Aleisha Exeli Albertine (Areisha Ekuzeri Arubaatain) is a Gamma Class Hymmnosen, and is one of the Deputy-Priestesses of the 120th Senator of Soleia, Altheumelia, who is also her cousin.



Aleisha is timid, shy and usually silent when around individuals she is unfamiliar to. She usually has a placid and gentle disposition. Like all Sol Campanians, she has a short temper despite her gentleness, and can be fiercely defensive and protective of her friends and family. When around other Sol Campanians and other people she trusts deeply, she reveals herself to be an absolutely compassionate and headstrong person who is adventurous and full of passion, but also calculative and level-headed unlike most Sol Campanians.

She also displays a sense of naivety and childishness during her moments of determination, which is quite ironic regarding the fact that she is usually the level-headed one in the group (and the fact that she is usually the one to keep her boyfriend Raleijiz in check), much to the surprise of others.

Her personality has also been described as a 'tsundere', though she denies it with obvious embarrassment, who only supports the fact that she is one, much to her chagrin and disdain.


Biological Factors

List of Codes

  • AEAHC://112591981#=>//AIESA
  • ALEISHA_::Phylagi//ROOTRON



  • Her middle name, 'Exeli' is Hymmnolik (Normus) for "dazzling, radiant".
  • Theme Songs:
    • Main Song: Electric Love by Miku Hatsune
    • Battle Theme: End of the Unknown from Nier: Automata
    • Background Theme:
    • Animasphere Theme:
      • Copied City (Dynamic/Vocal) from Nier: Automata
      • Heart Throb ~ Cloche
      • The Ultimate Weapon from Nier
    • Boss Theme: This Cannot Continue (Dynamic/Vocal) from Nier: Automata
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