(Pronounced A-Kay-May) is a lion with incredible power. He is said to have drank phoenix blood and because of it he has some abilities that phoenix's do.He also has the ability to blow a kiss and set it on fire at the opponent.


Akemi the Lion

Current Years and Days
Name Akemi the Lion
Weapons Fire
Profession(s), Occupation(s)
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age:17
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Yellow/White(Mane Only)
  • Skin: Yellow
  • Eyes: Green
  • Gender: Male
Attire [Clothing]
Affiliation(s) Neutral
Romantic Interest(s)
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Super Speed
  • Pheonix Abilities
  • Hand to Hand Combat

  • Blast Burn
  • Blaze Kick
  • Eruption
  • Fire Blast
  • Fire Fang
  • Fire Punch
  • Fire Spin
  • Flame Wheel
  • Flamethrower

Flare Blitz

  • Heat Wave
  • Overheat
  • Unkown Parents
Likes Fire,Boys,Girls,Partying,Havign Fun,Fighting
Dislikes Losing,Being Bored
  • Unknown
Current Residence
  • Unkown
Alternative Names
  • Ake
Super Form(s)
  • Flaming Flower
English Voice Actor
  • Kirby Morrow
Japanese Voice Actor
  • Kōji Tsujitani

Akemi was born in a small japanese town. He would practice his fire abilities. He left home early to live a dangerous and evil life. He started working with the wrong people.They eventually influenced him to drink the blood of a phoenix(after they of course killed the phoenix)to enhance his fire abilities. It still is unknown the gang Akemi works with, but they are said to be extremely powerful and merciless.


Akemi is a calm guy,but when he gets going he gets going. He will flirt with anyone(boys or girls) to distract them.Though he does like both sexes. Akemi let's people judge how he is so they can underestimate him (something you should never do) Do to phoenix's insticts and spiritual feelings (for lack of a better word) any phoenix Akemi comes across can smell the power of a phoenix brewing inside him. Akemi never let's anyone get to him and loves to taunt(usually being awkardly flirty). Also at times Akemi can be the toughest macho man around,but at other times he acts like a teenage girl Don't mean to sound sexist there sorry).Akemi obsesses over his appearence and likes to look his best.And Akemi actually has a manly voice(except when complaining)Akemi also flirts with straight guys to get them angry usually saying things like "Your cute when your angry".



Despite beign a lion Akemi has has a smaller mane like Silver The Hedgehog. Akemi is yellow with orange hair.Some times it is belived he wears "guyliner". Akemi has deep blue eyes that really bring out the red of his hair/mane. He is young(only about 19). And also Akemi is very physically fit to the point that he has actuall muscles and abs(though other sonic characters just have a rounder stomach and non muscular arms). Akemi wears sandles(brown) as well as bandages(red) around on his arms and legs(like Sasuke had when he was younger). He wears a red tank top as well.


  • Some sites say that Akemi's name is a girl's name while others say it is a boy name.What a coincidance!
  • Akemi means beautiful sunrise/dawn hinting at Akemi's powers and his obsession with always looking his best
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