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Cquote1 I'll show you my true cyborg power! Cquote2
Alan the Hedgehog

Alan the Hedgehog (アラン・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Aran za Hejjihoggu) is an anthropomorphic light blue cybernetic hedgehog, current leader of the Dark Ninja Clan and the master of Wind. He was born in Denaji Village and his brother is Scar the Hedgehog.


Alan's fur color is light blue, while his skin color is peach. His eyes are blue. He's got 3 hair-spikes coming out of his forehead. He has a cybernetic eye on the left-half of his face. His left-half of the torso is metallic with a cyan power-source core. Alan also has a left metallic arm, which can be used as a grapple hook launcher. He wears black shoes with red stripes and golden bottoms, blue jeans, white gloves, golden bracelets and a black sleeveless vest.

Before he became a cyborg

Before he was turned into a half-mechanical, half-living machine, he didn't have all of these mechanical parts on his body.


Alan describes himself "as fast as Sonic", but he's really not. He's only fast because he has the element of wind inside him. He sometimes has a cocky attitude towards those, who look suspicious to him. He likes to run around, fly around his home city, watch TV, play video games, eat pizza, chillidogs and do a lot of stuff that people usually like to do. Alan is kind and "cool", he tries to impress ladies the most. It may look like that he has no trouble, but that's wrong. There's one minus that's ruining his happy personality. It is his brother, Scar. When Al tries to do something great, his brother suddenly ruins that moment. But, when Scar's not around (in vacation, in a trip), then he's doing great at things.

Alan does not hesitate on doing things, he does everything "his heart tells him to".

Skills, abilities, powers

Alan is an impressive fighter, and his abilities, skills, powers prove that right.


  • Breakdancing
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Parkouring
  • Extreme Gear maneuvering
  • Perfect aiming


  • Eye-laser firing
  • Eye-scan
  • Grapple arm-hook launching
  • Floating (Aerokinesis ability)
  • Flying (Aerokinesis ability)
  • Spindashing


  • Aerokinesis (Wind manipulation)
  • Chaos Abilities (Chaos Control, Chaos Spear, etc.)


Alan has a few weaknesses, which are:

  • Fears (acrophobia (fear of heights), ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) and hypnophobia (fear of nightmares))
  • His power source
  • Laser eye
  • Electro-pipes, that are connected to his body and his metallic torso


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