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Tess Bellamy ~ Akimika had a secret crush on Tess for a very long time. They are now a couple.


Osamu Minami and Miyako Tachibana ~ Even if Akimika doesn't keep in touch with her parents, she still loves them.

Hinata Minami ~ Akimika loves her little sister very much, and would do any thing to keep her safe.

Hiro Miyamoto ~ Hiro is Akimika's paternal half-brother. While the two get along well, despite being half-siblings, Hiro is often worried for his half-sister's safety.


Yumiko the Chao ~ If there is one thing Akimika will make sure about, it's that Yumiko lives a happy life.

Mia Brilliare ~ While initially neutral, Akimika and Mia became friends sometime before the quest to bring back Yume.

Yume Paradisia ~ The friendship between Akimika and Yume is quite ironic, due to how the other kitsune hybrid feels about Lapis Miyamoto.



Cerah May ~ Akimika regards Cerah as a rather annoying girl, mainly due to them both being kitsune-wolf hybrids with telekinesis.

Ling and Tao-Mei Shin ~ Akimika once went on a journey to Karaketi Island order to stop the Chinese hedgecats from harming the native tribes. As far as she knows, the twins are currently jailed.

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