This is an article about Alex Rabbit, a character created by Horus-Trickster-King on 01/1/2015.


Alex is a yellow-furred rabbit standing at about 4'5.He can wear his normal outfit,the outfit of Dark Alex,or none at all.A notable feature of Alex is that his eyes are a brilliant blue,that genetically is actually not very common.He has blonde,shaggy hair,and floppy rabbit ears.His attire is a red and black hoodie,gray pants,bandages around his hands,and green sneakers.Underneath his hoodie is a pale underbelly with an X-shaped scar across it.According to Dark Alex,he also owns a set of clothing similar to that of Kirito,from the anime Sword Art Online.


Alex is an anti-social gamer,preferring the company of the NPCs in his video games to the company of real,living Mobians.He is also an otaku,and as such,is very into anime and manga.His favorite animes are Sword Art Online-both seasons-,Soul Eater,and A Certain Magical Index.Alex also can come off as the male version of a dumb blonde,due to his tendancies to mess up when talking to people.Normally,Alex will compare real life to video games,and tends to not speak to others.



Alex is a typhokinetic,meaning he can manipulate wind.He can create small-scale tornadoes,strong breezes,and can use wind to create a barrier.One of his skills with this power involves combining several small tornadoes and strong winds for massive damage.


Alex possesses weak telekineisis,that allows him to pick up things up to his weight and a half.


Manga Artist

Alex is an excellent manga artist,and currently is making his own manga series,which he has not titled yet.


Alex is weakened by ice,fire,and anything to do with math.

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