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The Demon Slayer Saga

The Demon Slayer Saga 2

Albus is the father of Jonathan the Fox and Charlotte the Cat.

The Troll Wars

Mobius Corners Metropolitan Airport/AirPlay Extension

Albus got attacked by sabre-toothed white tigers, then got set on fire, then got covered in tar and feathers, and then the Draxun fell on him.

The Glacier Comedy Show

List of things that have happened to Albus;

  • Chased by Arthroverta
  • Attacked by squid
  • Eaten by Groudon
  • Attacked by angry kittens

Sonic Fanon Kids

Albus was one wimpy kid. He was constantly being attacked by The Furry Stompers.

Sonic Fanon Kids Halloween Special

Eternal Darkness (Pt. I)

Snowball Wars

Werehog Plague

Here, Albus gets turned into a Werecat, right after J's vehicle, the Desert Hawk, drops him off at the nearest hospital.

Mobian Mechahazard

Albus gets instantly roboticized by Mecha Johnny, turning him into Mecha Albus.

The Overlanders II


Albus plays a very important role in this RP; he ends up getting possessed by Demon Lord Arkane, and attacks Cameron the Wolf. Cameron manages to fend him off, however, and Arkane-possessed Albus teleports to Balberith's lair. Later, he reappears and confronts Shahooter the Owl, but manages to escape again. For his third attack, he attempts to destroy Chaos City Speedway, just when J the Hedgehog is preparing for a race.

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