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Early Life

Akimika Minami was born in the Japanese city of Hiroshima on December 14, 2021. Through her mother, Miyako Tachibana, she was a descendant of Kikyo, the fourth daughter of the legendary kitsune, Inari Kamiya.

Akimika's childhood was fairly normal and uneventful. When she was eight, she met a kitsune rabbit named Yume, whom she befriended. The two went to the same school, and she met a hedgewolf named Tess when she was fourteen.

She found out she was bisexual when she found herself attracted to Tess. She kept her attraction to the hedgewolf secret for a long time, saying that she and Tess were nothing more than friends.

When she was fifteen, after she celebrated her birthday, she was taken on a life-changing trip to the year of 1452.

A Trip to The Past

When Akimika found a Chaos Emerald on the streets of Hiroshima, she was stricken with curiosity about the emerald's origins.

During a thunderstorm, she was struck by lightning while holding the emerald, resulting in a small chaos control explosion. She was then blasted to the past, albeit temporarily unconscious.

She was found by Suzuna Shiroyuki, another of the legendary kitsune and the firstborn child of Yukimi Kamiya. During her first two weeks in the past, she tested out her skills in a shrine.

After staying with Suzuna for a couple of weeks, Akimika had a dream telling her to go somewhere. She did as her dream suggested and, eventually, found Kikyo. She then brought her ancestor back to life.

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The Emergence of Lapis Miyamoto

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Rewriting the Timeline

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Quest to Recover Yume

Akimika wasn't around when the others, such as Mia, went on their quest to recover Yume. She thought she would be a burden, so she remained with her half-brother in Japan. At some point afterward, she confessed her feelings to Tess.

General Info

Nowadays, Akimika makes her residence in Salado, Texas with her girlfriend. Most of the time, however, she stays at a shrine whenever she visits her family in Japan; this is likely because of her experiences in the past.


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  • Tales of Tomorrow (fanfic trilogy staring her and other characters)

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