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Alec The Doberman has black fur and brown hair. He has red eyes and a tan nose mouth area. He wears a black and white hoodie with a black trench coat over it, black pants with gold on them, black spiky shoes, black spiky wristbands, a black spiky collar, and a black and red belt with a white skull on it.


Alec is very violent and has no respect for the lives of others, in fact, he was designed to kill. he has only one goal: to kill sonic, all of sonic's friends, and all mercenaries that work with the freedom fighters (at that current time)


Alec was designed by dr. Robotnik shortly after Jake the Doberman escaped. He was designed to kill sonic, and his training by dr. Robotnik was sucessful. Alec then started his mission (which is still going on)


Alec has the power of partial invisibillity(basically active camouflage) this means that he can turn invisble, but you can still see outlines of a body when looking at his invisible form.


Like his predecessor Jake, Alec is a Doberman, so he can track anyone because of his sense of smell.


Alec, shortly after being developed underwent massive training to be able to do his job. He learned a lot about the species of the freedom fighters to learn their weaknesses, so he knows the weaknesses of most of the good guys. Also, Alec learned how to repair robots, so he can repair badniks.


Alec is a doberman, but dr Robotnik engineered him to be resistant to chocolate. This meant making him a cyborg, so his weakness is water and other liquids if he is wounded(all of his robot parts are inside of his body).