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"I am not easily fooled. Only a true fool would think that. With a simple breath, I melt the lands, with words of power and the my pure will, reality is mine to command. My scales have braved many attacks. I have lived longer than your mortal mind can conceive. I, am, Alcagorn.


Alcagorn is an immensly powerful immortal Elder Dragon, most likely the most powerful. He was born far before a time of humanity, and was already tens of thousands of years old by the transition from BCE to CE. He, like all dragons, is power hungry, manipulative, and plans his goals with every contingency in mind.  


Alcagorn is a 100 foot tall bipedal Elder Dragon. His scales are as black as obsidian. They seem to reflect absolutely no light, and draw it all into the black abyss that is his scales. His eyes are a reddish, molten gold colored with cat-like pupils. He has many Western Dragon traits, along with a few Eastern Dragon parts. His neck arches upwards with an armor like plating plated with broad, bladed, curved blade like spikes. His neck terminates in his armor like head that extends with seven pearl white spikes that arch backwards. His teeth are the same color of white, and his mouth seems to be purple. He also has two stag-like horns identical to that of an Eastern Dragon.

The Elder Dragon's limbs are each thick, muscular, and covered in large, gleaming black scales. His hands have five, hominid like claws, each ending in a sword like claw. His feet stand strong, each gripping the ground and sporting long dragon-like talons. Sprouting out of his back are two massive wings that end in claw like structures that can easily slice through steel. The insides also happen to be the color of old blood.

The Chronocrystal, a powerful pale blue crystal growth sits on Alcagorn's chest. It is this gem that allows him to control time to an extent. His tail stretches a great length behind him, tipped with a pale brown bladed tail. The tail occaisonally drips a caustic pale green acid that turns to smoke when it hits a solid object.

When angered, Alcagorn crackles with blistering heat that shimmers off his scales. This creates a heat shimmer, and occaisonally heats his scales up to appear a molten red. Even his mundane breath seems to parch the air around him.


Having lived for tens of thousands of years, Alcagorn is highly arrogant. This arrogance is in no way overconfidence; He has more than enough power to back up most of his threats. He is also highly manipulative; He would prefer using his intense psychic powers to manipulate someone into doing his work than doing it himself if the former is more efficient.

As a Dragon, Alcagorn sees all life below that as inferior and an overall nusiance. He is also aware of the potential threats lesser beings can hold should they be given significant power. As such, Alcagorn will search out any and all threats to his dominion to with sheer, killing force.

Alcagorn is very interested in finding potential minions and "assets" for himself. He will "reach out" to anyone with potential to aid his plans. He has slaowly amassed an army of able soldiers and powerful stragems, along with endless occupants watchin areas of intrest for him.

Even without magic or psychic powers, he makes sure to take all things into account. He has taken every precaution that his minions do not turn on him. His minionslose all their magical abilities if they betray him. He knows every spell his Spellcasters know. Every battle strategy his soldiers employ has been memorized by him. The superstructure of all of his outposts is known by him in precise detail. Even his personal fortifications have been made to keep intruders at a non-existent level.

Aside from his paranoia, Alcagorn also has another trait: He is very hungry for power. He constantly searches for the choiciest of treasures and powers to further increase his own. He is also stated to have quite possible the largest hoard of treasure in the universe. This was aquirred after thousands and thousands of years of plunder, tribute, and even personal searches to aquire such wealth. If it even exists, is unclear, but should it actually do, it will likely be a great sight to behold...

Alcagorn however, has spent quite a bit of his time simply searching the corridors of his mind. Nothing seems worth his concious effort anymore. The only thing that seems to be a constant threat is the seemingly insignificant Razorveil...


Alcagorn has a long history, shrouded in mystery and lost to the sands of time. Only a few people alive know of his history. Even his most loyal worshippers know very little of his past. Only the oldest of Elder Dragons know his history, and they dare not speak of it. Even some of the oldest, most powerful dragons cower at mention of his name, and whatever they are hiding, they refuse to tell.

In common mobian life, he has been mostly forgotten in recent events, but shards of his memory remain. There are several who say he was a prominent figure in the multiple Elemental Wars years ago, but this is uncertain. With another elemental war starting soon, it is unknown if he'll re-appear.


