above, Alex's fox-fire is semi-useless in actual combat.

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