"If y'ask me, Infinite gives my kind a bad name.[...]Oh, you think so too?"
—Alex joking around with Digger about Infinite, The Loner's Tale

Alex the Jackal is a young male jackal who makes his debut in the story The Heart of a Warrior. He is a Storm Fighter, and a former resident of both Downunda and Hang Castle. Despite being the same species as Infinite, Alex's appearance greatly differs because Alex is more realistic in appearance. He is the protagonist of the prequel story The Warrior's Quest, which explores how he came to join the Storm Fighters(to explain his sudden appearance in The Heart of a Warrior)


Despite being the same species as Infinite, Alex is more realistic in appearance. He somewhat resembles Austin but with tan fur, no black muzzle, and a leaner frame. He has a black-tipped tail and ears, and bright amber eyes. Like Austin, Alex only wears a black T-shirt. As of A Dark Secret, Alex has a nasty scar on his face, one on his flank, and a stab wound scar under his sternum courtesy of Infinite(in retaliation to Alex biting his tail)


Alex is shy, friendly, slightly childish, and a bit nervous. Alex is immensely proud to be trusted despite his species(as jackals are often mistrusted), and is fiercely loyal to the Storm Fighters. He feels that Infinite gives his kind a bad name.


Before the Series: Alex was born in Downunda, and grew up there with his family. As revealed by Alex himself, his family often ran into the Jackal Squad and subsequently Infinite. At an unknown point in time, Alex's family was attacked by unknown assailants and Alex was separated from his family. He traveled until he found Lamarkie Village, and went to the Storm Fighters.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm

The Heart of a WarriorAlex is minor throughout, making occasional appearances. He is, however, called upon to help Austin rescue Pebble.

A Dark Secret: Alex is part of a Storming Alliance patrol Fox leads to rescue Wilson the Wolf from Eggman. When Wilson is held at knifepoint by Infinite(known only as the unnamed leader of the Jackal Squad at the time), he notices that Alex is a jackal himself, but looks different from those in the Squad. While Fox keeps Infinite busy, Alex slips around and finds a perfect spot to leap out and bite down on the Squad leader's tail. Furious, the Squad leader tries to pull Alex off, and when the jackal warrior lets go to run back to his Teammates, lashes out at him. The leader slashes at Alex's ribs, leaving him with a very nasty wound on his side, before stabbing him. Wilson is shocked and outraged, but is held back by two other jackals of the Squad. The Wolf realizes that the Squad leader's blow missed his heart and lungs, getting him below his sternum. Alex is grabbed by a large brown-and-black German Shepherd that had attacked the Squad leader after he hurt the young warrior. After the patrol is forced to leave without Wilson, Alex does not appear again, but is mentioned every now and then in Wilson's thoughts.

A Loner's Tale: Alex first appears while he's on a patrol with Bash the Rampardos, Rosa Smith, and Storm the Buizel(all unnamed). Alex scents Digger the Dog, and meets him. Afterward, Alex frequently sneaks out to meet with Digger, and even jokes about Infinite with him, with the two falling into a laughing fit as a result. Later, Alex tells Digger that the warriors are leaving, and one week later, Alex is seen next to an old-looking Mega Manectric, and when Digger calls to him, Alex tells him to leave unless he changed his mind about coming with them. When the warriors leave, Alex does not appear again, but is mentioned in Digger's thoughts when Stan tells him he and Pixie need to head to Mystic Jungle.

The Warrior's Quest: This story will focus on Alex as a cub in Downunda, and his quest to find the warriors after losing his family to the marauding Jackal Squad. It will also reveal the identity of Alex's family members.




Alex and Infinite are both jackals but Alex is more realistic in appearance.

  • This is because Alex was created before Infinite's species was confirmed.
    • Also, the Mobians mostly seen in The Legend of Fox the Brave​ are all designed to be realistic in appearance.

Alex's family had frequent run-ins with the Jackal Squad both before and after they were employed by Eggman.

  • This will be explored in Alex's story, The Warrior's Quest.
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