Cquote1 Oh...hello...I’m Albany. Cquote2
Normal introduction

(Character was previously owned by Flashfire212, but now belongs to Speedyblue.)


Sweet and shy, Albany is a member of Team Earth, which is a subdivision of Team Lilac. As the team’s thinker, she will think big and dream bigger!


As a hedgecat, Albany has the spikes of a hedgehog, but has pointy ears and a long tail, like a cat. She has 6 quills, all pointing downward. Her fur is very fluffy, and in ways, it resembles a Persian cat. She wears a dress made out of flowers, similarly how Eve wears a leaf dress. Like Eve, she also wears no shoes or gloves.


(As Speedy is still somewhat confused about her adoptive character, she can’t come up with a history right now.)


  • Bontanokinesis
  • Seriously, Speedy will come up with more later.


Like Platinum, Albany is very shy and quiet. Unlike him, however, she seems to have no signs of insanity. However, she is obsessive about reading books, even outright yelling at other people because they interrupted her reading. When she’s not reading, she is usually spending time with Eve and Lilly, which she enjoys. She is also an environmentalist, trying to save the dying environment as best as she can. That’s one of the two things she cares most about. The other is books.



  • Eve (best friend)
  • Lilly (best friend)
  • Rosebud
  • Platinum
  • Andy


  • Eve (friendly rival)



  • This is not the first character adopted by Speedyblue. Jimmy the Fox previously belonged to her, but she gave him up after having no idea what to do with him.


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