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Albus the Cat
Albus the Cat

Biographical Information
25 Years Later
Romantic InterestsShanoa the Fox
Physical Description
  • Fur: Cream yellow w/ white muzzle, chest and tail tip
  • Hair: Dirty blonde
  • Eyes: Green
  • Black and brown fingerless gloves
  • Brown, leather vest
  • White undershirt
  • Grey pants
  • Brown and white boots
  • Belt
  • White cloth around waist
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliations The Random Rangers
  • Firearm expertise
  • Channeling of Glyphs through Agartha
  • Hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Quad Ignis Kick
  • Acerbatus
  • Morbus
  • Grando
  • Unda
  • Ignis
  • Fulgur
  • Torpor
  • Globus
  • Vol Umbra
  • Vol Luminatio
  • Perduco
  • Silicis
  • Vol Folius
  • Lumenumbra
Other Information
American V.A.Keith Silverstein
Japanese V.A.Toshihiko Seki
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorRyushusupercat (this character is based upon a canonical character from the Castlevania series, so credit goes mostly to Konami)

Albus the Cat (Arubasu za Kyatto) is a character based upon Albus from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. His biggest appearance was in The Demon Slayer Saga, however, he also appears in a few Roleplays.

He also uses Glyphs, but he cannot channel them through his body like Shanoa can; instead, Albus uses an enchanted firearm named Agartha to channel Glyph energy.

Physical Description



Obtaining Agartha

Albus acquired the (formerly un-enchanted) Flintlock Pistol when he and Shanoa were attacked by a pack of bandits, led by Grimclaw the Wolf.



Stats Level
Stamina 10
Attack 10
Defense 8
Speed 8
Reflexes 9
Magic 10
Psyche 0
Intellect 9
Total 64/80

Albus is fairly skilled in hand-to-hand combat abilities, and he also has the powerful Quad Ignis Kick at his command.


Albus uses an enchanted firearm by the name of "Agartha" as his weapon. It has the ability to fire certain Glyphs in projectile form (the list of Glyphs Albus can use are on his template), as well as fire regular bullets at rapid speed. The strongest Glyph in his arsenal is Acerbatus.

Non-Glyph Moves

Apart from Agartha and the Quad Ignis Kick, Albus has other moves at his disposal as well, most of them bearing no Elemental alignment.

Forms and Fusions

Tonibus the Hedgecat

A Troll created by combining the DNA of Albus and Tonic.

(name pending)

Only occurring in this RP, this is basically Albus possessed by Arkane the Hedgehog in Demon Lord form. He retains all of his abilities from before, and also gets DL Arkane's abilities, including new attacks. These attacks, although they are not Glyphs, have Latin names regardless;

  • Atrumincendia - Spews black fire at the foe. Mixture of Dark/Fire.

Its name is a portmanteau of the Latin words Atrum (meaning "dark") and Incendia (meaning "fire").

  • Eradico - An extremely powerful blast attack, but leaves Albus immobile for a few minutes.

Its name means "obliterate" in Latin.

  • Vindico - Creates a powerful energy shield.

Its name means "protect" in Latin.

  • Vigoratus - A healing ability.

Its name means "heal" in Latin.

  • Revenio - Similar to moves like "Counter" and "Mirror Coat".

Its name means "return" in Latin.

  • Vox Sursum Tentatio - Raises Attack power.

Its name means "power up attack" in Latin.

  • Vox Sursum Tutaminis - Raises Defensive power.

Its name means "power up defense" in Latin.

  • Propero - Similar to Agility and Rapidus Fio, this move raises Speed.

Its name means "speed up" in Latin.

  • Caecus - Creates a blinding flash of light to disable the foe's sight.

Its name means "blinding" in Latin.

  • Adficio - Drains the enemy's strength.

Its name means "drain" in Latin.

  • Fulgio - A strong beam attack.

Its name means "beam" in Latin.

  • Evanesco - Makes the user invisible.

Its name means "disappear" in Latin.

  • Procella - Rains down shards of energy upon the foe.

Its name means "storm" in Latin.

  • Incidere - Manifests a blade of energy to slash the foe.

Its name means "cut" in Latin.

  • Caligo - Turns the vicinity pitch-black, making it much harder for foes to find the user.

Its name means "darken" in Latin.

OOC Albus

The OOC (Out Of Character) version of Albus. He becomes a womanizing jerk who will flirt shamelessly with any female except for Shanoa, whom he now hates.

Abigail the Cat

Albus' Gender-Swapped counterpart.

Friends and Foes






Albus is rather the opposite of Shanoa; bold and brash, he'll jump right into the fray without a second thought. He cares deeply for Shanoa, as if she actually were his sister, and not just a surrogate (seeing as how both Albus and Shanoa have no living parents).

Albus is also sarcastic at times, and is noted to be very stubborn. But just like Shanoa, he will defend his friends with his life. Albus is also quite chivalrous.



  • Dancing
  • Chauvinistic people
  • Womanizers

Biggest Fears

  • Shanoa being killed (especially by Dominus)
  • Deep water


"The poor beast...he couldn't help his madness..." - After slaying Gergoth.

"OHSHI-" - Various occasions.

"Unless they just want to have tea and crumpets with us, they're definitely unfriendly!"

"That's J! And how in HELL does he look like Sonic?! J has yellow fur and Sonic has blue for Christ's sake!!" - Albus yelling at Amy.

"I hate to say it, but we're in a tight spot, all right!"


  • All of Albus' Glyph attacks are energy balls, or any kind of projectile for that matter.
  • Albus' name actually means "white" or "bright" in Latin.

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