Alex the Hedgoala is a young apprentice tactician accepted into the Warriors of the Mind mercenary group, trying to get approval from her teachers. She does believe she'll get the approval in time, but has been overshadowed by her fellow initiates and the higher-ups. She has crossed paths with serveral other groups such the Atommasters, The Collective Order, and the Broken Lock Obliteration Team. She does wish to one day set out of the Initiate rank and stand on the same level of her superiors.

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A curvy hedgoala who stands 3' 5" tall. Alex has a short muzzle with a large, rounded nose, somewhat large, rounded ears, and a short tail. She has two quills on either side of her head that reach past her shoulders, stopping at at her upper back. Her hair covers her quills, stopping at the middle of her back. She also has bangs that stop on either side of her muzzle.

Her fur is primarily Naples yellow in color, with a Navajo white muzzle, chest, and stomach. Her eyes are pale plum in color.



When she isn't working with the group, she to wears a grayish off-white scarf over a light teal low-cut blouse, a back belt securing a tight, pale orange leather miniskirt, pale orange leggings, and knee-high leather boots with polished metal soles. She also wore pale orange elbow length gloves.

As an apprentice into the Warriors of the Mind, the young hedgehog hybrid is commonly seen in her variation of the apprentice uniform. As a trained martial artist even before being selected into the tactical faction, Alex's clothes are tailored to her, with the central part a sleeveless white shirt worn with a pair of black tailored pants; with these pants showing some signs of reinforcement without effecting too much of her movement. Similarly; Alex's stomach and waist are protected by a flexible silver-grey wrap-around plate resembling a corset, though one that moves with her. Over this is a brown hooded riding cape lined on the inside in white, with similar white detailing along the edges. This cloak often is thrown off during proper combat, but helps both in dealing with the weather and basic camouflage.




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As a member of the Warriors of the Mind; one of the key skills and talents shown by Alex is her mind. Intelligent in many facets including large-scale combat, her training has led her to the conclusion that there exists no issue that cannot be thought through. While not as accomplished as her teachers within the small mercenary band, the young hybrid has already shown herself to be capable at following orders and designs as well as modifying and adapting them to suit the requested needs.

Alex tends to stand out within the faction with her status as an unaugmented martial artist - she possesses no elemental powers; or any powers at all. Instead, her body has been trained from a young age in a mixture of martial arts by her father, resulting in an almost instinctive ability to react and counterattack even while involved in tactical coordination. While highly lacking in ranged combat and struggling to best armed opponents, she has recently begun to experiment with melee weapon designs to satisfy her future promotion requirements.


In a manner many describe as unusual or out of character for a martial artist or tactician, Alex has shown herself to be flirtatious and fairly forward about that; making no secret of her attraction and intent towards a person that catches her eye. That being said; she is also fully capable of being underhanded and sneaky in her approaches, she just prefers to be straightforward in matters of the heart & body, saving the trickery for the battlefield.

This is not to say that she doesn't take her training seriously; as she approaches that with the full breadth of her intelligence. Her memory and deductive ability are both astonishing, especially when many assume she's somewhat airheaded or suggestible from her koala heritage. Even in flirtation, she tends to identify and store information about whoever it is that has caught her eye from simple conversation, and often utilizes that knowledge to her advantage. Due to this; many of her fellow trainees within the Warriors of the Mind view her as a potential rival and threat to future relationships.







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