Alcagorn's power is feared by all who know of him, weather they be some of the enlightened on the material plane or the Fiendish Lords. Simply being born a dragon has gifted him with with powerful Arcane Magics and Psionic abilities. His simple presence inspires fear (as is standard for dragons). He has gathered thousands among thousands of years of arcane knowledge. 

Super Powers

  • Flight: Alcagorn's massive wings allow him to fly. His flight speed clocks at around 400 MPH. Despite his utterly massive size, he can maneuver with seemingly impossible grace. Since his tail has bladed rudders on it, he can use these to help maneuver. 
  • Extreme Durability: Alcagorn's scales are absurdly hard, being able to withstand the blunt of most attacks thrown at him. Each scale can barely be scratched, and most injuries repair themselves. Only the most powerful physical attacks can harm him. 
  • Extreme Strength: Alcagorn can very easily crush a clifface with a single claw swipe. His lifting strength has not been measured, but it is likely upwards of 120 tons. A single bite can tear right through magically reinforced steel with little trouble. His tail can easily slap a train away. 
  • Wingblast: Alcagorn's wings allow him to create immense gusts of air, some of which rival tornadoes in intensity. By continuously flapping his wings, Alcagorn can keep these gusts up as long as he needs. 
  • Sonic Roar: Alcagorn possesses the abilty to form immensly loud sounds in his larynx. He can roar loudly, creating a sonic vibration that essentially forms into an explosion of sonic energy due to the sheer destructive force. The blast causes deadly vibrations which can shatter stone. 
  • Breath Weapon: By using energies stored inside his body, Alcagorn can fire one of two incredible breath weapons. Both of these breath weapons can be fired several times in the course of a half minute, but require recharging after continued use.
    • Black Flame Breath Weapon: Alcagorn has the abilty to breathe an immense cloud of bluish-black flames that will quickly toch an area. The flames boil and evaporate water in a blink, and melt stone and steel alike. Alcagorn claims "his flames are as hot as the sun". This, for obvious reasons, has not been tested. 
    • Energy Wave Breath Weapon: Alcagorn can fire a massive blast of brilliant blue pure energy from his mouth. The blast travels at very fast speeds, and can travel several miles before stopping. Usually, when it reaches its intended target, the blasts bursts into a huge explosion. The beam can travel through several magically or psionically reinforced barriers without so much as stopping. 
  • Mastery of Arcane Magic: Alcagorn possesses Arcane power in his very blood. Essentially a living mana nexus of energy, he possesses Arcane Lore ancient and powerful, capable of casting reality warping Arcane Spells of many effects, ranging from mass teleportation to calling feral bolts of lightning to the earth to stopping time in a massive radius.
    • Dragon Magic: By combining his magical and psionic energies, Alcagorn can obtain a form of power called "Dragon Magic". Not many records exist of this. 
  • Master Mindbender: Alcagorn is an extremely powerful psionicist. His Psionic powers are incredible, only matched by the most powerful mortals and demons. His telepathic abilities allow him to implant thoughts, destroy memories, or put his foes under his control. He can create freestanding manifestations of destructive psychic energy, and cause psychic turmoil strong enough to make a foe's head explode. 


Despite his great power, Alcagorn is not invincible. He can still be killed by a strong enough force. He is also suspectable to any weakness a normal dragon of his age level is (Dragonsbane, ADC, Omni-Piercing Abilities.) However, his biggest, most exploitable weakness is his Ego. When angered, he goes into a rage that rids him of all common sense and restraint. He will also angrily attack the instigator.


Chop Suey by System of a Down

System Of A Down - Chop Suey!-0

System Of A Down - Chop Suey!-0

This song serves as Alcagorn's main theme, playing whenever he does sometihng memorable, very influental, or makes a comeback during a tense moment. The song reflects on his determination, and his iron will.

Connections to Alcagorn

  • There you go create another fable -Alcagorn's actions led him to become a legend
  • I don't think you trust, in, my, self-righteous suicide -Alcagorn drive for power leading to his death.....twice
  • I, cry, when angels deserve to die! -Cyron's treason (a crime punishable by death) causes Alcagorns first downfall
  • FATHER! -Alcagorn's rage before he fells his father
  • Father into your hand why have you forsaken me in your eyes, forsaken me, in your thoughts, forsaken me, in your heart -Alcagorn's Father trying to turn Alcagorn into the ultimate dragon, and then trying to kill him when he failed.
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