Powers (Magic)

Rune Magic

A versatile magic that utilizes runes, the user can use this magic by drawing a certain rune of a spell they wish to use, and by shouting its name. Each rune has its own special effect, and each belong in its own class and category.

  • Aegishjalmur (Defence)
    • Aegishjalmur: Corsaint
    • Aegishjalmur: Eihwaz
    • Aegishjalmur: Pakal
    • Aegishjalmur: Philliom
    • Aegishjalmur: Thurisaz
  • Aer (Air)
    • Aer: Qoh
    • Aer: Sethai
    • Aer: Wayyne: Creates a whirling barrier of vicious high-speed winds that will slice apart anything that comes into contact with it. It proves useful only against physical projectile/objects.
  • Ansuz (Divinity)
    • Ansuz: Ceyl
    • Ansuz: Dia
    • Ansuz: Forsa
    • Ansuz: Grian
    • Ansuz: Tiwaz
  • Auseklis (Light)
    • Auseklis: Hiikeemee
  • Diaphon (Spirit)
  • Dorchacht (Darkness)
    • Dorchacht: Arhain
  • Draiocht (Magic)
    • Draiocht: Edz-Nah
  • Gapaldur (Balance)
    • Gapaldur: Wunjo
  • Ginfaxi (Support)
    • Ginfaxi: Charoi
    • Ginfaxi: Conexio
    • Ginfaxi: Cython
    • Ginfaxi: Eolas
    • Ginfaxi: Ingwaz
    • Ginfax: Praepotens
    • Ginfaxi: Senlui
  • Hagalaz (Offense)
    • Hagalaz: Anord
    • Hagalaz: Atriume
    • Hagalaz: Cogadh
    • Hagalaz: Exceeteeya: Creates a moderate explosion in the direction the rune is facing.
    • Hagalaz: Lathain
    • Hagalaz: Ottastafur
    • Hagalaz: Scrios
    • Hagalaz: Thalui
    • Hagalaz: Urithair
  • Isa (Ice)
    • Isa: Sioc
  • Kaunaz (Fire)
    • Kaunaz: Asur
    • Kaunaz: Firairra
    • Kaunaz: Tine
  • Laguz (Water)
    • Laguz: Uiscearoi
  • Talahm (Earth)
    • Talahm: Cuir
    • Talahm: Earthra
    • Talahm: Roykee
  • Uruz (Healing)
    • Uruz: Saol
  • Vegvisir (Guidance)
    • Vegvisir: Daroir

Song Magic

Hymmnos Spells

  • Music Bomb
  • Sarlazuyal

Spell Songs

  • Dual Hynne (RENUM_Dual=Hynne/.#MOOD_Indifferent => CODE::Phleghmatrix)
  • Moulin Rouge (Moulin=Rouge.EXOLEM_cls.LABORATOIRE::Muscadier=Mystique)
  • Sonosphere
  • Systeria Valus


  • Rune Dictionary: A book that Aleisha is always seen equipped with. It contains all of the runes Aleisha has knowledge and experience with. Whenever Aleisha learns a new rune, she records its appearance and information on its effects and uses so that she may always remember it.
  • WTMD (Wave Transmigration Mode Device)


  • Nimble, fast and quick, she uses her speed to make up for a weak physical defence with evasion.
  • Her ice, water and electric-based Song Magic spells are quite deadly.


  • Sometimes the runes Aleisha draws are so powerful, that they cause her to fall flat on her face due to the sheer magnitude of power exuding from the runes.
  • She can easily get lost large buildings like the Diaseera Castle or Cellusylia Templestige (much to Ionasal's amusement), and due to this, she was handed a Digi-Wave-N Map for navigation purposes.
  • Her teleportation accuracy is not superb, and thus whenever she teleports, she sometimes will find herself in unfamiliar places or embarrassing situations which usually requires Altheumelia or Jiyolia to come to her aid. Because of this, she carries a teleportation device around with her until she manages to perfect her teleportation skills.
  • Her physical defence is weak, and is made up with speed and evasion.
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