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Akira Uhura
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You may be looking for the Light Mobius counterpart, Hikaru Youko, or the Dark Mobius counterpart, Suzuna Tenshi.

Akira Uhura the Kitsune is a character created by Chica Nunnally, obviously being one of her main characters.

She is the counterpart of two kitsunes from the pre-Genesis Wave timeline; Hikaru Youko and Suzuna Tenshi.


Like her counterparts, Akira has silver fur and white-tipped, fluffy twin tails, as well as white skin.

Unlike her counterparts, however, she has short chocolate-brown hair that is cut uneven, with short bangs and a long braid. She even has hazel eyes with greenish-gold flecks.

Akira wears a sparkly pink blouse with a black skirt and dark gray leggings, white gloves with turquoise rings, and black Mary Jane shoes.

Accessory-wise, she wears a silver necklace like her counterparts, as well as golden earring studs like Suzuna - only her necklace has a turquoise gemstone. She even wears a black hairband with a turquoise bow, unlike her counterparts, who don't wear hair accessories.


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Like Hikaru, Akira is skilled with the bow. She even has some degree of skill in Japanese (or the Mobian variant) martial arts.

Akira is also fluent in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese (or the Mobian variants)


Akira has the same weaknesses as Hikaru and Suzuna. Unlike them, however, she has agoraphobia, or the fear of society.


  • Akira's surname, Uhura, is a reference to Star Trek. Specifically, Nyota Uhura from the new Star Trek films.
  • Her hairstyle is slightly similar to Leah's hairstyle. If you don't know who Leah is, she's a character from the Blizzard Entertainment game, Diablo 3.


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