The Alari (Singular: Alarien, Plural: Alari) are a race of sentient organic plant lifeforms born thousands of years ago.





The Alari, like many species, honour the Ale'Cieldras, mainly Shelanoir. However, the Ale'Cieldras are not the only ones that are worshipped. Another faction is the Firstborns, the first 13 Alari who came to existence, borne by the Pale Tree long ago.


Rathezel is the oldest of the Firstborn, meaning he is the eldest of all. The most wisest, powerful and greatest of all Alari, he is seen as the guardian of the Alari and the Pale Tree. He is immortal via reincarnation, reincarnating once every 20 years after death, while still retaining parts of his memories when he was alive in the past. Revered by the Alari as their guardian deity who serves Shelanoir, he is the most powerful of them all, and is rarely seen in person due to his high status. He is currently friends with Altheumelia, and has a love interest for her.


Known Alari

The Firstborn are the 13 Alari who first awoken into the worlds. They are held highly in respect and honour due to their wisdom, experience and age. Some of the Firstborn Alari are immortal for some strange reason.

Names Status Gender Description
Aerafei Alive Fem. Luminary of the Dusk Cycle Alari.
Caithe Fem.
Faolain Fem.
Kahedins Male
Malomedies Male Luminary of the Night Cycle Alari.
Rathezel Immortal via Reincarnation Male The eldest of the Firstborn. Reincarnates once every 20 yrs after death. Is seen and honoured as the Alari's guardian deity and leader. Revered by many for his wisdom, skills, age, power and experiences.
Trahearne Male




The term Alarien is derived from the Tamil word Ālai which means "plant".

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