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Alex Acorn is a Mysterious Brother of Maximillan Acorn. He is a mysterious family member of the Acorns.


Bio Info


  • 65


  • Male


  • 5.0
  • ????
Voice Actors


  • Dwight Schultz


  • Fur: Brown / Grey
  • Eye Color: Glowing White
  • Hair: White
  • Long Beard: White
  • Fox Tail: Grey with White Tip


  • Ripped Old Shirt: Black
  • Ripped Old Long Pants: Black
  • Frederick Acorn (Father)
  • Maximilian Acorn (Brother)
  • Alicia Acorn (Sister)
  • Sally Acorn (Daughter-in-Law)
  • Elias Acorn (Son-in-Law)
  • Megan Acorn (Son-in-Law)
  • Alexis (Niece-in-Law)


When Alex Acorn was 20 Years Old, he was attacked by a gang of Thieves & been thrown into a deep hole that sends him down into the Abandoned Cave. Maximilian is too late to save him after he stops the gang of Thieves

38 Years have past since Alex Acorn was stuck inside an Abandon Cave with no means of escape, his clothes are ripped & old, he now has White Hair & his fur is 50% Brown, 50% Grey, has White Glowing Eyes & a Long White Beard. But he have managed to survived for all these years by eating lots of bugs to stay alive. In the Year 3225, Alex Acorn (now 53 Years Old) notices a way out by seeing a bright light from the cave. He finally notices a small hole which is the way out, being covered in rocks. Alex tries so hard to push all of the rocks away from the Cave's Entrace & then after many hours of pushing the rocks away. He managed to escape.

When he escaped he notices Mobotropolis is been turned into Robotropolis by Julian Robotnik, who is now being called "Dr. Ivo Robotnik" or "Robotnik" for short. He swore revenge on him for turning his hometown into a place of pure terror.

Alex Acorn searches around Robotropolis to find Robotnik, until he met Rosie along with the children that are all 5 Years Old, which are Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine & Rotor. Alex helps Rosie to help the kids get to Knothole for Safety.

While the Kids are in Knothole for safety, the reason that Rosie left Knothole is because she is after Alex, who is heading out to Robotropolis for Revenge on Robotnik, but he stopped when he noticed Rosie was captured by robots out in the Great Forest and Roboticized, leaving Alex & the children to fend for themselves. Alex taught the children everything they know on how to stop Robotnik. He's the one that made the Knothole Freedom Fighters & still goes on today in the Year 3237. But in the Year 3226, he went out to Robotropolis for revenge on robotnik, but he was never been seen again, leaving the kids behind to fend for themselves.

Alex notices the Cave is still intact, leaving the perfect time for Alex to build his own Base to make plans to stop Robotnik.


He is a known survivor for being trapped inside a Cave with no exits.

He is smart, wild & brave at the same time when it comes to helping the Freedom Fighters, no matter how old he is, he is an inspiration to the Freedom Fighters.

He is also very short tempered when Dr. Robotnik or Dr. Eggman or Dr. EggPlankton or any other villain shows up.


  • Good at using Weapons
  • Making Traps to capture the Villains
  • Creativity


  • Frederick Acorn (Father)
  • Maximilian Acorn (Brother)
  • Alicia Acorn (Sister)
  • Sally Acorn (Daughter-in-Law)
  • Elias Acorn (Son-in-Law)
  • Megan Acorn (Son-in-Law)
  • Alexis (Niece-in-Law)



  • Dr. Robotnik Prime
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Dr. EggPlankton


  • With Fredrick Acorn passed away, Alex Acorn is the Oldest Family Member of the Acorns
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