Alex's Family is a group of jackals that lived in Downunda until they were driven away and split apart by the Jackal Squad. As of After the Blackout, Turner, Kate, and Tobi are still alive, but are all badly scarred, with Turner blind and Tobi having lost some of his voice due to terrible scars on his throat.


Family Members:

  • Turner; Patriarch
  • Kate; Matriarch
  • Humphrey; Turner's father(deceased)
  • Avery; Turner's mother(deceased)
  • Tobi; Elder son
  • Alex; Younger son
  • Fenton; Male with currently unknown role(fate unknown)


Like most Mobians seen in The Legend of Fox the Brave, Alex's family strongly believe in the Spirits in the Stars.


The family lived in Downunda for generations, until the Jackal Squad began causing problems. The Squad eventually raided their camp and drove them out. Alex went on the run to find the warriors, while the rest of his family disappeared. It was later revealed that while Turner, Kate, and Tobi all survived, Humphrey and Avery were killed. The remaining family members now live at the Storming Base.


Though unmentioned in The Warrior's Quest, the family come from a long-missing nomadic Pack of jackals. At one point in time, some of them split off and moved to Downunda to make a steady living. The mini-Pack lived there until modern day, when Alex was a cub. The family soon became harassed by the Jackal Squad, a group of jackal mercenaries whose leader antagonized Turner out of his desire to get the patriarch to join him. Finally, the family were driven from their home and split apart. The Squad leader hunted Alex down, wanting the cub to join him, but failed, as Alex joined the Storm Fighters.

Their past was explored a little in Hooper the Lycanroc's story Hidden Motives, where Hooper befriended then-patriarch Humphrey, helping him against the menace of the Jackal Squad in Downunda before being forced to flee.


Alex is technically of Pack descent, though how is unknown.

It's possible that when Alex attacked him, the jackal leader(prior to becoming Infinite) was not only retaliating for being bitten, but for Alex escaping him.

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