Akumon the Panda is a creation of Doka and Shun the Panda. He is an artificially created spawn of Shun. Though not a clone, Akumon favors him in looks and abilities. One rare trait was added. A special chemical created by Doka, that allowed Akumon to activate a special demon form. He was created before Mokuteki was born. Akumon however as an infant couldn't use the form. He lived in the Panda Clan for all of hid childhood, but sets out to find out more about himself.



Akumon was created by Doka under Shun's order and supervision. Shun needed an offspring to take his place as leader. In order to assure loyalty Shun needed to have his own child, a child he could instill his beliefs into. Akumon was the first attempt. He was created from the DNA of Shun, and a special ingredient. There was a certain poison that Doka crafted that would manipulate the body in ways that would kill anyone who dared tried. However, if an organism was introduced to it before birth, they would be able to harness it. The poison was known as the Hell Trait. This allowed Akumon to access a powerful demonic form. However as a child he seemed rather weak, and showed not hints of being able to unlock the trait ever. Deeming him a failed experiment Shun left the infant in the forest purposely by the Panda Clan. He believed that the Clan would kill the baby once they found out he was a product of Shun.

Baby Found

Akumon was very lucky. As campers from the clan found him, they seemed to be very hospitable. They nurtured the poor baby and brought him with them to the Clan. Initially, Shun's suspicions were right. They planned to peacefully kill the baby. The infants new-found parents refused, and promised to raise him properly. The Grand Council proposed that if they allowed the baby to live, that he would be bound to the Clan under the watchful eye of the Shihai of the Clan.

Early Childhood

Akumon had a very normal childhood, and was a regular baby. There wasn't any major events either.


Finding Out the Truth

Going Rogue


Akumon is a very kind young hero. he is quick to help anyone. Though he is one to speak out or to talk for anyone. He can tend to take a back seat and wait until he is needed. He is a bit clumsy, and sometimes finds himself scrambling for words when he's nervous. He is very curious about where he is truly from. Akumon has respect for anyone so long as they respect him. In battle or in serious situations his is quiet and seems to be less clumsy. He becomes intensely serious as well. He is smart, though his clumsiness deters the fact. Akumon is very capable of many things and has great potential. he enjoys music and his friends as well. Akumon is an incredible ninja. He has a deep sense of justice, and will always do what's morally right. Akumon never makes promises he cannot keep either. Akumon fears the power he holds inside of him, and desperately seeks for a way to remove it. Akumon is very patient and polite. He is caring and not at all judgmental. He seems to be very open-minded, but has no respect for any villain. He has a strong dislike for evil, and it is the only thing her won't forgive. Akumon believes he and everyone has a destiny. He tries to dabble in all the activities can stating "How will I know what my destiny is if I don't try everything?". Akumon is a very gifted and likable person. He believes in justice and freedom.


Akumon is a very powerful young man. He wields to oddly shaped Tachi swords. He is an electrokinetic capable of forming wings made of electricity or encasing any body part in electricity. he also has an ability to create "Strands of Odin" which allow him to shoot strands of artificial thunder from his palms and use them as a means to cross gabs or as a zip-line. Because he can channel electricity through his feet, he has super-speed capable of reaching speeds of about 525 mph. Akumon can also drain energy from anything with electricity in it. He can use his electric powers psychologically as well. He can touch a person's head and see recent events that just happened to them. Akumon can use is thunder to revive, but not heal. Akumon can use lightning from a thunder-storm, but obviously it can only be done when there is a storm. Akumon rarely uses his powers as projectiles, instead preferring to use his swords to "slice and dice" the opponent. Akumon can generate a shield of electricity as well. The power that lays dormant inside of him is his most powerful asset. Though it is uncontrollable the Hell Trait is extremely powerful.

Base Stats
Spcl. Atk10
Spcl. Def8
Total 85.5/100
Other Stats


As one would guess, Akumon is weakened by water. When in contact with it his life force will moderately decrease. He becomes extremely slower in water type areas as well. He is also damaged far more by water than any other element. He dislikes cold temperatures, but can manage them. As stated before Akumon is very kind to the point of naivety. He is also clumsy. Akumon's Hell Trait slowly kills him when it is used. He cannot only barely control it, and may attack anyone no matter what there alliance is.


Akumon is rather tall. He has dark brown hair. He has beautiful blue eyes. His head is wrapped in a fabric mask of sorts. It covers his forehead and mouth, and meets in a not on the back of the head. He wears two wrist bands.Akumon also wears a tattered scarf and has the attire of a samurai. He wears a long sleeved and loose fitting Uwagi karate jacket that is tucked through an Uwa-obi (a belt/sash). Over this he wears a tattered kimono vest tucked into the Uwa-Obi. He wears culotte pants tucked into calf-high boots.


Hikari the Pandiger

Titan the Liganda

Haku the Panda

Linch the Panda

Nanpa-Sen the Panda

Hanabi the Panda

Friends & Foes





Theme Song

Akumon's theme song is "Blackbird" performed by Alter Bridge.


The willow it weeps today

A breeze from the distance is calling your name

Unfurl your black wings and wait

Across the horizon it's coming to sweep you away

It's coming to sweep you away


Let the wind carry you home

Blackbird fly away

May you never be broken again

The fragile cannot endure

The wrecked and the jaded a place so impure

The static of this cruel world

Cause some birds to fly long before they've seen their day

Long before they've seen their day


Let the wind carry you home

Blackbird fly away

May you never be broken again

Beyond the suffering you've known

I hope you find your way

May you never be broken again

Ascend may you find no resistance

Know that you made such a difference

All you leave behind will live to the end

The cycle of suffering goes on

But memories of you stay strong

Someday I too will fly and find you again


Let the wind carry you home

Blackbird fly away

May you never be broken again

Beyond the suffering you've known

I hope you find your way

May you never be broken again

May you never be broken again

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