Aleksi the Butterfly is a doctor employed as part of the medical staff of the United Federation Polar Operations Group. Trained in the elements of Fire and Water, he is a well-respected member of the medical team.

Aleksi the Butterfly

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Chitin: Sky blue
  • Wings: Purple & black
  • Eyes: Lilac
  • Black fleece-lined hooded parka, with a white band around each upper arm & high-visibility striping on chest & back
  • White thermal shirt
  • Navy blue thermal-lined trousers
  • Black boots with removable snow-cleats
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • UFPOG White Group - team member, medical officer
  • Flight
  • Experienced in self-defense techniques
  • Qualified doctor
  • Experienced hydrokinetic
  • Skilled pyrokinetic
  • Basic use of Steam manipulation
Other Information
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Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Slightly taller than the average Mobian insect; Aleksi is a sky blue butterfly with his natural chitin plating darkening faintly around his face. Joining these are a pair of wide lilac eyes with the faintest little hints of compound view-cells in the irises; an appearance some find disconcerting. To the surprise of many, his chitin has spurs on his wrists that he can utilize in self-defense in a manner similar to blades. He tends to wear specialized caps over these points while working as a medic.

Most dramatic of his features is his large purple & black wings. With a pattern similar to a starburst, there are portions of his wings where the purple is almost translucent around his body, creating a faint haloing effect.


As a member of the United Federation Polar Operations Group, Aleksi's typical clothing is his uniform. This is made up of fleece-lined black parka marked with high-visibility reflective strips on chest and back, and a white band around each forearm; markings that indicate his position in White Group. These white bands display a small red cross, the same as many paramedics. With these, he wears a pair of navy blue thermal-lined trousers and a pair of black boots with removable cleats.

As a member of White Team; Aleksi is rarely employed outside of base hospitals; and as such often trades in the black parka for a thermally-lined white shirt, normally worn underneath a surgical smock.



The most notable of Aleksi's skills is the one involved in his job - the butterfly is a legally recognized nurse and trainee doctor; both attributes appreciated by the primarily non-military operations group. An adept hand, Aleksi is gentle and patient, though not afraid to get stuck in if it means saving a life. In addition, while a difficult prospect in the cold, the young man is capable of flight as all butterflies are.

While he possesses two elemental powers, his ability to utilize these is comparatively limited to niches in comparison to an elemental master or cleric. His primary skill is in pyrokinesis, which in the frigid polar environment he works in serves for many purposes. Aleksi can naturally alter the temperature balance of the room and melt the snow and ice away from the hospital. Indeed, his control is fine enough to help with combating frostbite in patients presenting with severe cold damage, warming them slowly enough to avoid damage. He also uses it to help heat his medical tools for disinfectant purposes.

While somewhat less experienced in the use of it, Aleksi is a hydrokinetic as well. In his medical field; this is more commonly used to assist in the care of patients; and almost always in collaboration with his command of heat. Baths and rehydration treatments are both areas where his skill with water comes in handy; with every set done to the exact same temperature thanks to his natural sense of and control over heat. More recently; Aleksi has been doing more and more large-scale disinfecting of areas, with his powers gradually reaching a point of simultaneous control; Steam manipulation coming as a result. This power is still relatively basic, with the scalding hot liquid and gaseous bursts only really useful in cleaning rather than with patients.

When forced to, Aleksi is trained in hand-to-hand self defense, though he refuses to utilize his elemental control as his elements are likely to cause major harm. This is in turn a risky prospect, as the spurs on his wrists are liable to rip into skin and cause harm as handily as a blunted sword, with similar negative prospects for recovery. As such, Aleksi only fights as a last resort.








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