" Hey, even though you have your fears, and I have mine, you have your skills and I have mine, does that not mean we can't be friends?"

Akiza is the girlfriend of Matoro "Blizzard" the Hedgehog, and a pacifist.

Akiza the Wolf

Akiza new
Age Physical: 14

Chronological: 14

Gender Female
Species Wolf
Description N/A
Attire Brown jacket, white gloves, tan and green-ish pants, brown sneakers, black belt, and a black hairband
Relatives Chell the Wolf, unnamed parents
Affiliations None
Nicknames Omega
Quotes See the bottom of the page
Romantic Interests Matoro "Blizzard" the Hedgehog
Weaponry None
Abilities Flight by spinning her tail, some super speed, hidden psychokenisis
Super Forms None


Akiza grew up in Glacier Plains with her older sister Chell. She spent most of her time outside, either skating or having a snowball fight with friends. One day when she was skating on a pond not to far from the town, she jumped and landed on a thin part of the ice, and fell through. Before sinking, she screamed for help. Hearing her distress, Blizzard ran to the rescue. After diving in and pulling her out, he brought her to the edge of the pond. Instinctively, Blizzard gave her his sweater, almost causing him to freeze in the cold. Since that day, Akiza had a crush on Blizzard, but was to afraid to admit it. On her fourteenth birthday, she want back to the same pond she almost drowned in. When she got there, Blizzard had set up a large surprise party for her. Every one came jumping out from behind trees and shot confetti at her. After that, Blizzard had told her that he had set up the party. After the party had subsided, Blizzard brought her to the edge of the pond that she had brought here to before after saving her. It was there Akiza told Blizzard that she had a crush on him. Then, Blizzard kissed her, telling her that he had a crush on her as well. They then spent the rest of the night together. When Blizzard decided to leave Glacier Plains, Blizzard convinced her to come along. Since they left, they had been traveling the world with no goal.


Akiza is very kind and will lend a hand to those in need. She is a natural pacifist, and often runs from a fight, or hides behind Blizzard when something such as a fight comes up. Akiza is quick to try to calm some one down or stop a fight. Akiza believes that it was destiny that brought her and Blizzard together. Akiza is an avid reader, preferring to read than use a computer or other electronics. Due to her mortal fear of heights, she stays away from mountainous areas, and never uses her tail for flight. Akiza often relies on Blizzard to protect her from enemies and other fights. Despite her being a wolf, she isn't stealthy, and is actually very talkative. Because of her talkative nature, she often annoys people without knowing. She is very sensitive, and is often very insulted from the tiniest insult. When ever her feelings are hurt, she often sulks and won't talk to any one but Blizzard. Akiza is quite jumpy, and is scared easily. Despite telling every one she doesn't need protecting, in reality, she does. Akiza suffers from low self-esteem, often degrading herself when ever something goes wrong. She often calls her self an Omega, believing herself the lowest of the pack.


Akiza has a slender and agile build, meant for hunting prey. Her fur is a light brown, and her hair is a bright crimson. Akiza's eyes are green, and her tail has a large patch of white fur at the end.


Akzia prefers a combo of light and heavy clothes, such is a T-shirt and baggy pants. She wears a light brown fur sweater, and simple white gloves. She also wears a pair of brown, lace-up sneakers, and a pair of baggy, brown and green-ish pants. To comply with those pants, she has a black belt with a gold buckle.

Powers and abilities

Akiza is able to achieve flight by spinning her tail, but, due to her fear of heights, she never flies. She also has some super speed, although she can't run as fast as others. Akiza has the power of psychokenisis, although that power is locked away inside her, and she doesn't even know it.


First of all, Akiza is afraid of heights, and will probably freak out at the mention of them. She also tires easily, meaning she can't run as often as others can. She also freaks out and runs away when a fight or something breaks out, or she hides behind Blizzard.

Character Relations

Matoro"Blizzard" the Hedgehog

Akiza loves Blizzard, spending most of her time with him. She enjoys his randomness, and his ability to forget what's going on and have fun. However, she hates when he pops up behind her and scaring her. Akiza relies on Blizzard to protect her from fights, and often hides behind him when some thing scares her.

Chell the Wolf

Akiza looks up to Chell, often helping her around the house, among other things. Akiza appreciates having Chell as an older sister, as opposed to some one else. Akiza respects Chell's nack for inventing, and often wishes she could do something as cool as that.


  • "Heights? Did you say heights? No no no no no, I'm not going up there!"
  • " After running into so many walls, I'm surprised that his head is alright"
  • " Don't you just love it when thing come together perfectly?"




None as of yet.


None as of yet.


Skillet - Hero (Video)

Skillet - Hero (Video)

Hero, by Skillet.

Character Relations

The song reflects Akiza need for some one to fight for her. It also notes that she is a pacifist, and hates it when a fight breaks out.

  • " Some one save me from the hate" - Akiza needing some one to protect her.
  • " I need a hero to save me now" - Akiza can't defend herself properly.
  • " I hero's gonna save me just in time" - Akiza believing that Blizzard will always be there to save her.
  • " Who's gonna fight for the weak?" - Akiza wanting to stand up and protect others, but she can't.


  • If she were to have a voice actor, it would have to be Bella Hudson. She voiced Blaze in Sonic '06 and Akiza in Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds.
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